Middle Earth fast food

Would the nasty Hobbitses like frieses with that?
Would the fat Hobbit like a chocolate chake?
Pleaseeeee dirveses throughses.

Very interesting concept. Although, if Gollum were in charge, wouldn’t all of the food be raw?

He’s not in charge, he’s flipping burger…er, lembas at minimum wage to get bus fare back to Mordor.

Woud yes like that supersizeed?

So he’s just biding time until he can open <i>My Preciousss Sssushi Bar</i>?

I’d think Gollum would have problems working the fryer, if he didn’t know what potatoes are. And he’d be really reluctant to drop a fish filet in there as well. “Noooo, you’re ruining it!”

My Precious Sushi Bar.

Featuring a sssspppppecial on fugu for nast…er, Hobbitses this weekses.

(Fugu being the poison Blow fish)

Gimli’s Cram.

On the menu: cram.

Actually, I think Gollum would fry one thing. And one thing only. The thing would take up all of his time and effort. He would never let anyone have this thing, it would be too precious to him.
This thing is: Onion Rings.

*Here burgers round, cooked golden brown, are enjoyed by Elven Kings.
And Dwarve Lords from the underworld dine on salted things.
The Mortal Men, from field and fen, dine on fish fillets.
But above them all, most coveted, are the Onion Rings!

The Onion Ring above all else.
Most savory – do try them!
Crisp and light, seasoned right.
And in the fryer fry them!*

At McMordor where the value meals lie!

splort You owe me a new keyboard and a new monitor.

A meal fit for a hobbit.

Or even a Middle Earth cookbook.

Gollum would be his own best customer :smiley:
“Ssspoiling nice fissh, ssscorching it! Give me fissh now, and keep nasssty chipss!”

Inky-, that is just… just… I’m printing it out to show all my friends :smiley:

Well I’m darned flattered Cougar, thanks! Just don’t e-mail it, as I can hardly afford to replace Olentzero’s keyboard as-is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having cram, cram, cram, cram, cram, cram, eggs, and cram!

Have you anything without cram?

We’ve got cram, cram, cram, cram, cram, eggs, cram, toast and cram. That hasn’t got MUCH cram in it…

Imladris Fried Lembas
Elrond Says:
“With our secret recipe of elven herbs and spices, we make bread that is finger-licking good!*”
*[sub]Unless finger is wearing one ring, in which case it is already fried.[/sub]