Military Dopers - Which branch would my son fit in?

Over in that other thread **markdash **got me wondering. My son is only 15 and already 6’4", about 130 pounds, with size 16 shoes. I figure he will be too tall to be a pilot or to fit through the openings of a submarine or ship. He might make a good pipe cleaner. :0) Would he “fit” in anywhere? His aptitude runs to computers, would that make a difference (might he be working somewhere with more space)?

If he’s into computers he’d definitely fit in with the Air Force. They have everything from avionics people for planes to IT guys for the offices to satellite people.

And he may be too tall to be a pilot, I don’t know, but if he’s enlisted he’d still be able to fly, I’d imagine. There were some really fucking tall people who were in aircrew.

I’m former Air Force so I’m a bit biased.