Middle school: Clown in front misses going down in back

Original artical From the Star-Telegram

I was trying to think of a cute comment, but I can’t. This ain’t funny! It’s just wrong. On so many levels.

article…not artical. Doh

All I can say is that middle school wasn’t that interesting when I was a kid.

Why was a 12 year old in the same class as a 14 year old?

I was born in the wrong decade. :wink:

If a girl had even looked at my dick when I was 14 my head would have exploded.

Yeah…but it wouldn’t have been my headthat exploded. My nuts, definately. But not my head. :smiley:

Ahh, yes…the pranks that we used to get up to when a substitute teacher was in charge. :smiley:

Alas, they were nothing like that. Like Doggy-Knees I too was born in the wrong decade…and century. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness now folks, my biggest concern is why the boy has been charged with sexual assault. There are many 12 year olds nowadays who are sexually aware, and it seems imprudent to charge the young boy when the girl might well have been a more-than-willing accomplice in the act. What would have happened if he was ‘going down’ on her?? Certainly, charge both of them with ‘lewd conduct’ or whatever, but sexual assault?? Geeeeeeez…I don’t think so.


Maybe he was a little slow and they held him back?

Nah, spooje. If anything, it looks like she was a quick learner, and they put her forward. :slight_smile:

With students like that, I would woulda showed up at class more often. Could be a good ‘stay in school’ message.

In a lot of schools here, promising middle school football players are held back a year so they’ll be bigger when they reach high school.

Dugrik, are you serious? Isn’t that illegal, or immoral, or bad or something?

Incidentally, one of my classmates was suspended for masturbating in class (History class, if memory serves.) He was a legend for a while.

Even when I was in JHS way back when we had a couple elective academic classes open to any grade.

Recently had a similar thing happen in a neighboring school district. Kids were the the same age-group as these two. Only difference was it was on the schoolbus while their friends watched. Both were given lenghty suspensions. The girl’s mother protested it as unfair since there was nothing in the student handbook specifically prohibiting blowjobs on the bus.

The most outrageous thing that I saw happened in 7th grade. Milton was playing with a cigarette lighter behind Vickie. There was a sudden crackle and a nasty smell, he’d set her hair on fire!

He managed to put it out and then the teacher put him out. For two weeks.

When I was in school around that age, we certainly heard stories like this - such and such girl giving a “blow job” on the bus , so and so guy sneaking his girlfriend in the shower after a practice…

but looking back, the details of these stories were so inconsistent - I now know we mainly were bullshitting each other. We really did not know for sure what a “blow job” was! I guess these days, some of the kids are just flat out doing it for real.

It’s just so… WRONG!


While I think the original intent of the OP was to Pit the security monitor, it seems to me the school board went way overboard in charging the boy with sexual assault. It seemed rather obviously to be a consensual act (it stretches the imagination to think that if she were unwilling, that she wouldn’t have alerted the monitor, or at least other classmates). While disciplinary action from the school would certainly be in order (the act was probably not age-appropriate, and definitely not place-appropriate), making it a criminal matter seems an act of zero-tolerance style chickenshittery on the part of the school board.