Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game: Fifth Adventure - War in Goblin Gate

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It is August 29[sup]th[/sup] and the Party having safely delivered Lorliana and Curunauth to Rivendell are now joining the forces of Rivendell to aid the Dwarves in their war in Goblin Gate. This is a war where all Free Peoples should benefit. King Elessar has a strong interest as Arnor needs trade to the Anduin Valley, Erebor and Dale. Princess Gilraen confides to her friends that her Uncles are working with the Dwarves and the Men of the Anduin Valley to try and drive out or destroy all of the Orc fiefdoms. Glorfindel also is trying to clear Angmar. Ultimately the Dwarves are cooperating as they plan to isolate Mount Gundabad and Khazad-Dûm and then retake Khazad-Dûm. The support from the two Elven Kingdoms of Greenwood has been lukewarm are best but at least they are helping here at Goblin Gate.

The first assault is expected on September 1[sup]st[/sup]. The Elves will mostly be outside in support and to prevent escape day or night. The Dwarves, Hobbits and Beornings are almost all going in as are the two adventure parties. The humans will provide support inside and out.

Here are the watches for the party:
1st: Gilraen, Elfstan and Mulligan
2nd: Ghân and Gwaelur
3rd: Deor and Thoroncir
Miron will be on watch until midnight, Gil-Gandel after. Neither needs as much sleep as the others and both can daydream during dusk and dawn to rest themselves, saving their superior senses for full darkness.

**The Role Call **
Gwaelur son of Gwaelin – NAF1138 - Fighter, Dwarf of the Glittering Caves. 5th level Age: 135
Sir Thoroncir, Knight-Errant– Elendil’s Heir - Fighter, Man of Gondor, a Sea-Knight of Linhir 6th level Age: 20
Gil-Gandel – Malacandra - Trainee bard, Sindar (“Grey Elf”) 5th level Fighter/Thief Age: 623
Miron Daelhind - Omi no Kami – Ranger/Archer, young Silven Elf of Ithilien 5th level light on tracking, good with healing. On Hiatus Age: 276
Ghân-buri-ghan – glee - Druid, Wild Man (“Wose”) 6th level (he’ll need to visit Radagast soon for adv. Training) Age: 19
Deor – appleciders – Mage of Rohan (Brother of Theogrim) 5th level Age:20 (From a very large family)
Mulligan Took – CatInASuit - Burglar, Hobbit (Daughter of Peregrin Took’s Sister) 6th level Age: 30 (From a larger family)
Elfstan Fairbairn – RogueRacer - Burglar, Hobbit (Son of Elanor the Fair, so heir to Samwise Gardener) 6th level Age: 29 (Yes, you guessed it larger yet)
Brin – D_Odds – Ranger of Dale 5th level Off Hiatus? Returning to Dale but only got as far as Old Ford Town Age: 20

Princess Gilraen (Renee)- NPC – Beautiful young woman of Gondor and trained Healer of Estë 5th level Age: 16

Theogrim – OneCentStamp – Knight of Rohan * On Hiatus Staying with the cavalry*

Eager and ready to proceed, Deor pores over his spellbooks one more time, talks excitedly about the coming campaign with Lorliana, and barely sleeps out of excitement, spending his evening pacing the halls and selecting his spells for the first day of travel.

C: Tie, Untie, Firefinger, Bee, Mute, Hide, Palm, Distract
1: Sleep, Magic Missile, Spider Climb, Shield
2: Invisibility, Web
3: Fireball

Gilraen’s Spells: 5/5/2
1st: Cure Lights of double affect; Purify Food & Drink; Detect Magic; Detect Evil, Special singing spell known as the Song of Estë that will give all of my friends a +1 Save and -1 to be hit and damage will discourage others from attacking me even more. It lasts as long as I sing. It is similar to the second level chant.
2nd: Goodberries, Hold Person, Find Traps, Slow Poison Resist Fire
3rd: Estë Prayer song: 12”r, last 2r/lvl after done singing, Dispel Magic*
Herbology: 83%+10% She has dozens of herb remedies and even seeds of all sort. She is exceptional with Athelas.

She is carrying 200 Good Berries and like Ghân, Bella & Bjorn gave many more away before the battle.
*Found my first error, the list of Dwarves still alive from the 13 should include **Dwalin **the brother of Balin. He is currently in Ered Luin. *

She’s exceptional with anything. :wink:

Thoroncir speaks a few kind words to his light warhorse Seafoam as he saddles her and secures his gear, eager to take to the road again, riding to war for King and Country. He double-checks his accoutrements and supplies, makes sure that his longsword Cirist slides easily in its scabbard Kalthalion, and gives the Princess Gilraen an encouraging smile when they make eye contact. The knight-errant takes a last deep breath of the calm airs of Imladris, wondering when, if ever, he will return.

He asks one of the Elf-maids if the household might spare flasks of Miruvor for him and Gil-Gandel, who had also requested some. He will gladly pay for both, if that would not cause offense.

…and before he forgets, Thoroncir will make sure to thank Curunauth for his excellent work in reforging the knight-errant’s sword, thank him for his good company on the road from Minas Tirith, and wish him well in his labors here at Rivendell.

Before setting out, Elrohir ensures that the party has two small bottles of Miruvor.
The first is given to Gil-Gandel and the second is given to Thoroncir to carry at Gilraen’s bequest. Use it very sparingly.

Yes - we will have no need of it for a long time to come. It is still late summer and the land is not difficult for now.

I have had a splendid time at Imladris with my distant kindred both Noldor and Avari, and the high point must have been Glorfindel’s recounting of the most tragic battle of the First Age. Not until I am far grown in my craft will I even attempt to tell that tale in song.

I will be tending often to my new and most splendid bow; its decoration, naming all who helped to make it with as much of their lineage and history as I can manage, will be a work in progress for some time. :slight_smile:

And my good Cúran will have enjoyed the rest as much as I have. :slight_smile:

Ghân’s Daily Spells:

7x1st: Animal Friendship, Detect Magic, Purify Water, Faerie Fire, Entangle, Speak to Animals, Predict Weather*
6x2nd: Barkskin*, Cure Light Wounds, Flame Blade, Goodberry, Heat Metal, Slow Poison
3x3rd: Neutralise Poison, Summon Insects, Protect v Fire** (Plant Growth is loaded whenever Protect v Fire is already running)
4x4th: Cure Serious Wounds, Dispel Magic, Speak Plants, Protect v Lightning** (Call Woodland Beings is loaded whenever Protect v Lightning is already running)

  • Cast daily
    **precast – lasts until 72hp damage taken

Spellstone: Neutralise Poison; Call Lightning; Summon Insects

Herbal Supplies:
Goodberries: 200
Curing doses (3hp each): 30
Blowpipe dart paralysing venom: 10

Ghân’s only spell effect v Undead is a small bonus when using Flame Blade :frowning: , but he intends to keep all those fine Fighters and Thieves fully healed - so they can administer damage :smiley: .

Ghân checks with Deor if there are any spells he can learn from the MU.

(If there is time to visit Radagast later, Ghân hopes to learn spells like Reflecting Pool.)

Ghân asks the experienced underground fighters if he should take any or all of his animals underground.

Elladan and Bofur confer quickly and suggest to Ghân, “The animals are best off outside, don’t risk them within unless one is a very good scent tracker and you are in hot pursuit. As to your spells, if you can do a stone shape* that might prove very useful.”

Elrohir suggests, “I think we can find you a proper escort to visit Radagast, if your party has no business that way, I might be willing to escort you myself.”

  • 3rd level but maybe in place of Call Woodland Beings?

Ghân thanks Elladan and Bofur for their time.
He is also grateful to Elrohir for his escort offer (and will take him up on it as soon as a suitable opportunity arises).
Ghân will look for a decent person to care for Brownie, Fang and Anca (and his horse?) whilst he is underground and will explain to his animal friends why he is leaving them for a while, as well as asking them to behave themselves.

He will indeed take Stone Shape instead of Call Woodland Beings

You road to Rivendell as a dream sent you. Not only a chance for vengeance on the orcs and to destroy some undead while working for the betterment of the Free Peoples. You see this leading to the eventual destruction of all the orcs of the Misty Mountains.

You journey up the Great Road to Bree and head east to the Last Bridge. You hear a large Dwarven army of 300 with 80 Hobbits rode east not that long ago. You never catch them but you make it to a well-used ford where it looks like you are no more than a few days behind them. The obviously have heavily ladened carts and wagons.

You don’t catch them and you lose their tracks. You cannot find your way into Rivendell even letting Windfoot take his head. However after two days you see a white horse, gleaming as it runs swiftly. The headstall flickers and flashes as if it were studded with gems like living stars. The rider is a tall Elf with golden hair flowing and shimmering in the wind of his speed. It appears that a white light is shining through the form and raiment of the rider, as if through a thin veil.

The Elf rides over to you and greets you, “Hail Rider of Rohan. Do you seek Rivendell? A call went out in many ways for those that would serve the Free Peoples and the Will of the Valar.”

That’s not me, btw :slight_smile:

“Yes, good Elf. My Patron guides me to cleanse the orc stain from the Goblin Gate. Your help in locating elusive Rivendell would be most welcome.”

“I am Glorfindel, follow me and I shall lead you in. I am also a servant of the Great Powers.”

As he leads you in he asks many questions like your name, where you are from and what kind of sending you had. After leading you in and get some information he leads to one Gil-Gandel and Elven Bard that is leading one of the parties against goblins and undead and in this group is Deor a Wizard from Rohan. The rest of the group is also there and any may now talk to you to ask an answer questions. Glorfindel rides off swiftly again.

Note: I am working on Hoopy Frood’s Dwarf. He might be Bitur son of Bofur and should be an excellent brick!

My description of Glorfindel above was lifted heavily from FotR of course.

“Hail Deor, I am Hraedsig, late of Edoras and formerly of the King’s Guard. It is good to see a countryman so far from home. Greetings to you all, as well - may Eonwe give us the strength to prevail in this righteous cause.”

Thoroncir clasps the newcomer’s hand and greets him warmly. “Welcome, Hraedsig, and well met! I am Sir Thoroncir, a knight-errant of Gondor, at your service. There is always a place among us for another strong arm and valiant heart, and one of the Rohirrim would be a fine addition to our party. Tell us more about yourself. What brings you here at this auspicious hour?”

"Thank you, good Sir. I have travelled from my home plains on a quest to eradicate evil wherever I may find it. Several nights ago, I had a most vivid dream of a lush, hidden valley that called to mind descriptions I had heard of Rivendell. Then another image of a silver eagle raking its talons into the head of an orc. When I awoke, I knew it was a vision sent from Eonwe and I made haste west to seek Rivendell. For if there are orcs to kill, you will find me at the forefront!

Tell me, I have seen signs on the road of a large army. Who is in command? And perhaps more importantly, does it appear that our destination is underground? Windfoot here is not overly fond of tight spaces."

That morning, Mulligan will thank Falcon Master for an interesting night’s tales about Wargs and Werewolves and hope that we can do the same after the raids on Gundabad.

As for our new companion…

“Hello there, Hraedsig. It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Mulligan Took.”

Mulligan is the smallest member of the party, and looks to be a slender male hobbit with a light voice but a keen eye. A Wildcat is busy purring around him and enjoying being tickled.

“If you are looking to kill Orcs, then we are heading in the right direction. As to this group, Gil-Gandel is in charge with Ghan his second. The brave knight shaking your hand you has already introduced himself. Also, there is Gwaelur, Elfstan and Renee” pointing out the various others.

Thoroncir adds, “We are indeed, friend Hraedsig, likely to be headed underground. Our task is to follow our foes into their lair, there to destroy them as a threat forever. We will be leaving our horses behind when that time comes; Windfoot, who seems a fine mount, will be properly attended, I daresay. We have Gwaelur, this stouthearted Dwarf, with us, and in time perhaps another, and as you may know the Dwarves are particularly skilled at warfare in the deep places of the world.”

Ghân introduces himself (a Wose Druid, who is enjoying the adventures).
Ghân has a wolf, wardog and owl as companions, plus a light warhorse. He explains that he will be leaving all these animals with the Elves and agrees that Windfoot will probably also be better off in their care.