Milla Jovovich on Twitter

I started with Twitter a month or so ago. As it happens, Milla Jovovich started at about the same time. I have 109 followers. Tonight, Milla passed 100,000 followers. (I’m working on, I’m working on it!)

I started following her “tweets” pretty early; I think her second or third tweet was where I came in. She really didn’t know what to say. So she just starting posting mundane little descriptions of what she was doing that day. On the set of whatever scifi/videogame movie sequel she’s doing (Something IV). Well, this quickly turned into a fascinating star’s eye view of the filmmaking process. Since then she’d gotten a lot more proficient: she regularly posts videos she’s taken on the set, or at home with her toddler, etc.

Tonight, to celebrate her 100,000th follower, she–in response to a whirlwind of suggestions from the 100,000–is having everyone donate $1 to a couple different charities. If you’re interested in following along–she really is a very genuine, nice, engaging person, as I can attest from having met her, along with another Doper, at her Schuba’s appearance a while back–if you’re interested, click on the hash-tag “#twitterbration.”

I have a couple of Milla videos up on YouTube. Fully half the posted comments are about her nipples. They could have their own Twitter feed.

Doing movies based on video games doesn’t tend to get you an especially enlightened audience.

They do. It’s called “Sixth and Seventh Elements”.

Resident Evil. They’re actually pretty decent action films, and I’d put one or two of them in the top five for video game adaptations.

I’ve long felt that the RE franchise was the best of all of them if you consider both the movies and the video games as equally relevant. Good games turned into decent movies; that’s a rarity.

Hey if I’m making a movie where I need a hot chick to kick the collective asses of some evil mega corporation in a dystopian future, she’s the one I’d choose.

She’s posted her thank you video on youtube, for anyone who’s interested. (In it, she has to excuse herself for a moment to put *Snow White *on for her daughter, who’s watching something called I think Cinderella Tales, which Milla warns all parents against: “It’s the worst music ever.” Oops, there goes that endorsement deal.)

–and preemptively, for anyone who’s not aware of Milla’s musical talent, here’s an example:

Here’s her Twitter feed if anyone wants to look in on it.

She’s actually one of the better celebrity twitterers. She tweets often and replies to her followers and seems happy to be herself (as opposed to having someone else tweet for her or try to project some sort of “image” on Twitter).

She reached the peak of her acting career on “Married with Children” when she was the French exchange student who lived with the Bundys and told Bud she didn’t mind him peeping when she was getting dressed.

“She failed all of her classes! Even French!”

I remember her in that!

But I fell in love with her in this GREAT movie.

I remember ths movie, and I remember being impressed when when the punk arrangements of klezmer music were actually pretty good.

So what makes her nipples any more special than those of any other attractive woman who’s willing to show them? I mean, yeah, they’re nice, but that just goes without saying: They’re nipples!

Even when the movie sucks, Milla is always awesome in it.

My predisposition at the moment is to stay away from twitter for as long as I can. Otherwise I would probably start following Jovovich.