Might I Direct Your Attention to the Front Page?

You know, this one. I couldn’t help but notice that when scrolling down to the section titled “Cecil’s House o’ Values” that there’s really no indication where the link to said domicile of value might be. Yes, if you happen to pass your mouse over said phrase, you’ll quickly realize that it is the link to the adobe. However, if you look at the text in the blocks above and below the “House o’ Values” one, you’ll notice that within those text blocks, they contain easily visible links to what you’re looking for. Not so, with the “House o’ Values.” This just might provide a source of confusion to some folks, and perhaps a little visible linkage is in order? It’s not like it’d be all that difficult, and it might actually net the Reader a couple o’ extra bucks.

When I click on Cecil’s House O’Values it takes me to the Straight Dope store, just where I’d expect to go.

Yes, I know, but if you’ll re-read my OP, you’ll see that’s not what I’m talking about.

My apologies, I see what you mean.

The only word that could usefully be linked however in the short text is Straight Dope coffee mug, although I suppose ‘books’ could repeat the title link.

Or “buy stuff” might be perfectly appropriate.

The Straight Dope Fighting ignorance since 1973
(It’s taking longer than we thought)

Cecil’s House O’ Values
(Click on this stupid)

That’s the first time I’ve ever scrolled down that far on the home page (perhaps another hint).

Yes, I have to agree with this. I think it is VERY poor webpage design for this decade to have a home page that requires scrolling. Most home pages are self-contained units, all links available right there. I honestly never scroll that page, I doubt if much of anybody does, and it needs a re-design BADLY.

Why aren’t the “Straight Dope” banners at the top of the pages the same as those for the SDMB?

But the essential links:

are all there at the top of the page. The rest is just extra information on each department, which you’d get by clicking the top links anyway and going to the other pages. Scrolling isn’t required unless you’re curious.

But there is NO good reason that all that info couldn’t be there within one page of graphical design. The home page hasn’t been redesigned in I can’t remember how long. In today’s web community, it’s like looking at a 65-year-old man trying to figure out how to use the ATM. :smack: