Million Dollar Listing Returns For New Season On BRAVO

We got hooked on this show from season one, and now the new season of Million Dollar Listing is starting this week.

Think of it as a reality show/House Hunters combined. Follows three young real estate agents in and around Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Malibu and shows them trying to sell huge, expensive properties. One of the original (most obnoxious) cast members - Chad - has left the show, but they have a new guy starting this season to fill in his place.

Fun to see these expensive homes, and what goes into selling them. The back stories on the real estate agents is sort of interesting as well, and you see what it takes to close the sale in this economy.

If you have never seen the show, give it a try.

I’m so excited this is back on. Thanks for the reminder. I just set my DVR.

I am addicted to this and other shows just like it. There’s Million Dollar Listing, Selling New York, The Property Shop (what happened to that one?)…and others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Apparently you and I are the only fans.
First show was pretty good - amazing homes. Makes you wonder why someone would want to rent a house for $12,900 a month, but I guess it is easier than trying to buy something that expensive and the dude was kind of a flake. Plus, I doubt many banks would be willing to shell out a huge mortgage for a guy who owns a medical marijuana store.

Plus, selling the other house for “only” $3.5 million instead of $3.9 was not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. I guess it depends on what you paid for it and how desperate you are for the cash.

If anyone is interested, they are repeating the show several times this week.

This show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I will set the DVR for a repeat. Sorry to hear Chad is gone, he was a great reality TV asshole.

I love how they all mess with each other too. It’s a reality show, a house show, a soap opera, and a look into the rich and fabulous all in one. How could you possibly not love this show!!

As to the rental guy, to buy a house of that size/value he would also need a huge down-payment. Perhaps he can afford the monthly payment but doesn’t have a down-payment socked away.