Quoth CBG from the Simpsons: "Take that, Frodo's of Shelbyville!"

…or should I say in Real Life, “Take out, from Frodo’s of Pleasantville”?

I am so there (or would be, if I lived nearby). Hope the Tolkien Estate doesn’t get in a snit.

They need some Tolkieneske dinner items. I would recommend Mock Dragon Tail and Mead and of course Cram for the Dinner Rolls.

In fact we could just study the Unexpected Party to glean a good chunk of the menu.

Jim {Can’t believe you beat be Elendil’s Heir, there were no posts or views when I opened this.}

Hm. Led Zep music. Gee, I wonder what songs.

Well, I guess I could make reservations, but honestly, it’s just another place.

Of course you cannot go wrong with Zeppelin music and maybe should add a little classic Rush in. *Ten Years After * had the song “Hobbit” of course and Toad the Wet Sprocket had the very good “Hobbit On The Rocks”.

But “Battle Evermore”, “Stairway to Heaven”, “Misty Mountain Hop” and "Ramble On"should be the most repeated.

I think some Enya, Shadowfax and David Arkenstone should get some play time. They have some excellent new age music and many songs tied to Middle-Earth.

However the “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” should not be played. :smiley:

Jim {I think Styx had a LOTR songs on Pieces of Eight, I do not own this one anymore}

About time I beat you! You’re always ahead of me when Tolkienesque threads get started.

Some other possible menu items:

  • Dwarven Dumplings
  • Elven Eggrolls
  • Orcish Oranges
  • Ent Eclairs
  • Radagast’s Reuben
  • Gandalf’s Giblets
  • Saruman’s Salisbury Steak
  • Boromir’s Burger
  • Pelennor Pasta Primavera
  • Legolas Leg o’ Lamb

A selection of fine wines from Dorwinion, I think. And Hobbit ales on tap, and a nice basket of lembas on every table, of course.

The stuff that they said “was an exercise for jaw muscles?”
Any chef with an ounce of self-respect would offer lembas.Or at least Beorn’s honey-cakes.
Cram, indeed!

You might as well start a Hornblower-themed restaurant with hard-as-rock hardtack, already stocked with weevils.

Well, cram might not have the best sounding name on an English menu. Even in the books it’s mentioned basically as a Daleman’s flattery of the Elven lembas.

They should have 1420 beer on tap, of course, and an extra large sized side dish of sauteed mushrooms…

I am just going to imagine that a Good 1420 taste like Bass Ale only much better. I could go for that side dish of sautéed mushrooms and Beorn’s honey-cakes.

If someone does not do so, I need to pour through the opening of the Hobbit for all the food Bilbo served the Dwarves in Bag-End.

Maybe the Cram could be served with the soup. It would make a sub-par dinner roll.


I’m sorry, I should rephrase: Bedford Ave is the main drag of Pleasantville. Been past the place a dozen dozen times, never wandered in. Maybe I will.

Worst. Themed restaurant. Ever.

Okay, actually, it sounds pretty decent. And I’m amused that one of the owners has the Tolkienesque name “Flay.”

I wonder if they have “pipeweed” and “no pipeweed” sections.

From the linked review, it sounds like it’s mostly seafood, with no connection to Frodo beyond the name. Maybe they should have gone with Smeagol’s, instead? Fisssssh, preciousssss!

But if we’re going to have a real Hobbit-themed restaurant, you can’t forget the Herbs and Stewed Rabbit. Preferably with onions and taters, because if there’s no taters, it’s not exactly what I’d call right.

A few more suggested menu items: All from the Hobbit of course.

Lots of beautiful round seed-cakes
a round of buttered scones
raspberry jam and apple-tart
mince-pies and cheese
pork-pie and salad
eggs of course
cold chicken and pickles

I’ll meet everyone there. Lunch is on me.

Well, if you want to. The Buffalo Burger looks good.
Seriously, I’m gonna go there this weekend if I get a moment.
Note the menu on the link.

It was entitled “Lords of the Ring,” rather than “Lord of the Rings.”

So, close…but not quite. Still, their best album, IMHO.

I agree that it was their best. It was the only one that I bought, but that was in the days of Albums and I never replaced it in CD.