MilliCal's Sleepover Thread

MilliCal is having a friend sleep over tomorrow night. She’s very excited (and encouraged me to start a thread.)

I get to clean up the downstairs. Whee!

Any sleepover suggestions or recollections?

Only just one friend?

Still plenty of fun to be had. I hope dad’s letting them have heaps of junk food and heaps of movies to watch until the wee hours of the morning.

And no stomping downstairs to grumble about the noise and telling them to sleep!

there must be many shades of nail polish and a goodly amount of remover. glitter and beads and thread for friendship bracelet making.

expect no sleep on anyone’s part.

Someone’s bra always has to wind up in the freezer. It’s tradition.

MilliCal: Actually, we have NO nail polish, because I got all my nail polish 5 years ago, and it all got lost in places like behind the washing machine.

Daddy: Your little girl needs nail polish, stat! Maybe one of mom’s not-good lipsticks and some eyeshadow for makeovers as well?

Don’t let Tasleen come. She’s a killjoy.

Do you have inappropriate movies picked out? Something really scary and gory that you know that Millical won’t really like, but will watch out of some misguided sense of “It’s a sleepover, so we have to do this!” You know, the sort of movie that will keep her, and her friend, awake all night. :smiley:
(Or is that only a boy thing?)

If it’s a boy thing, I and many of my childhood friends are apparently male.

No, we gals had a rule: at sleepovers, you could only rent really cheesy horror movies.

Ah. So good to know that pre-teen and teen stupidity knows no gender boundary. :wink:

The ultimate sleepover.


CalMeacham, if the sleepover is like this, everyone will be happy.

Ah, my first sleepover.

Bad movies, lots of soda-pop, finding the hidden porn stash, peeing in the sink…
:: looks around ::

Oh boy, I grew up and I’m still having a sleepover with myself every night.

We always loved those makeup kits with a thousand shades of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. Never mind that most of those shades should not be worn by ANYONE. We loved them.

Seconded - if you can find one, they should be cheap. Like Five Dollah cheap. The more colours it’s got, the more fabulous the makeover will be.

Inappropriate movies can be more than just standard slasher pics, too. La Principessa had a friend in middle school whose family was even more Conservative Protestant than we are (Assembly of God, actually, if that means anything to you), and who, when she came for sleepovers, always wanted to watch whatever Harry Potter movie was current. Harry Potter was satanic, y’see. Something she wasn’t allowed to watch.

I also have a fond memory of walking through the living room (where all our sleepovers take place) about 11 p.m. one time, and of seeing La P and her entire middle school posse all sound asleep in various positions, and on the TV, still droning away all by itself, was Kill Bill, which I had told La P they could rent “only if they don’t tell their parents that your mom let you rent it and that they saw it”. Well, they rented it, and I suppose they “saw” it, if falling asleep halfway through counts.

Oh, I see them all the time at my local drugstore, particularly for Christmas. I’ve given a few out to my nieces, too, and they’re always a big hit.

No – MilliCal selected Around the World in 80 Days (the Jackie Chan one).
Pepper Mill and I will be waching Shaun of the Dead – does that count?

MilliCal responds: Right now,ArtooD2(friend who went to camp with me)and I are putting our American Girls in thier pajamas. ArtooD2 has Nicki and I have Felicity.

Okay. I’ve not seen that version. But if she likes it, you have to see if she’ll watch Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 Hours and 11 Minutes. It may not be an inappropriate movie, but it’s fun.

I dunno. Do your parents know you’re watching it, and will you and Pepper Mill be able to sleep after seeing such a horrifying film?

Well. the sleepover’s over. The girls didn’t stay up all night, which amazes me. They didn’t do each other’s hair. Instead, they tool turns doing the Sims’ hair. Times have changed. They also tried (unsuccessfully) to download some Sims mods from websites a friend gave us.
They also built a tent and played with their American Girl dolls. And we made pizzas for dinner. So it wasn’t completely a cyber-sleepover.
Pepper and I were able to get to sleep without any problems. Watching the outtakes on the DVD “extras”, we noticed that

The third roomie, complaining about Frost’s character’s laziness, suggests that he go live in the shed out back. Which is exactly what he does, after he becomes a zombie. Woulda missed that, without the extras.