Milking the Soy

I have a soymilk maker and it has been tucked away for some time. With milk availability problems, it seemed like a good idea to haul it out and start milking the soy again.

My previous soymilk adventures included a magnificent treat. I found that two Mexican hot chocolate tablets will nicely flavor a 1.5 liter batch of milk.

It’s comforting, it’s quite filling, and it’s incredibly soothing.

I will probably forever associate homemade soymilk with Mexican hot chocolate!

What if soy milk is just regular milk, introducing itself in Spanish?

Milk shortage? Around here farmers are literally dumping it.


That explains why there are empty shelves and limits on purchases elsewhere.

Not around here, in WI. Which is why dairyfolk have to dump their product.

Wisconsin dairy farmer dumps 56K pounds of milk: ‘no one’s buying it’

Sounds like a transport/logistics problem.

At various places in the US, demand far outweighs the supply. Buyers are limited to one gallon, if they can even get it.

Milk can be made into cheese, UHT (shelf -stable) milk, powdered milk, even hot chocolate mix. But if you cannot get the transportation to the factories, you’re gonna get stuck with a surfeit of milk.

I’m needing a gallon of whole milk and 1/2 gallon of skim milk every 2 or 3 days. I told my girls the kids may have to learn to like canned milk or we’re gonna have to buy a milk cow. Milk is increasingly hard to get.

Mix up a pitcher of nonfat dry milk, and mix it 50/50 with the “real” stuff. If you do the mixing in the dead of night, nobody will know the difference.

Drinking plain ol’ reconstituted nonfat dry milk is torture. It tastes soapy.

Canned milk mixed 50/50 with water and chilled tastes okay.

Or maybe a milk cow could stomp the feral pigs?

Tried both those as a kid [well Mom did ] and later as an adult. I have determined that condensed unsweetened milk has a nasty burnt taste to me. The plain dried skim milk is as you say nasty, the dried while milk is barely better. Boxed shelf stable milk is about the same as rehydrated milk - tastes soapy/off.

I won’t drink the Nido whole milk, but it and the boxed shelf stable stuff are OK to cook with. The shelf stable minimoo half and halfs are ok in cooffee

Are you really seeing empty shelves in the dairy aisle of the supermarket? I went to one on Saturday and, yes, the store was out of stock of the half-gallon cartons of my preferred brand of non-fat milk, but there were plenty of other options for cow milk of various sorts (organic, non-organic, full-fat, one percent, two percent, lactose free, etc.) and well as non-dairy milks and even goat milk. Are there really places with no milk whatsoever?