million man march?

People who I spoke to, that were going said Mr.Mahmad had a few good point. SO

The Chef

Banishment! Banishment, I say!
Nay, exile!
Nickrz, this thread must go! Blatent trolling, uncontrolled capitalization use, hot button issue, poor grammar and sporatic punctuation.

Away! Away, vile thread!!

Nay, Sire! This might be fun.

All right, then. If Nickrz gives the go-ahead, I’ll bite.

Who, precisely, did you freakin’ talk to?

The residents of the neighborhood where the march occurred said things like, “Oh, Jeez, this guy again? I just want to have a barbecue with my family like the other 260 million people in the country.”

The leaders of the community said things like, “This guy is a vile racist. Boycott.”

There were only 800 people or so at the march. When interviewed, many said things like “I’ll listen to pretty much any message Giuliani tells me is bad, but this is silly” and “I’m here for the spectacle” and “I was just walking by.”

So who?

P.S. I note with interest the incendiary nature of this post, your proximity to our fair city and your recently closed thread. Stay away from the five boroughs. Really.

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How thou must laugh at the valient few who deign to question thy whims.
Again, I plead on bended knee, off with this varlet!!
(At least kick 'im to MPSIMS or Great Debates and let them deal with this dreck!)

Look maybeI was not clear. What I am saying is this man is a lowlife. How could people or a country with 1/2 a brain even bother!
As for the the bimb making, I just wanted to see what kind of ass would actually explain on how to do something so uncunstructive.
Bottom line, I wanted to get peoples goat and I guess i did.

The Chef

Thee would have me passeth up the getting of goats and bimb making? How dour and sullen wouldst our forum be, but for such forays into the realm of the otherworld? I say again, nay. Developeth the idea and bequetheth on the author thine rapier-like wit.

I warned the young man privately. I calmly explained the pros and cons of these types of posts. I must now say it:


And it wasn’t even under a bridge, Chief!!

So, in other words, you did not in fact talk to people who were going to the march, as you alleged in your OP?


And stay out of NY anyway.

Nickrz, please archive this thread somewhere. When I go on trial for filling the Holland Tunnel with Hollandaise sauce and the Lincoln Tunnel with Log Cabin Syrup, I’m gonna need this as evidence.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Judging by the traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel last week, someone beat you to it with the Log Cabin syrup, bub.

Calm down, ChiefScott, or I’ll have to dip you in the cold, cold waters of Lake Superior.

Here’s my $0.02, which as I type is melting into a pool of molten copper: Louis Farrakahn (sp) is one of the biggest racist hate-mongers in this country. (And yes, minorities can be racist. Deal with it) I’m glad that they couldn’t find a million hate-filled men to go listen to him.

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HAH! September 26, 1993 was “Freedom from Goats Day” for me! You can’t get my goat because I no longer have any!

(I would suggest that you wander out of this board, however. Eight trolls posts out of eleven posts (and the other three were pretty suspicious). Pretty soon, people are going to start calling you “lover ock” and other icky names.)


Look everthing I said here is true.
I did speak to a few people @ work.
I must say, Iam very up-set with those of
who I consider friends, for even saying they would attend such an event. I have to say I am with you DICEMAN!(as far as the bomb thing LET IT GO!)

The Chef

Your complete and utter ignorance of how to and what to post truly offends me, Chef.
If you wished to have a true discussion, objective and fair, you could have worded your post differently.

But no.

You could have stated facts without mentioning Hitler.

But no.

Comparisons between Farakhan and his ilk and Hitler are moot. Hitler was empowered by the German people to act on his hatred. You could have made a more rational proposition.

But no.

Your statement is inflammitory, designed to elicit reaction not response.

You, sir, are a troll. Troll, troll, troll, troll, troll, troll.


Whoo boy… an experiment gone wrong.
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“I had a feeling that in Hell there would be mushrooms.” -The Secret of Monkey Island

Damn, Nickrz.
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I’m still waiting for you to shit can this troll.