Woohoo, I got a new name!!

It’s a little premature, since I don’t go to basic until August, but since I am in fact currently enlisted, I guess it’s appropriate.

Bluesman, Crunchy Frog, Tripler, any Air Force personnel, please stop by and tell me what you think of my new name.

And, again, thanks Tuba for your lightning quick response to my request.





Oh shit, Chief, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to leave out my favorite pervert!

It won’t happen again. I assure you.

(Doing 25 pushups and shouting loudly in atonement…1…2…3…)

Yeah… well at least we don’t have name-tapes on our butts. :wink:

Doors, it’s good to see that you’re so excited about it. So, what’s your AFSC?


What’s an AFSC? :wink:

My AFSC is 1A371. Duty title is Airborne Communication Systems Operator.

And yes, I can’t wait! I’m truly wound up and ready to go!


For a second there I thought you were my kid sisters good-for-nothing loser boyfriend from South Dakota. He just joined up too.

Admittedly, probably the smartest thing the kid has ever done. AND he’ll be distant from my sister for several years. Given that he’s 20 and she’s 18 (and already a junior on college! I’m so proud) it might be best for both of them.

Um. Sorry.

Best of luck. I hope you do well.

Those sound like wussy AIR FORCE pushups!

You start in the ready position, face down. On the command “PUSH…UP!” you get into the push up position, arms extended, body straight. Then the command “READY… BEGIN!” is followed by the leader counting “ONE” as you go down and touch your chest to the ground. “TWO” and you push back up, “THREE” as you go back down and touch chest to ground, then on the next count as you get back to the arms extended postion, all yell “ONE!” That is one pushup. Next there is the leader “ONE, TWO, THREE” and you scream “TWO!” 25 is 50. Marine Corps pushup math.

Then you dig.

Actually, it took me a half hour to do all 25, between watching TV and eating a bag of potato chips.

Oh, and the beer didn’t help either.

Thank God I wasn’t stupid enough to be a Marine. :wink:

See, if you had chosen something cool, like 2A1X1, I would have been permanently pleased with you :smiley:

Well, what can I say, Mr. Cynical?

(Maybe SIR, but I’m not sure)

Someone has to do the easy stuff. At least I’m not a janitor or something, right?

If I wanted REALLY easy, I’d have joined the Leathernecks. I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to be cannon fodder, right? :wink:

Hey now, I got my start there. Slated as a 1300 - Basic Combat Engineer. And look at me now. . .

Airborne Comm, huh? Is that AWACS or JSTARS?

Now get crackin’ on them pushups.

Roadguards, in!

Ha! Don’t ever give away your Lackland Laser. You’ll need it for Tech School.

Ominus, dominus, road-guardimus!

Congradulations Airman doors, you just joined the best branch of service there is (just ask Vestal Bule, PurpleBear, and myself).

How long is your tech school and where is it located?

TSgt(E-6) Pipefitter USAFANG.

Funny you should say that. 5 CES/CD just walked in and tasked me as the Airborne Laser Project guy. Like, my resume is gonna sparkle!!

Sorry for my typo’s I meant congratulations and Vestal Blue (forgive me VB)

Too early in the morning for me!

Must…not…comment… :wink:

Congrats, doors! :slight_smile:

Tripler: Ex-Marine, eh? You poor, poor bastard. :wink: JSTARS, by the way. How do you like my new name? Pretentious, ostentatious, bold? Vatchutink?

Mr. Cynical: I suppose I’ll find out what a Lackland Laser is sooner or later. In the meantime, don’t give it away. I love surprises. :smiley:

Pipefitter: Tech school is gonna be at Keesler, for 27 fun filled weeks. BTW, as an E-3, I’m gonna be filling a Tech Sergeant’s position in my unit. My sister hates me immensely right now (she is an E-6 staioned at Vandenburg), because I’m already gonna be an E-3, and it took her lazy ass forever to get where she’s at.

You know, I thought I was gonna be all alone in this. The support I’m getting is really encouraging me.

I REALLY can’t wait for basic now. Can I go today (after this beer, maybe?)

Not really “ex”, but I was in the same boat you are in now. I was a DEP “Poolie” and never went to basic, but got ‘discharged’ when a ROTC scholarship (which never activated) came down the pipes. Learned a lot of good stuff though, and my breif stint with the USMC was the best thing I ever did for myself.

And your name should be Airman First Class (select) Doors.

Have fun. But remember, there’s no beer at basic.

Okay, blond moment here. What was your old name?

Yeah yeah, I know I’m clueless…