Million Dollar Listing New York: Starts Tonight

Wildly expensive apartments, insane real estate brokers and nasty people - what’s not to like?

Don’t know if there are any other fans of this show, but it is kind of fun to watch people with too much money just be more obnoxious than you could have imagined…

Oh - it is on BRAVO in case you want to check it out.

So excited for this - just finished watching…

I’m a Realtor, so I take extra pleasure in the technical parts. Luis is way more comfortable with cold calling than I am, but his listing presentations need work. Clearly, the kitchen is tiny, but you don’t just call it out like that - you point it out, but in the context of a marketing solution. I don’t know if I could have dealt with that co-broker, but for a $180k commission, I could do it. The dad of that guy looked like he’s quite disappointed in his son.

Fredrik was being a little whiny to that broker with the offer. If I was negotiating, and someone was telling me he was going to be yelled at or whatever, I’d just shrug - its his client, not mine.

Do you think Ryan has nailed that assistant of his?

I’m off to figure out what, exactly, a “Sky Vault” is. It sounds like a stupid waste of square footage.