Mid-Atlantic Dopers

Since there are a few returning after the pay-to-post, and all kinds of new people joining up every day, I’d like to know who is in the Mid-Atlantic now.

We used to be a pretty social bunch, but now it seems we’re down to an annual shindig or two. One of them just passed (Gettysdope) and one is coming up (Dope the Halls).

Sound off if you live in:

Washington, DC
New Jersey

Or even if you’re within driving distance for a party in the Baltimore/Washington/Philadelphia corridor.


I still live in Philly, PA.


Still in the boonies of St. Mary’s county. I’d love to host an event at my place, but no one would drive out to the middle of nowhere.

Looks like I’ll never have an excuse to clean house…

Here, but not likely to attend parties during the school year.

DC man here, Columbia Heights to be exact.

supervenusfreak and I are still in Amishland (Lancaster).

The Doors family is still in PA, too.


Schuylkill County, PA here.

I forgot to mention, we’re in Baltimore-or-less.

Just moved to Baltimore, like 10 minutes from your place, Ginger. :smiley:

Harrisburg represent!

I’ve never done the DopeFest thing, though, because large, social-type gatherings give me some nasty anxiety. I even skip family reunions for that reason.

I’m in Baltimore as well.

I’m in Northern VA, maybe 45 minutes to an hour south of DC.

I live with my parents in Harrisonburg and go to school in Blacksburg.

I’m in NoVA, about 15 miles west of DC.

You people suck. I’m still homesick.

Foxtrot, we’re not down in Dundalk anymore, we’re in Parkville.

So come home.

I would, considering that I’m only minutes away! (that is come to an event, NOT clean your house.)