Middle School Band Torture

I live next to a middle school. I’ve recently discovered that the structure located approximately 50 feet from my bedroom windows seems to be the band room.

How do I know this?

They are practicing. Loudly.

Every morning of last week, and again today, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

And they are playing “Rock ‘n’ Roll Part 2,” originally done by Gary Glitter.

The most annoying song ever.

They’re already on the third rendition of it today. It seems to be the only song they know.

Please, people, support funding for music education in schools (or at least this particular school) so they can learn a different song. I’m considering buying them some sheet music for something I can stand.

I admit, I was a band geek in junior high, but we played the theme from The Muppet Show and the theme from MAS*H. I could live with those. Right now, the theme from Ice Castles would sound better than this.

Here they go into their fifth attempt of the day.

That’s it. I’m leaving town.

I’ve been looking for the sheet music for the MAS*H theme. Hell, the Muppet Show would be good, too. Got a friend who wants them for the piano. I wasn’t sure where to start looking, or whether the sheet music in question was actually available. D’you happen to remember where yours was from?
Sorry about the hijack, and my sympathies.

I’ve had to sit through a couple of middle school plays recently, and I’m not so sure that the arts belong in middle school, expect perhaps as punishment for the worst of criminals.

School will be out in a couple of weeks – hang in there.

Loneraven, I haven’t a clue where the sheet music came from, but I remember it had been copied so many times I could barely read it. It was old back then, and that was in 1983.

I just hope they don’t have summer band practice at this school.