Might Dr. Javier Solana be THE anti-Christ?

A little while ago I was listening to the radio program Coast to Coast (which I recorded Friday night), and some fellow from Washington State called in (“John”) during the open-phone segment of the show and gave some reasons why he and many other “End Time” followers believe that Javier Solana might be the dreaded anti-Christ that’s mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

Not knowing anything about the man, I Googled and YouTubed him and was struck by the fact that there indeed are some curious things about him. One of the things I find most troubling is the fact that as Secretary General of the WEU, Assembly of Recommendation #666 – granted to himself (“with the blessings of those around him,” according to the caller) gives him “emergency power” of the 10 nations he controls. (I seem to recall that Hitler did something like that … .)

The caller stated that the 666 name of the recommendation was his own choice. And it seems – as the Bible predicted – he’s been very involved (since '95, I think) in going around brokering peace in the Middle East, as well as other places.

Like I said, I know pretty much nothing about the man but was wondering if any of you have heard similar rumors? (Looking at vids and pics, he seems like a harmless enough fellow to me.)

All in all, it seems fair to say that we live in truly frightening times, as we see all around us signs that these indeed are the “End Times” as foretold in the Bible. (The monitoring cameras and satellites and chip implants, etc., should work well as technological teeth to make it all nicely work … acting as steel jaws clamping down to seperate the goats from the sheep.)

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I thought Thomas Kinkade was the anti-Christ?

Actually, there’s one humongous reason why this guy isn’t the Anti-christ that’s mentioned in the Book of Revelation: there is no Anti-Christ mentioned in the book of Revelation.

There’s a Beast, and a Great Whore, but no Anti-Christ. See for yourself. The only time an “Antichrist” is mentioned is in 1 and 2 John, and is a generic warning for the believers, not a specific prediction about the End Times.

There’s another reason, too. There’s no god, no Christ, no Satan and the Bible is a book chock full of bullshit and made-up stories.

Ouch! I gotta be more wary of technicalities!


May I quote you on that when you and your loved ones are marched into a processing center and asked to make a choice?

Yes. We won’t be there and neither will you.

Javier - 6 letters.
Solana - 6 letters.
Madariaga - 9 letters.

Nope. :smiley:

Actually – and (hopefully) I may well be wrong on this – I think he tends to go by D-O-C-T-O-R Javier Solana.

Fortunately, the Anti-Christ’s powers are declining. Back in the nineties, Solana was Secretary General of NATO so he controlled eighteen countries including the United States. Now, as Secretary General of the Western European Union, he’s down to only the ten nations and America is free of the Dark One’s grip.

I sincerely hope you’re right.

I’d feel better if you used your fine mind and explain away for me how there’s nothing to be concerned about in view of what the Bible says and some of the things I’ve brought up here regarding the person in question. Can you please try (so I can share in your confident certainty)?

Actually, if I’m not mistaken, 10 nations fit much better than 19 with respect to Biblical prophecies.

I truly find it strange that so many folks scoff at this sort of thing; especially since we live in the world that we live in, where utterly horrible things happen all the time and that 6-billion of us are all locked up in this place and have really little knowledge of why we’re all going through this thing called life. It seems so strange to not even care.

For starters, the story of the Beast and 666 seems to be an allegory for Nero and Rome.

First, he did not choose the number 666, there were a set of security recommendations in sequence, note Replies of the Council to Recommendations 665-673 and Resolution 103.

Second, he controls no countries at all. He is theSecretary General of the WEU, and claiming he controls its members is akin to claiming Kofi Annan controlled the world from his post at the UN.

3rd, Recommendation 666 gave no one any power at all – please note the word “recommendation”. If you don’t know what the means, go look it up, but is a far cry from a grant of any power to any person or organization.

4th, here, in total (less some preliminary text about why these recommendations are being made) is Recommendation 666:

Relative to Solana’s position, the recommendation is to

That is all.

I’m aware of this and how it appears to disprove the concerns that I bring up. Nevertheless, it still could be that that was wrong and these other things are right, no?

Boyo – Thanks for the info and link.

I’m a janitor by trade, not an international lawyer; and yet something smells funny.

If you type in the YouTube seach box “sorry you missed the rapture”, you’ll see some stuff there that claims a lot of things that say we should all keep our eyes on this guy Solana. I can only hope that you’re right and that those other folks are a bunch of nutjobs. I guess time and events will tell.

Again, Thanks Much for taking the time to go through so much trouble. I’ll look at it again (until my brain starts cramping up).

Hmm…I can kinda see the EU becoming the new UN in Christian Apocalyptic End Time fantasies. It’s growing, secular, foreign, related to Globalization, and if they let Turkey in, will contain a bunch of Muslims.

I predict more theories like this in the years to come.

Humanity has “lived in the world that we live in” for eons. Today’s global situation is no more dire than the global situation of 200 years ago, or 1000 years ago, or 10,000 years ago. It only seems that way to us because we’re actually HERE. In actuality, people in first- and second-world nations today are generally living the good life compared to their counterparts of 500 years ago. To somehow believe that the world is going to hell in a handbasket today is to ignore the lessons of history.

When I was around 4 I saw Jesus in the sky. You can mock and laugh, but it remains a fact.

When I was 3 I saw the Virgin Mary standing over my bed. Of course, I was drugged up in preparation for a tonsillectomy and the Blessed Mother was actually a nurse-nun at the Catholic hospital I was at, but that’s beside the point.