Mike Tyson the freak show

I saw an interview with Tyson last night on FOX. During the interview his friend remained in the background giving me the impression he was there for the saftey of the reporter. I don’t know if you saw it, but Tyson can hardly speak in sentences now. Like him or hate him, this is sad. I hate when people make fun of him for not being intelligent. He does have a head on his shoulders but he needs much much help. He’s treated like a dangerous animal, he knows it and he plays up to it. Who can help him now in a media-driven atmosphere of no respect? I used to want him to make a comeback in both the sport and in his personal life but now I don’t even see it in the sport.

Well, I guess I don’t share your philanthropic sentiments exactly . . .

“Sometimes I want to do more charity events. Sometimes, I like to fornicate.”

His interview was one of the funniest things EVER. Huge comedy from Iron Mike

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Possibly the problem arises in that he is a man with serious anger control problems (duh!) which by themselves might be manageable but when the media and promoters hype it, especially the sport he is in, it just serves to encourage this kind of behavior.

This guy is the epidome of a crappy guy! He’s had so many damned chances it’s disgusting!
I think it’s time to cage him up like the animal he is. He may have once been human, but that time has passed.

The man should not be a celebrity. There are so many people out there that are way more deserving of even one tenth of the attention this man gets. It’s sick.

And, he can put a serious hurt on most of us well before either his handlers can reel him in or he himself has time to think about it. If he, in fact, does think about it.

If he was a dog: a.) we’d probably have been able to put him down by now, b.) he’d probably be friendlier.

Mike Tyson is a Grade A MORON! I pray to god he doesn’t see this…

I think my personal favorite moment is when Mike Tyson actually challenged a man from the audience to come up on stage to fight him. Of course Iron Mike picked the smallest, and most innocent looking man at the press conference. As the man left Tyson yells:

“You ain’t nothin’ but a coward…A scared white coward!!”

What made that comment so funny is Tyson actually sounded choked up as he screamed it. I could of swore Mike Tyson was actually going to break down in tears.

Oh, anyways, yes he’s about as sharp as a bowling ball. I hope Lewis knocks some sense into him.

Anyone remember the Mike Tyson Punch Out game for NES system?

Remember how in between rounds, Little Mac would get advice from his trainer, and the opposing fighter would talk some crap.

There is a photoshop floating around, of Little Mac getting his advice, and Tyson saying on screen
“you ain’t nothing but a coward…blah blah blah…
I’ll f#$k you till you love me b1^ch.!”

lol its a great one.

IMHO Mike Tyson is a pox on a sport trying that is trying to regain some respect that has been lost in the past few years.
As a long time boxing fan I long for the old days when a man did his talking with his hands and talent rather than revert to WWF style braggadocio and actions…
That’s my opinion ,But I might be mistaken…