Good news from on high.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I joined the Air Force.

Well, apparently that was a long time ago, because the order came through authorizing my promotion to Technical Sergeant.

I don’t know if I deserve the promotion, but I will do my best to prove that I am worthy of it.

In the meantime, drinks are on me.


May I suggest a name change? “searjent doors?”

I agree!


Congratulations, and thank you for your service!


Do they still go through the ritual of “tacking on” new stripes with bruising blows to your arms?

Good job!!

PS Don’t forget to update your home page! Still has you as E-5 Staff Sgt.

Well done, sarge!

Congratulations Sir.


Congrats! When do we get to help tack on your new stripe?

Congrats, Doors, one NCO to another.

Congratulations! Onward and upward, flyboy!

Great news, sir!

Good work! Congrats. to you Sgt.

Well hot damn! :smiley:

Nice show! Next it’ll be MSgt before too long. . .

Damn, and I remember when you were still just SrA Doors.

Good stuff man!

Congrats, Sir!

(I’m giving one of those British Benny Hill salutes here…)

Congratulations! Enjoy your day!

Congrats from an old salt, take care of your troops and they’ll take care of you.
I’ll be at the NCO Club (in spirit).

Congrats hon! BK’s on me next time :slight_smile:

seems like just yesterday someone posted photo’s off you passed out on the side of a freeway before going to boot camp. Congratulations Sir.