Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game, Third Adventure, Ered Lithui Mystery Creature

If needed, Ghân can speak to the hawks on their return.

Deor, have you chosen your spells?

Polecats don’t communicate vocally, and would not understand names (think domestic cat - names only serve the owner, not the cat). He knows my scent and I know his (phew!), so that should suffice for now.

Brin will string his bow and secure the latch on his pet pouch. If the party didn’t know better, they would suspect that the pouch contains gold and diamonds, it is latched so securely.

8 orcs? Send Elfstan and Miron, let them get their blades wet. Why bother us with such piddling things. Note the color - this is an OOC comment, Mr. DM.

For the record, Brin has fletched his arrows so that he can tell the difference between normal, silver, and +1 by feel.

I assume Miron is a fair match for me in a foot race - in that case, we’ll bring the party about onto the trail of the eight orcs, and leave them to follow at their best pace, while Riglo (who should go well in this country), Miron and myself aim at catching up to the fugitives and learn more about them. Brin, please fall in as the party’s rearguard, and don’t feel slighted - there will be more than enough work to go around before all is done, I imagine.

Forward the Three Hunters! ahem

Miron is happy to string his bow and fall into the pursuit team.

“Might I suggest that me or Mulligan take point of the main group? Whoever is more likely to go unnoticed.”

Both Mulligan & Elfstan have Elven Cloaks and Boots but Mulligan is shorter. So Mulligan would be the least likely to be noticed.

Gil-Gandel is the swiftest of the three but they cruise off a a very fast jog.

Of the rest, Mulligan takes lead and Brin rear with Gwaelur near the back as the noisiest member. The party is moving at a jog and eating up the mile. Renee is quite swift and has an easy gate. Thoroncir and Deor are thankful for Gwaelur anchoring the pace. Thoroncir is use to boats and horses and Deor is use to library stacks, scrolls and occasionally horse. Brin looks awkward as usual, but his odd gait allows him to easily keep up with the rest. Both young Hobbits are swift runners and lightly encumbered.

Folca sites the Orcs. It is 8 orcs and they appear to be carrying a dead buck.

Folca then swoops down to communicate this to Miron. The three change course a bit and pick up their speed to a full run.

Deor moves near the front and the party breaks into a run.

Folca and Swift Wing both have the orcs in site. One or the other return to Miron regularly. After about 20 minutes since the pursuit began, The lead three are about to overtake the orcs and both elves see them in the distance.

To Gwaelur: I know I’m no Elf nor Ranger of Ithilien; I’m just a man of Dale, but I am an accomplished tracker, and quite comfortable and quiet in the outdoors too, you know.

Brin feeds a Goodberry to the polecat to help comfort his pride

Thoroncir has his longsword out and in his hand, and hopes that the advance guard will leave some orcs for him to kill. He can’t help but admire Renee’s running form. :smiley:

“So,” hisses Miron between breaths, his voice having lowered to a harsh whisper since they began to close in, “How are we going to do this? Perhaps we could have the archers quietly draw within range and aim our shafts for the rears of the orcs… I mean, for the orcs in the rear. If our hawks keep watch from overhead, they could alert us to any of the orcs trying to escape: if a smaller group breaks off to flee the archers could follow them, leaving our brave swordsmen to hold the main host in close combat… should they turn and charge us directly, I imagine we could get an unopposed volley or two in, while our fighters form a wedge to shield us from direct melee.”

“That’s assuming,” he adds after a brief interval, “That these are all ordinary orcs. We should ask our hawks if any of them are particularly tall or otherwise stand out.”

You think you are going to get a shot while Gil-Gandel, Riglo and Miron are up front. Three volleys and then we get to admire their handiwork.

Or alternatively, we can get Deor to drop the lot with a Sleep spell.

RogueRacer: Just being curious, how old is Elfstan?

Deer hunting in Ered Lithui is not a crime deserving of summary execution. We’ll shadow them and see if they lead us anywhere interesting. I’ll drop behind Miron and Riglo and communicate this to the main body.

Sounds like a good idea, I’ll keep this group some distance behind yours and hopefully out of sight.

The three hunters fall back to a trailing position. Riglo asks that they spread out to minimized being seen. He requests that Miron leads keeping an eye of the Orcs and Riglo will fall 100’ back and keep a sharp eye for other tracks and Gil-Gandel should fall yet another 100’ to signal to the main party. Let them spread out a bit too so that the noisiest are in the rear and at least 500’ from the orcs.

The orcs trade off carrying the deer except for one orc carrying a nice bow and probably wearing light chain mail. The rest are armed with short bows and no armor or shield. They might have short swords or long knives. They are all hooded and have wide brimmed floppy hats on their heads.

The company follows them for about 30 minutes when the orcs get to a small stand of trees. They hang the deer up and begin skinning the deer. It appears they had already bled the deer earlier. The orcs look happy to eat some of the venison raw. They appear to be settling into the shadows of the trees for a break.

It is roughly 12:50pm at this point. The weather was expected to get overcast around 2pm and stormy by 6pm.

Although Thoroncir naturally is of the view that all orcs are enemies of his King and country and thus ought to be slain forthwith, he will stay his hand for the moment, as bid by Gil-Gandel.


Elfstan continues to keep his place in the middle of the party, watching over Deor, but he would really like to sneak up and take a peek at the orcs.

They’ve got the right of it as far as taking a break in the shade is concerned, at any rate. We’ll do likewise - a light lunch with no fire and a cool-down can do us nothing but good.

What Elfstan can do is go with Mulligan, who can show him the ropes, and make a wide circle around the trees to see if there’s anything lurking the other side. Act as if those eight orcs were a hundred, armed to the teeth, and with a score of sharp-nosed Wargs along into the bargain. It’ll be good practice. In case of trouble, improvise. :smiley:

Elfstan is ready to do a little scouting with Mulligan and put the signals they worked on to use.

You’re just sending us off so you get to have some lunch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on Elfstan, lets go have a look around the far side. We will be back in a little while and you get to see your first Orcs from the region, and besides we have been given permission to improvise. :smiley:

I said “in case of trouble, improvise” - not “improvise, in the knowledge that trouble will not be long coming”. :wink:

/me waits for the hobbits to be out of earshot before breaking out the stash of mushrooms.

“Mal, was that improvise in case of trouble or improvise and find trouble?”

As if you would have any mushrooms left with two Hobbit “Treasure Finders” in the party…