Middle Earth FA64 D&D Game: Sixth Adventure - Harrying Harad by Sea

There’s a sigh from Mulligan.

That makes two similar blades I am carrying, although strictly speaking one is not mine to wield. If I can be useful in combat with a sling then I will try my best. Ghan don’t worry about me in combat, no-one will see me, although they will certainly notice where I have been. :wink:

Rorimac listens intently to Halim talking about his family and Anfalas and wonders what it would be like to go there.

As for combat between ships, as an archer he should be fine. He may not be as good as an Elf, but he can hold his own.

Bitur is impressed by the size and majesty of the Elindil. It’s certainly the largest ship he’s ever seen, much less traveled on. He introduces himself to the Captain and First Mate and will over time make an effort to get acquainted with the rest of the crew. He will offer his services to the Captain in any way they are needed, making mention of his skill in clockwork and other small-scale mechanics. He’s not sure what use it will be on the ship, but it’s there if needed.

In his down time he will socialize with the crew and the party and study the toys he carries around with him. He hopes to someday be able to replicate the quality work that went into crafting them, rather than his current skill which amounts mostly to repair.

Took me longer than I expected but here is the basic deck plan and drawing of The Elendil. Carries two large trebuchets and 12 ballistas that were made by the Dwarves. The bow is very odd. It is split supporting a false flat bow that is really the 40’ long ramp 20’ wide. It has a true (water tight) bow door that lets the Sea Knights charge down the ramp. Very shallow bottomed, well designed for beach landing. Aft windlass for long anchors aid the 30 sweeps in pulling back of the beach.

The party is berthed in cabins in the aftcastle.

Please note some of the specs given earlier are not corrected by the Captain. The person provide the specification was wrong in many areas. While the ship carries 160 infantry, it has berths for 188. Zoom in on the troop cabins for exact bunk and locker layout.

Bitur is impressed with a lot of what he sees. It is clear that the ship is a marvel of Human, Elven and Dwarven craft. The ballistas are geared well to reload rapidly and actually use recoil to partially reload. The trebuchets have well made Dwarven windlasses to assist.

If there is nothing else the Elendil rows away from the docks and trims the sails and heads south for war.

Thoroncir stands at the bow and shouts, “I’m the King of the… er, I’m dating the daughter of the King of the World!” :stuck_out_tongue:

plucks harp
As the nurse rocks the cradle, the Sea rocks our ship;
Our trust is in Ulmo, in peace may we sleep;
The Vala all-wise has us safe in his grip
And cares for the faithful who fare on the deep.
Praise Ulmo the mighty and dread not His wave
Who sees every venturer, hears every call:
The kindly Sea-father is ready to save
And bring every ship to its grateful landfall.

As usual, Ghân is delighted by the poetry of Gil-Gandel.

Ghân offers Thoroncir and Captain Langdon the services of Windwing the Eagle as a Scout.

Captain Langdon and Binton request that Ghân, Gilraen and Hraedsig add their prayers to the ships regular abeyances. Binton climbs to the aft crow’s nest where his weather station is and requests the boons of Fair Winds and Bright Stars from Manwë and Varda. The Captain has all hands request of Osse, Uinan and Ulmo protection for The Elendil and her crew.

Gilraen sings her Song of Estë and asks for her patron’s protection of the crew.

Hraedsig seeks the protection of Eonwe for the ship, her crew, and of course the soldiers on the way to battle. “Know that we ride to battle on this large, wooden horse for a righteous cause, and in service of Good. Help us reach our destination safely, so that we may combat Evil and protect the Free People. And if we must battle on the deep water, steady our feet and our hearts, as we battle not only our foes, but the rolling waves below.”

Thoroncir thanks his compatriots for their prayers and songs, and thanks Ghan for his offer of the services of Windwing the Eagle as a scout. He will leave it to Lord Langdon as to when Windwing might most advanteously take to the skies.

That’s “advantageously.” :smack:

Mulligan finds a quiet spot in the shade and settles down to watch the world go by.

Rorimac stays aloft to get a better view and look out at the horizon, looking to see what might appear.

Gwaelur hasn’t had much to do, but being on the sea certainly is soemthing different. He spends his time wandering around the boat and making friends, and drinking of course. He keeps his Xbow ready for the fight, and is very glad to have the excelent chain mail instead of the banded that he used to wear. Something tells him he is less likely to drown if he falls overboard in mail.

February 6 &7[sup]th [/sup]:
The Elendil heads south. The winds and current are favorable for a steady sail and Binton has spells to enhance the speed. Gil-Gandel is request to rest during the day and take night watch on the bow. Binton’s spells has The Elendil going nearly 15 miles per hour for 12 hours and the winds and currents keep it going 6 miles per hour at night. There are three calls to the sweeps during the day for extra power and steerage.

It is nearly 300 miles to the mouth of the Anduin and the Bay of Belfalas and the fleet. It is another 500 south to get past the Great Port of Umbar once known as the City of Corsairs. The Elendil joins the fleet early on the 7th and the fleer heads south at a steady 10 knot speed. The Prince on the Amroth signals that he expects to reach the destination in 3 days if the weather holds.

The party members begin to fall into a routine, Deor and Mulligan start each day with medicines for their seasickness and work on their sea legs. Mulligan does not like the Sea she decides and she has little appetite. It is the goodberries that keep her going. Deor is getting use to it.

Rorimac is a natural and finds use in the sails and takes a watch in the crow’s nest.

Ghân and Gilraen spend mostly idle time aboard but learn the sickbay and study for the ship’s doctor and Binton.

Gwaelur and Bitur find the Ship’s Shops keep them busy and distracted. They prefer greatly to be inside. The do study the water driven windlasses for the huge center board (movable keel) when it was acting up and came up with a small improvement. It takes nearly 35 minutes to fully raise the board and 13 to lower it safely at 10 knots. However, in practice while underway when the gearing is suppose to work the pressure failed it. They rigged a way to redirect the water flow to make the paddle gears more efficient. It was jamming and grinding before.

Thoroncir and Hraedsig drill the troops and learn their abilities. Gil-Gandel rarely sees his friends but does an evening and morning song daily.

February 8-10[sup]th [/sup]:
South of the Great Port, the fleet begins to break up a little. The Commodore leads off the main warships for a surprise raid on a small island. The Elendil is to now leads the troop transports and a few swift escorts to a destination 80 miles south with good beaches. Here they will land with Thoroncir charged with establishing the beach head. It is 10 transports and 4 escorts in all.

On the 10th while only 40 miles from their goal, the small fleet sees sails coming from the south west. Windwing and Folca are immediately sent aloft to scout and report. Windwing is swifter but Deor can see through Folca’s eyes and report sooner.

Captain Langdon orders all hands to battle stations and readies the catapults. Gwaelur and Bitur are given short safety lines and asked to be ready in the aftcastle with his crossbow. Bitur may wish to wear his full mail. Thoroncir and both Hobbits are to join them. Gil-Gandel goes to a small unsteady perch high on the stays of the forward mast. The rest are near the Captain near the Helm.

Deor reports that there are 8 vessels, all about 100’ in length and sailing galleys. They are equipped with catapults and having open flames on the deck in iron barrels and pitch balls loaded. They ships are brimming with men. The ships match no known vessels of friends or foes; we may have to let them take the first move. Does anyone have any ideas he asks?

Ghân reminds the Captain that he has Quench Flame loaded.
It would be good for Ghân to be protected from missile fire whilst he casts (since a hit will interrupt his spell).

As long as the safety line can support the weight of a full plate dwarf, Bitur will don the full plate.

I think it’s safe to say that these guys are not out for a pleasant afternoon cruise, but I agree that we let them make the first move. It’s probably wisest to slow our forward progress and let them come to us. Regardless, we should be ready for anything.

Gwaelur is ready and waiting to open fire if need be. If it looks like they are going to man the catapults he will aim for the catapult oporators first…but he will wait until ordered to fire. He is still a good soldier.

Signals are being sent rapidly between the ships, the troop carriers slow and switch to battle sail rig. The 4 fast escorts are between the two fleets. The Elendil has the sweeps manned and ready.

The Captain thanks Ghân profusely and assigns to tall infantry men to protect you.

“The catapults will out range any bow or crossbows I have seen but then out trebuchets will beat anything they have. A small boat may cross to inquire intentions if nothing happens for several more minutes.”

Itching for action Gwaelur speaks up.

“I would like to be on that small boat if it sets out in that case, Captain.”

Bitur also speaks up:

“Having some experience in battlefield diplomacy, I, too, am willing to go in the small boat. Of course, I’ll need to switch to the lighter armor first.”