Anyone going to the 10-2-10 rally in DC?

I am trying to get a ride, some guys in Indianapolis said they are looking into renting a bus. Hopefully I can go with them, because I really want to be there for this event.

I had no idea what you were talking about.
I assume you mean this.
First I have even heard of it was Googling it in response to your thread.

Is that a no?

Even if I was in sympathy with the organizations organizing the thing (which I am not - Code Pink in particular disgusts me) weekends are reserved for my family.

But hey, have fun.

I live in DC and I hadn’t heard of this, either. Just doing some googling, I can’t seem to find out what the march is about, other than “putting America back to work and pulling America back together,” and to “to demonstrate our re-commitment to change.”

So no, I will not be attending, but I’m curious as to what the event is actually about.

Just my HO, I think it’s more of a “What are you talking about?” than a “no”.

I think I’ll wait for the 10-30-10 rally, since the autumn calendar seems to be cluttered with the things.

I’ve been doing a little reading about DC’s tourism (very little reading), but what I’ve read makes the cynical part of my brain think all these rallies are just a push by the tourism board to keep money coming into DC in the off-season. :smiley:

It’ll be interesting to see how the liberal MSM spins the attendance sizes on this really.

If they take their cues from FOX News it’ll be an absolute blowout. But they probably won’t, and will report the actual numbers, as meager as they probably will be.

“Well, what’ll it be, kid? Water? Or AIR?! Choose! Choose now!”

Wow, that’s gotta be the worst-publicized event I’ve ever actually noticed. Even the migrant farm worker rallies get press. I live next to DC and know many activists with a variety of causes (some slept over at my house this weekend) and I’ve never heard of this.

I hope no money’s been spent on this at all, because if so, someone was defrauded.

What’s Code Pink?
And to the question in the OP, this is the Jon Stewart thing? I only know about it cause there’s a big thread in Cafe Society.

Shrill harpies. I don’t have a problem with most antiwar protesters apart from simple disagreement, but I have a real problem with them.

They would protest outside of Walter Reed, with coffin effigies. They would taunt busloads of patients heading in and out, many of whom had a ton of survivor’s guilt. I can’t respect that at all.

Also, last Halloween when President Obama hosted a costume party for military families, these idiots showed up to protest - they dressed up as “ghost soldiers” and taunted the sons and daughters of servicemembers as they went into the White House.

Link 2.

WaPo has an article today announcing the festivities.

It seems that it includes “four hours of speeches, singing, and spoken-word poems.” As a liberal, I’m taking a pass. Spoken-word… (shudder)

I’m going to Stewart’s rally because it’s a rally for people who don’t like rallies.

This appears to be a rally for people who like rallies. Ew.

After all this, and it turns out that all we needed to create jobs was a march. Imagine that.

And this -

in light of a trillion and a half dollars in deficit spending a year, ventures into the territory of the ironic.

Perhaps Obama will show up to condemn the evil war criminals who do wiretaps, detain people at Gitmo, and issue “Wanted: Dead or Alive” notices against US citizens. Or maybe not.


Well, maybe it will get some bus drivers and Sharpie marker sellers back to work.

This message has been brought to you by the Republican Party, deeply committed to fiscal responsibility and civil liberties since January 2009.

How long have the Democrats been committed to them? Seems to me that both parties only get pious while pointing at the whore.