Might Dr. Javier Solana be THE anti-Christ?

I beg to differ. On every level things are different and more sinister than they’ve ever been. And just because the things discussed in this thread haven’t occured yet doesn’t mean that they won’t.

Only a blind person could look at this world and what’s going on … and say, “Don’t worry, everything’s fine.”

I wasn’t drugged up.

Not in Spain, where Doctor is reserved for people who usually don’t have a doctorate… medics.

Well, granted, we’re all doomed; still, it seems strange that so many folks don’t even wish to die an honorable death on the field of battle so that they can fight side by side with the Gods and heroes at the End of Days.

The reality, though, is that in these decadent times most people you see willl probably end up as Nidhogg-chow and they don’t even seem to care.

Random nitpick:

Less then one Eon, actually. At least as the word is usually defined.

Not really mocking, just pointing out that big international organizations seem to be a target for these kind of theories, and that with the growing prominence of the EU, I bet it will surpass the UN as the most common “tool of the anti-christ” in the near future.

I looked up “fact” in the dictionary, and none of the definitions say: “Early childhood memory involving mystical interpretations recalled many years later.”
Would you mind describing him to us?

In the world there almost seems to be a conspiracy against sincerity.

One thing I will grant the Rapturists- they foretold three things even as early as the 1900’s, pre-WWII: the restoration of Israel, the unification of Europe, and
the rise of Russia as an anti-Israel super-power. That was why I was a Rapturist from 1975-1985, then I read various other interpretations that also made sense (such as the preterist one) and also concluded that Christ had a lot more work for His people to do before His return.

It’s a serious thing to accuse someone of being an anti-Christ or the Beast (I do think “the Anti-Christ” is a valid title for the Beast even though the Bible doesn’t use the word even as I think “the Trinity” is a valid term for the NT concept of God, altho it also is not used in the Bible), however, there have been and will be many Beastly authorities & Harlot religions that try to distort or destroy our Christian faith, and every day that goes by without Christ returning, millions of people die to face Him, so the principles of The Revelation are always relevant.

Sincerity without evidence is delusion.

No. There’s no conspiracy here at the SDMB. There’s an entirely open bias against religious woowooery, though.

The Rapture/Tribulation is not going to happen. I will gladly bet you any amount of money you wish to that it will not happen. It’s an entirely specious extrapolation of various Biblical passages that was fomented in the late 19th Century.

Even if we were to, for the sake of argument, acknowledge the possibility of such a thing happening, the Bible itself argues against anyone being able to “prepare” for it in any way outside of simply becoming a born-again Christian. Won’t God come as “a thief in the night?” Won’t the bridesmaids be taken by surprise? Isn’t it true that no one will know the day or the time except for God? So why does anyone actually put any stock into these “signs”, most of which have been present in every decade experienced by humanity since…well, since ever?

The only place where the “sinister” nature of current events exists is in your mind and those of your fellow Rapture-believers. There is nothing different or sinister about events in the world today. We just let our egos believe that today is special because WE’RE in it.

Caught on another technicality, darn!

I was going to parenthetically add “with me,” but thought I could escape such scrutiny as I seem to be overdue for a win around here. :slight_smile:

One shouldn’t dismiss out of hand what comes out of the mouths of little children. They’re often more honest than the grownups.

I’d relate my experience but the hardened skeptics are circling like sharks around a bleeding tuna, thus they’d only ridicule me. Maybe some other time I’ll tell about that particular event.

Isn’t it your duty as a Christian to provide your testimony regardless of threat of pain or death, let alone threat of ridicule?

I was referring to my having seen Jesus in the sky when I was little.

I don’t buy this. I do buy that belief without evidence is delusional.

Like, I sincerly want to have a go at this hot chick I met at a wedding reception last night. But believeing I have a real shot at it is pretty surely a delusion – but a nice one.

How did you know it was Jesus? Did he look just like he does in his paintings?

So insincerity with evidence is what, illusion? :dubious:

GuyNblueJeans, there have always been people who have felt that their era was “the one” - the most significant period in human history. People in the 1930’s thought Hitler was the Anti-Christ. In the 1920’s, it was the Lenin. In the 1910’s, it was Kaiser Wilhelm. Or Napoleon or Robespierre or Mehmed II or Genghis Khan or Attila or any of a hundred other figures. But history has outlasted every one of them and civilization has survived so far. The odds are that in a hundred years, Javier Solana will have been forgotten and some people will have picked some new figure of their era that they will proclaim is the beast. Some people can’t seem to grasp the difference in scale between themselves and humanity. Just because something is a major event in their life doesn’t make it a major event for humanity.

Isn’t it disappointing when life doesn’t work like a Chick Tract?

Okay, you win.

It was like this … I was sleeping in the backseat of the car my father was driving while his lady-friend was in the front with him and my brother was in the back, with me.

I woke up and looked out the window and saw Him in the clouds over a treeline looking at me. I then pointed and said to the others, “There’s the man from the river.”

The others looked at me and at each other; and I then looked back out and saw Jesus disappear into thin air.

Yes; I do vaguely seem to recall that He looked very much the way one sees Him in the pictures – with a beard and robe.

Oh, Jeez, reminding people of their christian duty causes pretty much nothing but trouble.