Middle Earth FA65 D&D Game: Next Adventure – (11th)

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The Role Call

Player Character Class- Subclass Race Sex Notes
NAF1138 Gwaelur Fighter - BattleMaster Khazad Dwarf M The Tank
Glee Ghân-buri-Ghân Druid - Shepherd Wose M Healer & Support
kenobi_65 Ceol Paladin - TBD Rohirrim M Holy Knight
Hoopy_Frood Bitur son of Bofur Artificer - Battle Smith Khazad Dwarf M Skillster & Brick
John_DiFool Hejren Wizard -Divination Wood Elf F Artillery
Elendil_s_Heir Thoroncir Fighter- Cavalier Dúnedain M Leader/Protector
NPC Renee Gilraen Telcontar Cleric - Life of Estë Dúnedain (½ Elf) F The Princess/Healer
MHaye Felareth Took Bard Lore 3 ClericKnow Olorin Wiz Hobbit M JOT Spellster

Some former companions:

Gil-Gandel – Malacandra – Bard 9th, Sindar (“Grey Elf”) F/Th Age: 624
Rorimac Brandybuck - CatInASuit – Hobbit Ranger Age: 46 Meriadoc’s youngest son.
Deor – appleciders – Mage of Rohan (Brother of Theogrim) Age:22 (From a very large family)
Mulligan Took – CatInASuit - Burglar, Hobbit (Daughter of Peregrin Took’s Sister) level Age: 32 (From a larger family)
Drindoleth – Zuul – Beorning Druid– age 31. Shape Shifter.

Notable Animals
Baygir : The very good Heavy War Horse of Thoroncir.
Kali : A fine Silver Grey Mare of exceptional stock. Her lines trace back to Shadowfax. She is Gilraen’s mount.
Missy : The strange green eyed, white fur cat, companion of Gilraen. She will not talk to Ghân but seems very intelligent and dutiful to Gilraen. She is an excellent night guard. She is apparently a descendent of Mirëgol’s ancient cat Warrior.
Leofwin Paladin’s War Horse of Ceol.

Cwenhild Shield Maiden of Manwë & Varda with a long mane of blonde tresses. She is a brave and fierce fighter. It is said she fights harder than any man in an effort to prove herself. She is more adept at fighting the undead as the leader of her small order. Varda Star Kindler lends particular favor to those brave enough to stand against the darkness. Rohirrim Paladin of 8th level.
Wilfrid Rohirrim Paladin of Eonwë 7th level.
Top Sgt Mandor – Man of Minas Tirith - leads 19 mounted soldiers skilled in logistics and camp engineers. All are on fast horses.

Lorliana is a woman of 24 and was raised in the Minas Tirith and has studied for 12 years with the Loremasters. She has a few small magics at her disposal. She studied Elven lore at Rivendell and made a deep study of Kkósal. She is a fairly pretty blond, probably part Rohirrim and part Gondorian but not Dunedain. She is Lawful Good. She is 5’5". Her 2 brothers and some others call her Lorli.
In her own words: “My father was a scribe and my mother was scribe and they wanted me to have a better education than they got so they trained me well and taught me to love and respect knowledge and when I was 13 the House of Lore excepted me as a student. I was very proud and I enjoy it very much. Now I am trying to bring back more learning and more history of the Dúnedain and where better than Imladris itself? I might have studied to be a Mage but I had spent my whole life studying to be a Sage. I don’t think there are any woman wizards or even apprentices anyway.”
She has a few items that help her research including a magic pen and she has actually picked up a few cantrips thanks to Deor’s good start and further learning at Rivendell.

Some background , it is 65 years since the Bearers of the Three Rings left Middle-earth for the Uttermost West and 66 since Sauron and Barad-Dûr fell.

King Elessar & Queen Arwen are in their prime and young Prince Eldarion is in his early training at age 21. There is still a constant struggle to tame the brown lands, Umbar, Harad, Nurn and the North. The court summers in Evedim near the lake and spend 9 months in Minas Tirith. Aragorn has campaign more often than not in the last 65 years, but far less than the prior 67. He and Arwen have had 4 daughters. Silmariën (FA45), Gilraen (FA47), Telperiën (FA51) & Fíriel (FA55)

Legolas has removed a small number of his people to Ithilien to support Prince Faramir in this fair land. He visits the courts of Faramir, Elessar, Éomer and Gimli son of Gloin often. His beautiful sister Elenwë is adventuring and rides a Minaras (Unicorn)

Faramir and Éowyn have two sons: Elboron (FA3) & Caramir (FA7). Both are hardy Warriors. They say that Prince Elboron has the look of his father and Caramir of his mother’s people. Prince Caramir is a great Horseman and loves his visits to his Uncle. Both appear to take strongly after Faramir as they are aging slowly. It has been noted that Éowyn has remained very youthful for all her long years. She could be taken for Éomer’s daughter or even granddaughter rather than his sister. She looks to be in her 50s more than her late 80s. Some wonder if this was a gift of King Elessar’s healing or a reward for slaying the Witch King of Angmar. Faramir is of course still a hale and hardy man. A little over a hundred he too looks to be in his 50s.

Currently Minas Tirith and their allies are fighting a two front war in the South and a Campaign wiping out orc lairs in Ered Lithui and around Nurn. Gondor is expanding and trying to build up a large force of horseman to supplement the Riders of Rohan. They are building a great road to Rhûn to create trade and build an alliance. They also hope to increase trade to Erebor & Dale. There is a project underway at a slower pace to improve travel along the Anduin. It is expected to take decades. Dark tidings arrived out of Rhûn brought by Hodwain the Beorning Bard. There is apparently unrest and some organized evil activity out near the Sea and beyond.

Dol Amroth is still the great Principality of Gondor. It is under the wise care of Prince Elphir (TA2987), son of Prince Imrahil of course. Sister to Lothíriel the Queen of Rohan. His eldest son Alphros (TA3017) is the Commodore of the Gondor Fleet and commands the great and swift flagship the Amroth.

King Éomer has passed away leaving the behind his widow, Queen Lothiriel of Dol Amroth. King Elfwine, his eldest now leads in all things. He is seeking the hand of Silmariën. Elfwine is a tall man of 6’ 5" with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. His features show a bit of elvish influence of his mother’s side. He speaks with a deep voice and looks to be no more than 30 years old but he is probably 50. He uses a long sword and Gwaelur knows that Elfwine was given a fine chain mail shirt as a gift from Gimli. The Chief Mearas likes the new King, his best son is Prince Elfwine’s partner. They think he is a very good human. Prince Éomund is the next in line currently. He is a few years younger than Elfwine and also still single. He is leading a large force of Riders of Rohan on behalf of his brother the King to aid King Elessar in Harad.

In 61 Samwise Gamgee left Middle-earth via Mithlond. Merry and Pippin got their affairs in order and headed south to live in Gondor. Mulligan Took was among their escort. Samwise’s eldest Grandson Elfstan Fairbairn joined the group after visiting Minas Tirith. Faramir Took son of Pippin is the Thain and the Shire’s greatest Warrior since Meriadoc the Magnificent. Mulligan’s Brother Ponto Took is an excellent archer and a good treasure finder.

Arnor is repopulating as is the Anduin Valley. The Shire’s population is growing and their produce is helping to feed the North and even the South. They have steady wains heading to and from the Dwarves of Ered Luin. They are even supplying produce and pipe weed to the Grey Havens in exchange for salted & smoked fish.

Elladan and Elrohir of course remain the Masters of Rivendell and assist in the running of Arnor. They in no way have finished with hunting Orcs. Indeed, they have driven the Goblins far underground with their constant attacks on Goblin Gate and often roam north against Angmar itself. Elladan, Elrohir and Glorfindel seem tireless these days in hunting the scattered remains of these ancient enemies to the North. They often leave the care of Rivendell to the wise Celeborn. He did leave a thriving Sindarin kingdom in Southern Greenwood from where Gil-Gandel most recently hailed.

Thorin III Stonehelm rules the Durin Folk (Khazad). He rules from Erebor of course. His lords include Gimli in Aglarond, Lord Gíon of the Iron Hill and some lesser lords in the Blue Mountains and Fornost. The Dwarves are again thinking of Khazad-dûm. Dori and Bofur are still alive, but quite venerable and rich. Bofur is acting as the ambassador to Rivendell and Arnor as needed.

A bridge at Tharbad has been built and the great bridge is nearly rebuilt. Tharbad is already a thriving and growing town under the command of Lord Mayor Ianthír (Bridge Lord). He is Ranger of the North and the son of Aragorn’s most loyal friend Halbarad. The population is mostly just men of Eriador. There are small Dwarven and Hobbit communities.

The Great South road is rebuilt and maintained from Fornost to Minas Tirith. All the additional trade has brought much prosperity to Bree and the town and the Prancing Pony have both expanded. Fornost is still small, but growing. Most of the remaining Northern Dúnedain have moved near Fornost. It is 1000 miles from Bree to Minas Tirith and good roads the whole way now and a network of Inns and King’s Inns allowing for better accommodations then in any time in the last 2000 years. Bree to Thrabad is 200 miles. Tharbad to Gap of Rohan is 325. Gap of Rohan to Edoras is 125and Edoras to Minas Tirith is 350.

For year 63 FA review & review of The Elendil.

The Party as reconstituted is in Minas Tirith. Thoroncir, Gilraen, Gwaelur, Bitur & Ceol are rejoined by Ghân. Queen Arwen has requested the Party escort Princess Gilraen to Mithlond, the Elvish Port City best known as the Grey Havens. An Elf Stone needs to be fixed for Fíriel and only one person has the correct skills to do so on this side of the sea. Seek out Mirëgol, an Elf of the Light. Of note for the Dwarves, she worked a bit in Aulë’s Smithy fashioning jewels. Bitur has heard of her of course.

Is everyone willing to take on this mission?

We’ll get to Hejren a little later.

Ceol bows to Arwen. “Your Majesty, I would be honored to escort the Princess once again, and with my strength at arms, protect her from harm.”

Gwaelur stretches and scratches his beard. “You have picked the right group Your Majesty.” Then he stands up straight and gets a serious look on his face “We’ll get the Princess there and find the elf.”

“I can’t pass up a chance to meet one of the most renowned and skilled jewelers of all time. Count me in!”

Sir Thoroncir bows and then smiles. He says, “I would be both honored and pleased to undertake this task, O my Queen. Thank you for entrusting it to us. We will not let you down.”

The knight-errant of Gondor has never been to the Grey Havens and is looking forward to seeing it. He is delighted to rejoin his companions once more - and, of course, any time spent with his true love, the Princess Gilraen, whose grace, wisdom and beauty long ago won his heart, is time well spent.

Ghan is rather reserved in this company, but replies to Queen Arwen “High one, my master Radagast would want me to help you in any way. I accept.”

Queen Arwen replies, “Thank you all. Gilraen has spoken highly of all of you and it warms my heart to see such dedication and support. We have a ship waiting for you in Osgiliath. This is one of our swiftest boats and should get you to the Mithlond safely.” She pauses …

“Though keep alert, the King has some feeling of unease that some evil and ancient power is gathering strength. This is part of the reason I wish to get this stone ready for my youngest. It was left to me by my Grandmother for Fíriel and one is never wise to ignore the instructions of Galadriel.”

Gwaelur (who hates boats): Oh, a boat. Great.

(starts to inspect his crossbow for readiness just in case someone attacks from the land while they are stranded in a tiny boat in the middle of a river instead of on land like sensible creatures.)

To slightly relieve Gwaelur this is a huge ship of over 200’ in length and 51’ wide. It draws deep and the mast towers 200’ above the water line. This is closer to a sailing fort than a boat. Part of a small number of ships that measure second only to the Elendil in size, speed and strength for Gondor.

The crew of the Míriel is excellent and includes a weather witch who specializes greatly in sailing relating spells. Captain Lothwen (Lady) is of the House of Dol Amroth and she runs a taut ship but a fair one and is beloved by her crew.

They appreciate the readiness of the heroes though.

Ceol’s eyebrows raise at the mention of the Lady Galadriel. He bows again to Queen Arwen.

“Your Majesty, while I cannot speak for my compatriots, I can be ready to depart Minas Tirith quickly. I promise that we shall be wary, and prepared to defeat any foes which seek to waylay us.”

Ghan mutters to Gwaelur that he’s never used any boat bigger than a coracle.

“If I may ask, is there anything about the Elf Stone itself of which we should be aware, my lady?” Thoroncir says. He asks other questions, too, taking care not to rudely pepper the Queen but to ask them at a courteous pace: “And if I may further ask, does it already exist, or will it be created by Mirëgol? Will she be expecting our arrival? Is there any chance she may refuse the commission? Will she expect payment, and if so, what funds should we take with us? And do you anticipate that this master-jeweler will do her work at the Grey Havens and remain there, or return with us?”

Gilraen answers, “The Elfstone is a small brilliant green stone, but has some odd flaw in it. Mirëgol is expecting it and we do not need to worry about payment, just delivering the stone. We may be asked by Mirëgol to help in some way. Mirëgol rarely leaves the Grey Havens and then mostly only to Rivendell or in the past the Gwaith-i-Mírdain in Eregion. I’m sure she’ll do her work in her little smithy by the great river where she has worked for thousands of years.”

She pauses, “This is the lesser Elessar of course, not the one the king wears.”

The Sea-knight bows to his betrothed and smiles again, saying, “Thank you, my lady. I look forward to meeting her, and perhaps seeing her at work.”

The Míriel reaches the Grey Havens swiftly indeed. Good winds the whole journey and no enemy sails sighted.

Ghân-Buri-Ghân had to resort to his herb kit to handle the motion of the boat but he quietly handled it on his own. For Thoroncir it would be a delight to have the sea breeze in his face again. Ceol was happy to find himself not prone to sea sickness and decided riding a ship was enough like riding a horse. Gwaelur never felt comfortable, but it wasn’t sea-sickness. It was just being on the ship. He can admit to himself it was the least bad experience he had on a ship but still it was a ship. Bitur of course hardly notice as he threw himself into all the various technology of the Míriel . He even found ways to improve some leverages and block & tackle systems and the main trebuchet. He roped Gwaelur into helping him on that one.

On arrival they pull directly up to Mirëgol’s workshop in the South Havens. Mirëgol stands 6’0" tall, fair with green eyes and long hair dark as the darkest night. She appears far too young for the age you know her to be. Next to her is a smaller elf, browner of skin.