Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game, the Second Adventure, Scouting Ered Lithui

I’m assuming that’s in feet, because if it’s in meters, that’s the extent of expert gunshot. Fair 'nuff.

“Glad to be of assistance. Missy is better able to hide herself than I am, so I will cast upon myself first, then her, then you. Glad to be working with you.”

Whatever they pay these guys for bows that can shoot fifteen hundred feet in the air, it ain’t enough. Fortunately a two-foot wingspan subtends less than one-twelfth of a degree at that distance, so good luck trying to hit anything that size, even if Folca weren’t moving.

Well, that’s two feet per wing, so maybe six feet, maybe 1/6 of a degree. I’m still betting on the hawk.

A six-foot span? That’s one honkin’ big hawk.

The largest hawks we get here, a we get many now, only have about a 3’ to 3½’ wing span. I imagine Folca as being closer to 3’. For the record ’ is for feet in my posts and " for inches.

However, Gil-Gandel, a fair expert on archery has good points. Few below Legolas’ skill could hit Folca at even 1000’ straight up. 1500’ would be a great shot from a hill top with a clear view down the valley with even these great strong bows. Even with the luckiest of shots, 1500’ will be safe I assume that Deor was concerned with their being no chance, not even on a “20”.

43 to 57 inches. But I don’t really care; the point is that she can fly plenty high enough to be out of bowshot.

For the time being, each morning Deor will load:
Invisibility: I’ve got many people and animals to cast this on this week.
Sleep and Enlarge: Sleep won’t come in as useful against the Hunter-Killers, but it should remain extremely effective against orcs, so if I’ve got a good idea that we can rest before another fight, I’ll cast it.
Tie, Untie, Distract, Yawn, Bee, Whistle for cantrips.

If any Archer can hit a hawk straight up at 1000’, they can hit a mounted rider at 2000’ distance straight on (which makes those Hunter-Killers live up to their name… :eek: )

Ghan is proposing to load:

Detect Magic
Faerie Fire
Locate Animals
Speak to Animals
Purify Water

Cure Light Wounds
Heat Metal

Summon Insects
Pyrotechnics (or Neutralise Poison)

The party are welcome to vote for either Pyrotechnics or Neutralise Poison.
(Ghân presumes both the local snakes and spiders are poisonous, so he suggests the antidote…)

Okay, so 3½’ to 5’. We’ll say Folca is 4’ then.

The first four days go well.
We ride down the main stone road from Minas Tirith to Osgiliath. Today it is gleaming white and speaks of the current good times, despite the ongoing wars. The City of Osgiliath is still rebuilding but along the road it is thriving and sounds of construction can be heard in every direction. The New Bridges are not only magnificent, but the recently built new Bridge to Ithilien includes a wondrous Stone and steal counterbalanced drawbridge.

Renee explains to the group, but Thoroncir already knew, “This is a design of Gimli’s. He was happy do supply the design as a gift and of coursed it employed the best Dwarves and Men 8 years to complete. The River itself provides the power to raise and lower the span and power the tall tower clocks you see at the peek. Gimli believes it to be the most accurate clock ever built. At least here in Middle Earth.”

A ride through the woods of Ithilien proceeds in peace and many travelers are passed in both direction. Most amazing is the sight of a Mûmak pulling a huge laden wagon and escorted by 20 heavy cavalry and 20 horse mounted archers.

Caramir and Captain Helton ride over to give greeting. When they return, it is explained that King Ellesar has taken a company of Mûmakil warriors into service and that he captured a dozen more to be spare beast and work animals.

The party heads north in peace, the valley between the woods and mountains of Ephel Dúath has several inns along the way and some farms. This is quite a sight within easy viewing of the shadows of Mordor. The road runs all the way to the slag mounds and close to where Morannon once stood and now a tall white pair of guard towers have taken their place.
Here the elves split off for their short trip to the Dead Marshes the wish you luck, but also appear pleased to be moving at their much greater pace.

The Road now extends northeast. Someday it will go to far Rhûn. We take it as far as we can to escape the shadows of the mountains. As we near the end about 30 miles east, we see a large tent city and a few dozen riders and strangely out of place siege towers with the symbol of the White tree and the seven stars.

Caramir and the Rangers along with any curious will ride up to see what is going on. This is a rode crew; it uses POWs from the war by day and orcs by night in extending the road. They are progressing roughly a half mile per day and thus will be done in roughly 3-5 years. The towers are designed to shine great lights down on the work area and are moved forward slowly during the day and night as the work progresses. They use clever magic light sources and magnificent magnifying lenses to aim the light. For many of the goblins the life is better than that they led in Mordor and for the humans, they are cared for and eventually earn their freedom.

We proceed at a about the 30 mile pace. We travel 8 days to where we will break off. We are now 11 days out of the city.

Caramir wishes all the best of luck, and remember if you need help, light a large fire.

I’m particularly interested in the magic light sources used in the work camp, so I’ll ride over with the rangers and take a look, but I’m also a little dismayed that even sixty years after the war, King Elessar still uses slave labor. I realize that for the humans, it’s closer to indentured servitude, but that’s not much better, and there’s no word but slavery for what the Goblins experience. Granted, I can think of no better alternative, but it still makes me a little sad.

How has the Invisibility spree turned out? Have I successfully made myself, Renee, Folca, Missy, and Riglo Invisible?

Alas, there is no option yet for the goblins but death or for the less unruly, long term prisoner of work status. As it is, it is considered quite exceptional that they goblins are allowed to live at all. This is against all tradition.

The men are simply paying their debt and for their upkeep. They often serve as little as months and never longer than 4 years. These are not slaves, but enemies of Gondor. The processing of them varies by the given war, but it is often not as bad as it sounds.

The invisibilities all went well.

Ghân has 93 Goodberries (plus any he casts today) and 41 herbal cures.

He asks Deor if he borrowed the Preserving Pouch from Brin, in which case Deor is welcome to have (say) 16 Goodberries to use for curing.

Ghân thought we were going to just cast Invisibility on Deor, not Renee as well?
It’s likely to cause problems having two Invisible people when we are marching or in combat.

Thoroncir warmly thanks the Elf-captain for sharing his music.

That’s an excellent idea, if Brin agrees.

I left it up to her- she decided she’d rather be invisible than not. We’ll arrange something between ourselves to keep from bumping into each other but we’ll also probably figure out something logical in combat as well- possibly I’ll stay north of you, Ghan, and she’ll stay just south. If we know there’s anotherInvisible person nearby, we’ll both have a reasonable chance of spotting the other.

Renee, "I apologize for causing problems with the invisibility, despite my *cloak * & raiment I will feel even safer with the invisibility. I think we can work out a way to make this work and the spell will stay up on me unless we encounter undead. I will attack naught else.

In the meantime, can I please assist you with your wonderful Goodberry spell. I am looking forward to one day soon casting it myself. How do they keep so long for you?"

That is fine by me. I had not figured what to do with it yet.

I am interested in what you are both going to actually do not to bump into each other.
(I have seen this many times, where characters enthusiastically choose such spells, saying ‘it’ll work, we’ll think of something, don’t worry!’ … but then something unexpected happens.)

Now would be the time to explain it to your Fighter buddies (and Ghân, so he can direct Fang).

How do your Fighter buddies know where you are?
If we choose ‘North and South of Ghân’, how do all three of us know the compass direction? If Ghân moves (e.g. to cure), do you two move as well?
What is your chance of spotting each other?
What happens if we scatter to avoid an area effect spell?
What happens if an Invisible opponent approaches?

Ghân: "Renee, you are not causing problems! Both you and Deor mean well. You both wish to keep out of trouble, thus freeing the Fighters to attack enemies. :slight_smile:
I just want to know how exactly this will work, well before any combat.

As for my Goodberries, I would be delighted to habe your assistance. :slight_smile: The spell itself keeps them fresh for 4 days. As I have a Magical Pouch, I can keep them for much longer than that."

So, seeing as we are now the party in our own right having split away from all the others, I guess we get to work.

Do we leave our horses here with the Captain or continue riding them. I would guess that our current formation with Gil-Gandel and Brin out front with the rest of us a way behind will remain in place.

And if Renee and Deor are invisible, how will they see each other?

It’s going to be fun with 2 invisible humans and an invisible cat wandering round the campsite. Renee, please make sure Missy does not leave her tail where it could be trodden on by an unsuspecting comrade.

I would guess only Fang is going to know where they are from smell.