Middle Earth FA64 D&D Game: Sixth Adventure - Harrying Harad by Sea

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It is February 5[sup]th[/sup] and the Party has gathered back at the Hobbit house. Pippin, Meriadoc, Ponto and a young Hobbit named Ruddy Banks are is residence. On behalf of her father, Gilraen asks her friends. “Would the party be willing to ride south to war with my father? He would actually use us as a special scouting group to support some marine operations. Sir Thoroncir would be the official Liaison to the army and navy with the rank of Sea Knight Captain. Internally the party would of course still be free to decide leadership.”

The party will be put on the newest and largest ship of Gondor. The 240’ foot long, “The Elendil”. 50’ wide at the max and carries 40 Sea Knight and horses plus a few spare. 160 foot soldiers and a crew of 89. It is shallow draft and carries square sails on two tall masts and 30 long sweeps to row. The Elendil has live oak and cedar construction with fine brass fittings. The bow is a huge 40’ ramp for rapid discharge of the troops on a beach. Another watertight ramp drops down on top of the 40’s ramp once the Elendil is beached.

**The Role Call **
Gwaelur son of Gwaelin – NAF1138 - Fighter, Dwarf of the Glittering Caves. 6th level Age: 135
Bitur son of Bofur - Hoopy Frood - Fighter, Dwarf of Erebor. 6th level Age: 180
Sir Thoroncir, Knight-Errant– Elendil’s Heir - Fighter, Man of Gondor, a Sea-Knight of Linhir 6th level Age: 21
Princess Gilraen (Renee)- NPC – Beautiful young woman of Gondor and trained Healer of Estë 7th level Age: 17
Gil-Gandel – Malacandra – Bard 1st, Sindar (“Grey Elf”) 6th level F/Th Age: 624
Rorimac Brandybuck -
– Hobbit Ranger 5th Age: 45
Mulligan Took – CatInASuit - Burglar, Hobbit (Daughter of Peregrin Took’s Sister) 6th level Age: 30 (From a larger family)
Hraedsig - Shadowfacts– Paladin of Eönwë 5th of Rohan, Age: 28
Ghân-buri-ghan – glee - Druid, Wild Man (“Wose”) 7th level Age: 20
Deor – appleciders – Mage of Rohan (Brother of Theogrim) 5th level Age:20 (From a very large family)

                              • -Notable Animals - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                Folca: Deor’s really well trained Red Tailed Hawk. He is often invisible.
                                Cúran: A very swift and well-trained horse of the Elves, Gil-Gandel’s mount.
                                Kali: A fine Silver Grey Mare of exception stock. Her lines trace back to Shadowfax. She is Gilraen’s mount.
                                Missy: The strange green eyed, white fur cat, companion of Gilraen. It will not talk to Ghân but seems very intelligent and dutiful to Gilraen. She is an excellent night guard and usually invisible now thanks to Deor. She is apparently a descendent of Mirëgol’s ancient cat Warrior.
                                **Windfoot: a mighty Mearas and Hraedsig’s mount. **
                                Windwing: **huge Golden Eagle and **Friend of Ghân.
                                Anca the War Dog: He is over 200 lbs, looks like a long legged English Mastiff. He stands a 36” at the shoulder and is long legged.
                                Fang: The ¾ Wolf Friend of Ghân
                                Freyja: A Wildcat with Mulligan that is from Ered Lithui. She speaks occasionally.
                                Moose: An occasional talker and Orc Killer. He was last seen heading west from Ered Lithui.

Some background, it is 64 years since the Bearers of the Three Rings left Middle-earth for the Uttermost West and 66 since Sauron and Barad-Dûr fell.

King Elessar & Queen Arwen are in their prime and young Prince Eldarion is in his early training at age 21. There is still a constant struggle to tame the brown lands, Umbar, Harad, Nurn and the North. The court summers in Evedim near the lake and spend 9 months in Minas Tirith. Aragorn has campaign more often than not in the last 64 years, but far less than the prior 67. He and Arwen have had 4 daughters. Silmariën (FA45), Gilraen (FA47), Telperiën (FA51) & Fíriel (FA55)

Legolas has removed a small number of his people to Ithilien to support Prince Faramir in this fair land. He visits the courts of Faramir, Elessar, Éomer and Gimli son of Gloin often. His beautiful sister Elenwë is adventuring and rides a Minaras (Unicorn)

Faramir and Éowyn have two sons: Elboron (FA3) & Caramir (FA7). Both are hardy Warriors. They say that Prince Elboron has the look of his father and Caramir of his mother’s people. Prince Caramir is a great Horseman and loves his visits to his Uncle. Both appear to take strongly after Faramir as they are aging slowly. It has been noted that Éowyn has remained very youthful for all her long years. She could be taken for Éomer’s daughter or even granddaughter rather than his sister. She looks to be in her 50s more than her late 80s. Some wonder if this was a gift of King Elessar’s healing or a reward for slaying the Witch King of Angmar. Faramir is of course still a hale and hardy man. A little over a hundred he too looks to be in his 50s.

Currently Minas Tirith and their allies are fighting a two front war in the South and a Campaign wiping out orc lairs in Ered Lithui and around Nurn. Gondor is expanding and trying to build up a large force of horseman to supplement the Riders of Rohan. They are building a great road to Rhûn to create trade and build an alliance. They also hope to increase trade to Erebor & Dale. There is a project underway at a slower pace to improve travel along the Anduin. It is expected to take decades. Dark tidings arrived out of Rhûn brought by Hodwain the Beorning Bard. There is apparently unrest and some organized evil activity out near the Sea and beyond.

Dol Amroth is still the great Principality of Gondor. It is under the wise care of Prince Elphir (TA2987), son of Prince Imrahil of course. Sister to Lothíriel the Queen of Rohan. His eldest son Alphros (TA3017)is the Commodore of the Gondor Fleet and commands the great and swift flagship the Amroth.

King Éomer has passed away leaving the behind his widow, Queen Lothiriel of Dol Amroth. King Elfwine, his eldest now leads in all things. He is seeking the hand of Silmariën. Elfwine is a tall man of 6’ 5" with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. His features show a bit of elvish influence of his mother’s side. He speaks with a deep voice and looks to be no more than 30 years old but he is probably 50. He uses a long sword and Gwaelur knows that Elfwine was given a fine chain mail shirt as a gift from Gimli. The Chief Mearas likes the new King, his best son is Prince Elfwine’s partner. They think he is a very good human.

In 61 Samwise Gamgee left Middle-earth via Mithlond. Merry and Pippin got their affairs in order and headed south to live in Gondor. Mulligan Took was among their escort. Samwise’s eldest Grandson Elfstan Fairbairn joined the group after visiting Minas Tirith. Faramir Took son of Pippin is the Thain and the Shire’s greatest Warrior since Meriadoc the Magnificent. Mulligan’s Brother Ponto Took is an excellent archer and a good treasure finder.

Arnor is repopulating as is the Anduin Valley. The Shire’s population is growing and their produce is helping to feed the North and even the South. They have steady wains heading to and from the Dwarves of Ered Luin. They are even supplying produce and pipe weed to the Grey Havens in exchange for salted & smoked fish.

Elladan and Elrohir of course remain the Masters of Rivendell and assist in the running of Arnor. They in no way have finished with hunting Orcs. Indeed, they have driven the Goblins far underground with their constant attacks on Goblin Gate and often roam north against Angmar itself. Elladan, Elrohir and Glorfindel seem tireless these days in hunting the scattered remains of these ancient enemies to the North. They often leave the care of Rivendell to the wise Celeborn. He did leave a thriving Sindarin kingdom in Southern Greenwood from where Gil-Gandel most recently hailed.

Thorin III Stonehelm rules the Durin Folk (Khazad). He rules from Erebor of course. His lords include Gimli in Aglarond, Lord Gíon of the Iron Hill and some lesser lords in the Blue Mountains and Fornost. The Dwarves are again thinking of Khazad-dûm. Dori and Bofur are still alive, but quite venerable and rich. Bofur is acting as the ambassador to Rivendell and Arnor as needed.

A bridge at Tharbad has been built and the great bridge is nearly rebuilt. Tharbad is already a thriving and growing town under the command of Lord Mayor Ianthír (Bridge Lord). He is Ranger of the North and the son of Aragorn’s most loyal friend Halbarad. The population is mostly just men of Eriador. There are small Dwarven and Hobbit communities.

The Great South road is rebuilt and maintained from Fornost to Minas Tirith. All the additional trade has brought much prosperity to Bree and the town and the Prancing Pony have both expanded. Fornost is still small, but growing. Most of the remaining Northern Dúnedain have moved near Fornost.

**Year 63 in review: **

Going further back, Hodwain got his help near Rhûn from the Prince. Legolas leading 20 elven archers, Gimli leading 20 Dwarf Vets, Meriadoc leading Ponto, ***Taur Ernil leading his party and Captain Helton of Lebennin leading 20 Gondor Light Calvary with Lady Penlinna meet with Hodwain, Belem the Bowyer, local chieftain of the elves and Taur Ernil’s father leading 50 secretive elven archers, Lord Cirya of Dorwinian and his daughter Daelhaelin Cirya a young mage lead 50 border guards, Hodwain and his uncle Terthan a Beorning fighter, Bôm of the Rhûn Dwarves and 120 sailors assaulted and took out Minas Falath held by an Evil and powerful wraith. In the end it was Meriadoc that killed the Wraith with a timely backstab and another lost rune blade. ***

Meanwhile Caramir has had great success up in Ered Lithui. The orcs have been systematically routed week by week and month by month. Some head east and many are now working on building the roads. Most lay dead in large covered pits or in collapsed caves and chambers.

Aragorn has been in Minas Tirith since October. The southern campaigns are going well. Eldarion was acting as an officer to one of Aragorn’s most trusted commanders and leading a company in battle and learning much more about tracking and scouting at other times.

The Gondor Navy is growing quicker than it can be manned. They recently had a very successful raid to the south and captured a dozen large galleys. Additionally the Navy’s newest Cavalry fast transports have completed their sea trials and are ready for use in the next campaign. The Sea Knights are being gathered to support the Army by sea. Once again Rohan will lend several companies to support the Sea Knights. A weather wizard is in the position of second in command of fleet behind the Prince Heir Alphros of Dol Amroth.

FA63 was a very good year for the Free People of the West. Ered Lithui has been subdued, Goblin Gate cleared, Angmar is running scared and their campaign foiled and even Mt Gundabad has had recent reverses. The lost without a clue and entire Goblin army north of Goblin Gate and the Werewolf and Warg population in Eastern Eriador has been decimated. Greenwood is slowly cleaning up and Rhûn had foiled a devastating plot and possible swung the balance of power to the Northern people and away from the Easterlings on the south shore. In the South Aragorn had only success and the roads from Minas Tirith have been made safer and more secure as the Bridge of Tharbad and its harbors near completion. It is also a year where a druid as achieved the level of shape changer and another is ready. Umbar and the City of the Corsairs are firmly under Gondor’s control again.

FA64 is off to a good start. Glorfindel is planning a series of serious raids against Angmar as Goblin Gate is consolidated and shared among Dwarves, Men and even a small Hobbit Colony on the Western side of the mountains. Bjorn the Beorning Druid becomes the second and probably most powerful Druid shape changer. Prince Elfwine plans to lead several thousand on the campaigns in support of King Aragorn. Shelob may well be killed and if so the pass into Mordor could be opened before the year ends. Prince Caramir expects to be able to ride south and support Riglo around Nurn to secure this as a safe land for the King’s subjects. Little by little Mordor is becoming safer and more secure.

A large expedition of heroes is formed led by Legolas, Lady Elenwë, Gimli, Captain Meriadoc, Prince Elboron and ***Taur Ernil ***to kill Shelob and clear the pass to Mordor at the end of February. They leave on February 24th.
For clerics they had Lady Penlinna who is the chief healer of Estë, Vern Smith a cleric of Aulë and Alma Priestess of Vairë who is the highest cleric at 13th level. With Meriadoc came Ponto Took. Legolas and Lady Elenwë and her Minaras Neeya led 30 more Elves of Lórien and Ithilien. Gimli lead Floin son of Oin, Vini Hammerhead and 50 more Dwarves. Prince Elboron the eldest son of Faramir and Éowyn led 30 men of Ithilien. Benhir the Paladin 33 years old and the son of Bergil is his bodyguard. Drevi the Mage/Alchemist and Deor’s Master joined them, eager for Shelob’s poison sac. ***Taur Ernil a Silven Ranger from northeast of Rhûn leads his party of Bjorn the Beorning Druid, Bokken the Captain of the Guard for Thranduil for so many years, Felyahin a silven fighter and treasure finder also from Rhûn, Mirëgol the ancient but very youthful Noldo Mage who now rides ***Neeya’s Foal, Bruzer the Dwarf and Nico the young human archer from Greenwood.

Ghân is really pleased with the way things are going. He has met Radagast again and has been trained in shapechanging.

It will be wonderful to adventure again with his comrades and a sea voyage is no problem at all to Ghân.

Ghân will seek advice from Gilraen (and her father if she doesn’t mind asking him)…should he take his Animal Friends?
It will be easy to feed them with Goodberries.
Windwing should have no trouble coping with any sort of terrain or sea.
So it’s really just Fang and Anca. Ghân would love to bring them along - he’s just looking for reassurance.

Ghân’s Daily Spells:

7x1st: Animal Friendship, Detect Magic, Purify Water, Faerie Fire, Entangle, Speak to Animals, Predict Weather*
7x2nd: Barkskin*, Charm Person or Mammal, Cure Light Wounds, Flame Blade, Goodberry, Heat Metal, Slow Poison
4x3rd: Neutralise Poison, Summon Insects, Protect v Fire**, Waterbreathing (Plant Growth is loaded whenever Protect v Fire is already running)
4x4th: Cure Serious Wounds, Dispel Magic, Quench Fire, Protect v Lightning** (Produce Fire is loaded whenever Protect v Lightning is already running)

  • Cast daily
    **precast – lasts until 84hp damage taken

Spellstone: Neutralise Poison; Call Lightning; Summon Insects

Herbal Supplies:
Goodberries: 200
Curing doses (3hp each): many
Blowpipe dart paralysing venom: many

N.B. He’ll take Warp Wood (2nd level) in place of Flame Blade if he is advised that it will damage enemy ships enough to be worth taking.
He can take Swimming if thought useful (in place of Plant Growth).

Sir Thoroncir, still getting used to his responsibilities as a captain of Sea-knights, is eager to put to sea again, and is very pleased to feel salt air in his face, a wooden deck under his boots, and the surge of the waves once more. Why would anyone prefer to live in a cave? Baffling.

He looks over the Elendil from stem to stern, and approves of what he sees. He will introduce himself to the ship’s captain and to the other Sea-knights aboard, renew any old acquaintances, and make sure that his friends in Gil-Gandel’s Fellowship - especially Princess Gilraen - are comfortably settled aboard. Then he will see to the stabling of his light warhorse Seafoam belowdecks.

Hraedsig is very happy to be done with the goblin caves; as much as he enjoyed ridding them of evil, he longed for the open sky and fresh breezes topside. He feels he has gained a much better understanding of undead in his time there and, with the help of his newly acquired elfstone, is ready to banish many more to oblivion.

Having never travelled any significant distance on boats - and certainly none as large as Elendil - he’s a bit nervous, mostly as it pertains to Windfoot. He knows she is going to be unhappy being cooped up, and hopes there is less time spent on sea and more on land in this campaign.

He is excited to reunite with the party as well, his first real adventuring companions. It will be good to hear Gil-Gandel’s songs once more and savor Mulligan’s hearty recipes.

In short, Hraedsig is ready for action!

@ Thoroncir: “Congratulations on your promotion/commission! I can think of no one better suited to the task. Oh, and Windfoot asks that you get us to dry land as soon as possible ;)”

Why live in a cave, because the ground doesn’t move under your feet. Mulligan looks a little nervous getting on board trying to get use to the movement of the ship with the waves. Given the probable lack of space on board, she asks if she can bunk with Gilraen, who will no doubt be getting excellent quarters on board. :smiley:

Rorimac is more use to boats although not on this scale and seems happy to walk up and down the deck looking appreciatively, before asking if he can climb up to the crows nest to get a better view.

Freyja will probably enjoy the journey by removing any rats that might be below.

This is Gilraen’s first trip by sea so she cannot answer Ghân’s question but she believes Thoroncir can.

Thoroncir knows the two canines can handle the voyage as well as anyone else new to such travel. He also suggests a tests for the Warp Wood, it seems as though it could help if the range is fair. (1”/level will be some help but not a huge weapon.) Ghân’s spell destroys a barrel very well and the spell should be useful and very useful versus small boats.

The Elendil comes up the Anduin to Osgiliath for muster. It is a great sight and huge. The two huge masts stand over 100’ tall. The forecastle or fo’c’s’le is a large flat area kept clear as an exercise area. (In the bow of the ship of course) It is about 40’x40’ for just the reasons of the Paladin’s concerns. Some horses prefer to stay in their stalls for the rides but many need the exercise and the sea air. The aftcastle is higher yet and extends out wide over the stern of the vessel. It is also roughly 40’x40’. There is a large 10’ tall barracks cabin that is 34’x70’on the main deck between the masts. This is for the troops. 160 men packed tight 3 high in bunks in the front ¾ of the cabin and the 36 Sea Knights in the aft section with larger bunks. The other 4 Sea Knights are in with the crew under the aftcastle. The main deck from bow ramp to the troop cabin is for the horses. Ballast and storage are below this deck. The armory and woodshop are in the fo’c’s’le. The party will be housed with the crew in the best cabins. Gilraen and Mulligan share a small one. Gwaelur, Bitur, Rorimac, Hraedsig share a larger one. Captain Thoroncir, and Gil-Gandel share another small cabin. Deor and Ghân are invited to share the largish cabin of Binton the Weather Wizard.

Binton is 40ish and bald and a little rotund and only 5’5” tall. You notice he is in fairly good shape otherwise. He is excited to have colleagues on board his ship and is the second in command of The Elendil. Though the 1st Mate would actually replace the Captain if required.

The Captain is Lord Langdon of Lebennin. He is a tall man standing 6’8” and looks to be made of stern stuff. He greets the party in the Officer’s Mess. It is finely appointed and shining of Brass and polished wood. It is well lit by magic lamps in the ceiling. In fact the ship has no open flames on board at all. Dwarven Lanterns and magic light The Elendil.
He explains, “We will head south and join Commodore [COLOR=#22229c]Alphros on the Amroth. [/COLOR]At sea I have no duties for any of you except Thoroncir of course. But in times of combat I need all that have range attacks to fall in to fight off attack or support efforts to board another. Sir Thoroncir, you will need to ready your men, a several are older than you but don’t let that worry you. We will transit to Umbar first and the great Harbor of Umbar. We will then get our exact orders.”

One of the crewmembers is happy to take Rorimac aloft and seems aware he is Captain Meriadoc’s son. He introduces himself as Halim of Anfalas. He asks questions about Rorimac, the Shire, his Dad, The Elf and Dwarves he knows and especially about the Princess.

Stepping gingerly on board the Elendil, Deor looks at the tall, sturdily built mast and the clean, well-joined wooden decks and wonders once more whether such a thing can really traverse the seas and why the Elves would ever trust their journey West to such an unstable form of transportation, let alone travel up and down the coast. Why, it’s rocking now- what would happen in poor weather? He sincerely hopes that his roommate and colleague Binton is good at his job, and is relieved when he finally gets a chance to relax the Levitation spell on his trunks and settle down in a comfortable but simple chair in the cabin. Once there, he’ll strike up a conversation with Binton- where did Binton train? Where is he from, and how did he become associated with the Navy?

Deor has brought his spellbooks and a small portion of his alchemical laboratory- only a few choice ingredients and catalysts for in-field work. He made a special point of bringing the necessary reagents for the Sleep* doses that Mulligan favors, for instance. Other than that, his pair of trunks contain clothes, quill pens and inks, a collection of notebooks for recording what he learns of the South, and spare room to take back any especially interesting specimens of alchemical reagents or young plants back to his tower.

For days at sea:
1: Magic Missile, Sleep, Shield, Dancing Lights
2: Web, Levitate, Invisibility
3: Fireball, Water Breathing
4: Mass Sleep

For days on land:
1: Sleep, Magic Missile, Comprehend Languages, Dancing Lights
2: Web, Invisibility, Stinking Cloud
3: Fireball, Fly
4: Wall of Fire

I’m going to go ahead and use purple for alchemical terms; they’re not really magic, but they’re similar and I feel they’re worth noting.

What would [color=blue]Feather Fall do to someone who’d fallen in the water?

Binton studied weather wizardry from a young age. He joined the Navy before he had even mastered his craft. It has been his whole life as he was born to a fishing folk. Too short to be a knight and besides sailors have it better anyway. So best to be an important sailor in a position that should be protected.

Featherfall will not help someone in the water.

Captain Sir Thoroncir meets his senior lieutenant and second-in-command, Aestirion* of Linhir, a grizzled, older (age 33) Sea-knight with extensive shipboard experience but poor command presence (of which the “old salt” is well aware) due to his gruff demeanor. Thoroncir knew him slightly when both served aboard the Arnimalad.** Aestirion introduces him to the rest of his senior staff. Thoroncir gets to know each of them and explains that he will be relying on their initiative, good judgment and sound advice in leading the Elendil’s contingent of Sea-knights. They review the duty roster, discuss the particular strengths and weaknesses of the men, and plan a series of drills for the coming days and nights. Thoroncir wants them well-trained and ready for anything.

Thoroncir and Aestirion also meet with Lord Langdon, master of the Elendil, to discuss how best to cooperate, keep out of each others’ way, and fight Gondor’s foes effectively when the time comes. Although Thoroncir is technically in command of the 160 infantrymen traveling aboard the Elendil, he follows Aestirion’s advice and gives their captain discretion to lead and train them as he sees fit.

  • (Sindarin “Sea-vigilance”)
    ** (Sindarin “Royal-white-tree”)

Mulligan is happy to be sharing with Gilraen and I’m sure the cats will be as well.
Thanks to Deor for bringing more Sleep reagents as they are sure to come in useful. She might not be useful on ship to ship battles and will be trying to stay out of the way should it come to that.

There is not much she can do on such a large ship, apart from possibly help out in the galley. Then again, she can spend the time relaxing and watching the world go by.

Ah, Mulligan, something for you from Tom Bombadil. As for me, I shall find a good viewpoint where I can watch and listen to this marvellous Sea, ever-moving and filled with never-wearied music. And if my gaze wanders sometimes to the western horizon as if striving to see the wonders beyond, I am sure you will understand.

Ghân thanks Thoroncir for his advice over Ghân’s animal companions.
Ghân makes sure that Fang, Anca and Windwing are clear about how to behave on the boat. He introduces them; first to any senior dignitaries who wish to meet them and then to the crew.

Ghân will demonstrate Warp Wood to senior staff so they can decide if and when to ask him to use it.

Ghân is happy to be sharing with Deor and Binton. He invites the Wizards to share the protection of his animals in combat, and explains to Deor about Ghân’s satchel of magic items, which Ghân will leave behind whenever he shapechanges.
Ghân offers Binton a Predict Weather daily if that would help.

Rorimac is grateful to Halim for showing him the way and enjoys the view that comes with it.

He is happy to answer the questions about himself, his Father and the Shire. Of the Elves and Dwarves, he is uncertain what to say not knowing and what might be considered polite.

As for the Princess, she is as beautiful as she is wise, pure of heart and as true as a Princess of Gondor could be. But that is as far as he knows, because he hasn’t known her for very long. She is quite attached to Captain Thoroncir though. It would be better to ask him instead.

Then, Rorimac asks Halim about where he comes from, his family and what he is doing here to help out?

Mulligan takes the blade from Gil-Gandel and removes it from the sheath.

"Oh, this looks just like a blade my Uncle used to use…wait, did you say you got it from Tom Bombadil? "

“Deor, I’m sorry for asking, but if you haven’t got anything magical to do today, please could you look at this? I think it would be worthwhile.”

Mulligan’s eyes have gone slightly wide, as a mixture of avarice and doubt crosses her face.

“Thoroncir, I must admit my combat abilities are focused solely on melee and mounted combat, so I will be useless in any ranged encounter. But it will sorely chafe me to sit out of any combat, so if you can think of a way that I can be useful in such an encounter, please let me know. I will be happy to lead any boarding parties, for example.”

Thoroncir claps Hraedsig on the shoulder. “Should there be fighting, my friend, and I expect there will be, I’m sure there will be no lack of things for you to do. If you wish, why not take part in the drills my men will be running? We’ll find the best way to put your considerable skills to use.”

Ghân is happy to cast Detect Magic on Mulligan’s new blade.
The fame of Tom Bombadil has now reached far throughout Middle Earth!

Ghân adds that Mulligan is welcome to try to find concealment near the spellcasters when combat commences.
Ghân also trusts Mulligan with the details of Ghân’s magical satchel.

Binton thanks Glee for his offer and asks about the time and range of weather predicting. An 18-mile radius is good as is the 7 hours. It turns out Binton has some special equipment that combined with a special third level spell works far better throughout the day.

The Captain is most impressed with Warp Wood. Any whaleboats sent across for boarding will be greatly troubled by your spell. It should also do wonders against trebuchets and catapults though your range is probably not enough to really help there. If you can cast the spell below the water line it could clearly distract the enemy.

Halim comes from Anfalas and was raised to be a sailor by his Pop a sailor and fisherman. His father served Gondor for 12 proud years before retiring to run a fishing boat and raise his family. Halim is the second eldest of nine children. He is only 19.

Deor can ID the Rune Blade that Tom picked for her. It is a very fine +3 blade that is +5 vs. Wraith/Spectre type undead and would allow backstabbing. It was also enchanted vs. the Witch King but that will not be of help anymore. Curunauth could probably enhance it further. It Detects Magic on touch once per level per day.

Captain Langdon says to Merry and Hraedsig and others, “First off, young Hobbit with Sling should prove a useful missile attacker. Hraedsig, one look at your charger tells me that you are without question the best charger in Sir Thoroncir’s company. My job is to deliver you where you can do what you do best, your job on the ship is simply to be ready to repel boarders or assist in boarding other ships. I won’t claim The Elendil is unsinkable, any ship can be sunk, but she is better made than any ship I know of for what she needs to do. And that is to deliver horse and man to battle where Elendil’s Heir needs them most. King Elessar himself requested this vessel be designed and built. Our best built it with the aid of a shipwright of the Grey Havens themselves. Additionally, the Queen blessed her and had her Uncle aid in the building. One Curunauth, perhaps you have heard of him?”

Provided he is not obviously their social or military inferior, Thoroncir will also ask the good Hraedsig to take charge of the two other Rohirrim warriors who are part of the ship’s company. He should have a word with Aestirion to see how they may be best integrated into our battle plans.

When his time permits, Thoroncir will show Princess Gilraen around the ship and answer any questions she might have about the voyage or Umbar.