Mike Holmgren joins the Browns

They say he’s president of the team. Is this another Parcells deal where he sits in an office and pretends to have the answers? Or is he going to get off his arse and actually coach?

Theres already reports saying Holgren sucked at picking personnel.

So far no details are being confirmed out side of the hiring it’s self. There are legitimate questions about Holmgren’s talent evaluation during his stint as Coach/GM in Seattle but I’d still fell better about him making picks rather than Mangini. Last weekend Holmgren turned down a front office position with the SeaHawks, even though it’s believed his family would have preferred he stayed in Seattle, presumably because he couldn’t come to an agreement over his role and what level of authority he’d have. If that is true I think it’s safe to say he’ll have final say over football operations in Cleveland. Rumors that Eric Mangini was seen shopping for a welcome gift basket the size of a Studebaker are as of yet, unsubstantiated.

This may or may not be a very good move for the team, depending on Holmgren’s role. I hope he takes the same sort of position Bill Parcells has, hires his own GM and the two together decide on a head coach. I hope he doesn’t intend to fill more than one position in the organizational hierarchy.

Randy Learner means well but he’s snake bit when it comes to hiring coaches and general managers. And his over all lack of leadership fosters an environment that has lead to constant power struggles between coaches and front office officials. In short, he’s lousy at the decision making aspect of owning a team. I hope Mike Holmgren is being brought in to make all those decisions for him leaving him with only one to make, do I keep Holmgren?

The Browns have been a continuing mess since their rebirth. I wish Holmgren all the best. They surely could use a strong, smart leader.

Gee, the guy will have to play the Steelers twice a year, and everyone knows that he lost the Superbowl to the Steelers only because the refs are so doggone unfair to Steelers opponents. Why would he buy the headaches?