Military Dopers: Dumb miconceptions you had at first.

I’ve been in the Army for 7 years. I left Basic Training not knowing that Officers salute and call each other “Sir”. In Basic, I had never seen two officers of different rank together and we didn’t really cover customs and courtesies between officers.

I thought it was always “Hey Tony”/ “Yeah Frank?” even if between a 2LT and a 4-star. :smack:

Before I joined, I thought everyone respected military members.

1kBR Kid, I thought the same thing about the officers. I think tv shows about the military show Officers being buddies and on a first name basis with everyone (even the enlisted members). Before I joined up, I also thought that once boot camp was over, everything would be easy–I actually found the personal responsibility for the everyday military job more difficult than in basic, where even though physically it’s hard, you’re told what to do in every aspect of your life.

Also, I thought that you’d be doing the stuff in the commercials ALL the time. Maybe if you’re a Ranger, but not in my MOS. We were lucky to shoot our rifles once a year.

Except for JAG. Outside their little office, they address everyone else by their rank. It drives me crazy. In real life, two officers of equal rank will call each other by their names. A senior officer will call a junior officer by his or her name 99% of the time in a non-formal setting.

I thought the pay would be better. :stuck_out_tongue: I was enlisted & lived in the dorms - the pay checks were meager until I got up to E-4 and moved off base.

Lemme guess. Air Force?

Yep. ‘Barracks’ to everyone else, probably.

It was a rough life, having to share a bathroom (tub & shower) with one person, having carpet that wasn’t very cushy, the list goes on & on. :wink:

I thought they would turn down my covers and put a mint on my pillow at Basic.

I thought Marines had class.

I thought our tents had air conditioning.

I thought I was gonna see the world instead of just talking about it (soon to change, I’m sure).

I thought I was in shape.

And last, but not least:

I thought life couldn’t have been any better before I joined. I was wrong. :slight_smile:

I thought I would be a lot more of a geeky-type paper-pushin’ enginner than I am. Thank God I was wrong.

I thought playing with explosives wouldn’t be fun.

I thought Air Force CDCs were wrote and boring (man, I’m learning a LOT!).

And like Airman Doors, USAF, I thought life couldn’t have been better before I came in.

I thought I would hate my job. :smiley: