Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game: Fifth Adventure - War in Goblin Gate

As mentioned, I am an Elf (a Sindar, “Grey Elf”, to those who appreciate such distinctions) and with close ties to that Golden Wood which the Rohirrim viewed so suspiciously until the last days of King Theoden. I conspicuously carry a new-looking and quite ornate yew bow, a small harp and a shining silver-looking horn. Since I assume [color=silver]Glinras can be blown non-magically, I probably don’t need a signal trumpet any more.[/color] My horse is light by Rohan’s standards but looks to an expert’s eye as though he can run very swiftly indeed; I ride him unharnessed just as Legolas is recorded as having ridden his borrowed horse.

The more you wish to tell us about your talents, skills and preferences, the better we will be able to accommodate you. Welcome!

A beautiful young elfin woman walks over. She is small and willowy standing but 5’ 2" with lovely raven hair and piercing green eyes. She is wearing fine grey raiment that Hraedsig recognizes as being a Healer of Estë. Over this she wears an exceptional cloak that may well be one of the elven cloaks he has heard tales of. (Actually looking around, many of the party members seem to be similarly arrayed.) The cloak is held by a delicately made clasp that appears to be a leaf of the White Tree of Minas Tirith. Under the cloak you notice a diaphanously made brooch with gems that match her eye and a lovely necklace that matches this brooch. You finally notice that she has a rod of strange white metal in her slender belt. You sense goodness from this rod. You see that she walks in goodness.

As she walks past you to approach Windfoot, she asks, “Who was his sire and dam? He is magnificent. Surely he is a stallion of Shadowfax’s line? My Kali is from that stock.”

As she walks by you believe you hear purring, very odd. She puts out her hand to Windfoot who amazingly (or maybe not) nuzzles her and lets her pet him. “My name is Gilraen, my parents were from Rivendell but I am of Minas Tirith. I am a Healer of Estë. I welcome you. I see from your Holy Symbol you are a Knight of Eönwë. Can you heal as well as fight?”
Ponto who is nearby enjoying his time with his sister and Elfstan says, “Hi, I am not with this party but I am Pippin Took’s nephew and Mulligan’s big brother. By the way, that is Princess Gilraen you just met. She is the daughter of King Elessar and Queen Arwen. Apparently she and Sir Thoroncir there* (pointing to the one that spoke of going underground) are an item.”

He lets out a yelp as Mulligan apparently elbows him hard.
Hraedsig knows that the crown Prince Elfwine has some hopes of marrying High King Elessar’s daughter. You might wonder if this is the same daughter for you can see why he would be interest besides the alliance it would entail. You believe that Gondor has 4 High Princesses though and she does look young.

Thoroncir, overhearing Ponto’s remark, blushes deep red but holds his peace. He clears his throat and notices a strap on his saddlebag which suddenly needs tightening.

“Hello! It’s good to meet another Rohirrim this far north! It’s hard to believe, really, that I’d meet another from my home town especially. You must have known my uncle Aldor- he’s a horse breeder just outside the city, and he supplies many of the King’s Guards’ horses. Or possibly you knew my brother Theogrim, or my cousin Gram, both of the Rohirrim?”

After greeting Hraedsig and talking excitedly about Edoras, Deor will go and surreptitiously bury deep in his pack the spellbooks he [del]took[/del] [del]acquired from[/del] was given by the Lady on the way north to Rivendell. He’s almost entirely certain that he didn’t do anything wrong here, but he’d prefer not to have to explain the situation to the Paladin if it’s avoidable.

You always did have a big mouth Ponto. :rolleyes:

Oh well, if she wants to be Gilraen, she can be Gilraen. A little discression, never hurt.

Oh, well. Sooner or later someone - maybe or probably even Thoroncir - would have referred to her as a princess, and the (invisible) cat would’ve been out of the bag.

Don’t worry Thoroncir. Anyway, that aside, would you like to join us for a meal and you can tell us how you can help in removing the Orcs.

Also, what’s your line on mercy?

"Hmm, well the waters run deep here. Nevertheless, I am pleasantly surprised to be among such illustrious company, and a warm meal would be most welcome.

"As to orcs, well, there is no secret there: when I was but a child, marauding orcs killed my parents mercilessly in their bed. I have done everything in my power to eradicate them since that day. So no orc can expect mercy from my hand.

“And Deor, while I cannot say I’ve meet either Theogrim or Gram, I certainly know your uncle Aldor. I was trained on his horses, which are among the best in the land, and rode one for several years before calling Windfoot (the princess was correct about his lineage). Yes, Aldor is a good man, and I am delighted to make his nephew’s acquaintance.”

Gilraen expresses, “I am so sorry about your parents. These tales of woe are still too common. In this case I believe the Dwarves agree with your take. They plan no mercy on these goblins.”

Ponto to Mulligan with a big smile, “I’m sorry, what did I say wrong this time?”

August 29[sup]th[/sup] The army heads out. It reaches a high of 86° and is stormy are times. The dwarves push hard to get 30 miles out of the way.

There is little trouble during the day, nothing but issues with wagon wheels and horse shoes.

Taur Ernil’s party has Elladan, Elrohir & Glorfindel with it but Bjorn is on a wagon sleeping. Ponto Took is also with them. Your Party is riding with Bofur, Bitur, Falcon Master, Faramir Took and Farofind. You occasionally see Lady Elanwë on her Minaras Neeya.
That night, the dwarves quickly construct a large armed camp. They use a variety of methods similar to the band you escorted to Tharbad but much more thorough and incorporate the carts and wagons.

It is suggested that the Humans and Hobbits enjoy a night off as the Elves and Dwarves will handle the watches. Deor is asked to work with Mirëgol to turn 4 Hobbits invisible.

Elrohir, Elladan, Taur Ernil, Mirëgol & Felyahin ride out scouting. They found and killed or slept 30 2HD orcs.
Glorfindel, Gil-Gandel, Farofind & two other swift Noldorians are on another patrol but find nothing. Miron is on patrol around the camp. Gwaelur and the other Dwarves have 4 hour watches.
August 29[sup]th[/sup]: Climb into the mountains. 76° & cloudy. Slower going for the Dwarves. They cover 15 miles over 10 hours. Elladan, Taur, Bokken, Mire, Nico, Bjorn fought off a Mountain Giants while acting as the leads scouts. Camp is peaceful. No night patrol tonight, just stay near the camp. Invisibles on Ponto Took, Felyahin, Elfstan and Mulligan. The night is peaceful.

September 1[sup]st[/sup]:: 70° clear. Travel down the mountain and approach Goblin Gates east gate. Most of the day, Crebain circle overhead, then at 3pm on the dot a huge number of large white birds dive down among the Crebain slaughtering large numbers. Glorfindel calls out, Soron túva, The Eagles have come.

A large amount of brush and firewood is gathered and a huge bonfire is made about 3 miles away. At about midnight the sound of marching Dwarves are heard, they are beating drums and singing with gusto. As an added bonus, the sound of Elven flutes can be heard. 500 more Dwarves with 100 Elven Archers of Greenwood and 20 Beornings and many woodmen arrive.

Thoroncir’s birthday is September 1, and on the occasion of turning 21 he is very glad to finally see the great Eagles in person, having heard many tales and even a few songs about them. He is also pleased to see such a mighty host gather for the clash which lies ahead.

The knight-errant and I share a birthday, as it happens…

Said quietly to her brother. “Would you like a list? Well, if you are going to say they are an item, it will be nice to see you work towards keeping them an item, wouldn’t it big brother.”

Practice moving around as invisible and running through all the details, Elfstan and I worked out last time. Include Ponto and Felyahin, so that if we run into each others areas in the tunnels, we can at least identify who is there and what is going on.

Happy Birthday Sir Thoroncir. May you have many more and may they always be with the ones who care for you. :slight_smile:

So Hraedsig, apart from having visions and killing Orcs, and probably riding horses, is there anything else you can do?

Also, would you like to be at the front or the back when fighting. Do you prefer ranged or close up? Do you have an experience with other creatures like Trolls or Giant Spiders or perhaps more pertinently, the undead?

And above all, would you like another cup of tea?

"It’s a little warm for tea in all this armor, but thank you nonetheless.

In terms of combat, my specialty is the sword [he unsheathes briefly to show his bastard sword], so I’d prefer to be right up front in the thick of it. But of course in more open areas I love to charge with my lance on Windfoot. I’ll leave the ranged weapons to others more skilled.

I’m afraid that Trolls and Giant Spiders are outside my direct experience, although of course I have heard tales. I have, however, fought my fair share of the foul undead, and Eonwe has blessed me with her power in fighting them. In fact, evil creatures of all kinds cannot hide from me, as I can detect their presence through her grace. She also grants me some limited healing and curing powers, so that good men may continue the fight against the wicked.

And you, friend hobbit? What are your talents?"

Hraedig is approached by a slightly taller than average (and considerably better looking than the typical) dwarf. Hraedig notices that this dwarf is a bit older than Gwaelur, the other dwarf among his new adventuring companions, and his red-brown hair is touched with a bit of gray throughout, most noticeable at the temples. But the coutenance of his gray eyes and fair complexion still come across as fairly youthful.

“Forgive me my rudeness for not having formally introduced myself before. I am Bitur, son of Bofur, descended from the Dwarves of Moria. I am a veteran of the Battle of Dale and Erebor where we finally drove the Easterlings out of Dale for good. I am honored to be allied with someone with such blessings from the gods. And your disdain for orcs is a fine trait as well.”

Isn’t Eonwe male, though?

“Soooooo…ummm…I fell off Windfoot the other day and hit my head on a rock - I guess my brain is still a little scrambled. I meant to say 'He”’ when referring to Eonwe, not ‘She.’ Thankfully, I asked for pardon and he forgave me." :o :smiley:

[oog]Who the hell would think Eonwe was a male name?!?![/oog]

My talents…

My job is to search out in front of the rest and see what lies ahead, keeping out of sight of course.

As for combat, I leave that to the others. I have some small skill with a sling and can lend some aid.

Apart from that, I enjoy cooking. Strangely enough, everyone else enjoys taking turns washing up afterwards.

Greetings Bitur, are you joining us in the upcoming action?

Ghân would really enjoy meeting a Giant Eagle if that could be arranged.

He suggests to the Thieves that having all four of them invisible is risky - perhaps the best one or two at hiding could avoid using the spell to allow better co-ordination.

Who does Ghân mention this too or do to attract the Eagles attention?

As to the invisible thieves they will not be working together. It is two pairs per party and 4 separate Hobbits. They are not even traveling together.

Depending on how close they are (and how busy they look), Ghân will respectfully approach Elladan, Elrohir or even Glorfindel.

If they are not available and there are Eagles nearby, Ghân will try politely approaching a nearby one, speaking in Eagle and offering them a Goodberry.

Ghân can try Glorfindel but he is not close. You do notice Falcon Master nearby scanning the skies.

Of course, my friend. I wouldn’t miss it for all the Ale in Erebor, though, it would be a tough choice in that case.