Milossarian, you don't have enough brain cells for GD.

He walks, he talks, his SN combines two Catch-22 characters who combine about as well as oil and water.

He’s also wilfully ignorant, repeatedly resurrecting arguments that have long since been refuted, and bringing up new ones that show that he hasn’t actually thought before posting.

Friends, he calls himself Milossarian, and to call him an ignorant turd is to insult honest cow pies everywhere.

he lists his occupation as ‘newspaper reporter’, but I can’t imagine him doing more in-depth reporting than interviewing the local big-shots, and putting their words in standard newspaper-story form for publication.

His latest intrusion into an issue I actually know a bit about is the latest Estate Tax thread. Milo’s worried about the fate of people whose families have owned vacation homes that have become so valuable that they’re subject to the Federal estate tax. If there’s a ‘problem’ that’s crying out for Federal intervention (estate tax repeal), the consequences of having your property being worth too much has to be first on your list, right?

(“Help, Daddy’s house is worth $2M! I’ll never be able to afford the estate taxes, and will never be able to live there! Instead, my sister and me will be forced to split $1.7 million! Woe is me - I need the Feds to change these cruel laws!”)

Let’s not even mention an Election thread that Bricker started, that was doing pretty well, until Milo stuck his nose in with a gratuitous slam at liberals on an issue that had been hashed and rehashed, his position refuted, and the refutations unanswered, in multiple election threads back in November and December. Since I clobbered him pretty good in that thread (and I apologize to all concerned for getting Pit-worthy in GD; I should have taken it here directly), we probably don’t need to more than wave at that one.

Or consider SuaSponte’s current Pit thread about Dan Burton’s investigation of the Clinton pardons. The issue was being debated in a rational, intelligent, and spirited manner (the thread really belonged in GD), until Milo jumped in with a personal attack on one of the debaters, accusing said poster of turning a blind eye to anything negative that Clinton had ever done. As usual, his slam was so far off base that it could’ve been picked off from center field.

Anyhow, if this thing called Milo has a brain, I haven’t seen evidence of it. I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy in MPSIMS, and may even be able to handle IMHO on a good day. But in GD, our intrepid reporter demonstrates his lack of ability to connect thoughts in any meaningful way.

Milo, why don’t you stick to the kiddie pool, 'K? You’re not ready for even the shallowest GD threads.

Hey RTF? My assessment of the guy is fairly similar to yours: Milo’s basically a dittohead who doesn’t spend a whole lot of effort checking out the facts before posting, then posting repeatedly. But basically, so what? It takes all types to make a GD thread interesting, and I don’t think that that being a knee-jerk conservative necessarily makes the guy worthy of a Pit thread.

That said, I loved your estate tax posts, and I bet he still thinks the Supreme Court ruled for Bush because Gore was trying to change Florida law. :slight_smile:


I am keeping my big mouth shut with this, NOT. I think you know enough about me to know how I feel about things like taxes…which is the main reason I am replying. I would jump into the estate tax thread but at the moment I would just be a Pit thread waiting to be unleashed so I will confine my thoughts here.

Look, my father worked his fucking ass off for his wealth, something he wants to pass on to me and my brothers. Something that he is doing now as we speak rather than wait for the “death tax” to take effect. He is doing so legally and in a way that cuts our losses as his children with whom deserve his hard earned work not some welfare bitch or skid row man who does not want to live like a regular human…we are his kids, he wants this to go to us, that’s pretty self explanatory (sp) we are his god damned kids, if he felt us unworthy he’d choose other means by which he’d have his monies go to when he died. I must also mention that I have explained elsewhere that he gives back to the community more than you or I make in a year…no need to completely rehash things.

I have seen it with families in my own community, a family has to pay a death tax with a small business man who dies, he may make a shit load of money through his business but for God’s sakes the man died, his family ended up having to sell the business to Hugh M Woods if I remember correctly just to keep the place afloat, this place has been pretty much since around our city began. Crissey Fowler Lumber was a name-stay in our city. It was a business that you that cared about, that was strong in it’s belief that customers were the first and foremost but they had to sell out to the bigger guys because their family could not have kept it with the “Death Taxes”.

I am sorry but if it weren’t for those God damned “death taxes” Crissey Fowler Lumber, that has been around pretty much since this city began, would have been able to survive and remain a family business as they wanted it to be, much of which so-called-liberals forget, family business is what this country is based on. Now it’s all a bunch of big corporate conglomerates (sp) and liberals and conservatives alike look at it as some good thing I guess.

Well, sorry as a Libertarian, I see that very wrong that a man or woman who brought about jobs, a meaningful representation within the community, a family that has worked together to make a fortune should not have to suffer because of some ridiculous tax code that gives a double whammy to those that have lost a person who has worked very hard to make a living and try to make things easier on his or her children.

I find this “death tax” to be completely inhumane for if one achieves greatness not only in the business community but in the family, one should not feel that if he or she dies that all the work done is for not. Why should anyone achieve the levels of being wealthy and providing jobs, giving back to the economy in many many ways with this attitude? Why? So some poor slob can reap the benefits of your father, my father, of what I achieve in my lifetime? If my business makes that level and I have to die knowing that my beneficiaries are only allowed a portion of what I make if I make millions, then FUCK IT, I don’t want anything to do with it. I would rather sit on my ass and collect welfare or other forms of social benefits because that’s what it comes down to RTF.

One does not achieve things by sitting on their ass excepting, in the scenario with regards to welfare and handouts. A family that has achieved wealth should not be penalized because of one man or woman’s work. A family should be encouraged to carry on the tradition, one that I am more than willing to take on myself as one that will be taking on a large amount of inheritance when my father passes on. This is not only a tradition but a work ethic that seems to be lost amongst the Liberal people and most recently the Conservatives as well.

Because one is wealthy does not make one a lazy man or woman, actually just the opposite. He or she has presumably provided jobs for those that can’t think past their noses. I know for a fact my father’s business provided jobs for convicts in half way houses, his business gave lost people a place to work, okay for shitty wages but hell they got a sense of belonging, working and many went on to bigger and better things. His place of business also gave many Vietmanese immigrants (sp) a job to make a life here. My father, and yes I am taking this death tax very personally, offered a lot of people without opportunities a lot of opportunities. Okay so some other person could have offered that for them but I presume they would be a wealthy business man as well.

If we want to keep the smaller businesses going then we need to eliminate the fucking “death tax,” for many business people offer a lot to the local community that provides money to afford housings, food, clothing, cars and the other things we so cherish to make it through the day.

So with this I say “Fuck the God Damned death taxes” as it means your work is not worthy and many times more lose than win when this happens with family owned businesses.

My guess? RTF’s just strokin’ his ego again.

You can still look at yourself in the mirror, right? That’s the important thing.

In other words… you’re making a mountain out of a molehill, over what amounts to simple disagreements in philosophy.

(If I was cruel, I would have left it at my first post.)

Hey SPOOFE, wanna meet behind the barn later? Hear we can make some music with some very common human tools. :smiley:

Ah hell, I haven’t flirted with you in a while…

Sorry TC, but you are dead wrong. And mathematically dead wrong. Let us take “Fowler lumber” as an example. And Pa Fowler kicks off, leaving his widow & kids. Now- how much was the business worth? Let us say 4 million dollars. That is a VERY big “small business”. First of all- 50% goes to widow Fowler- tax free. Now that leaves 2mil. 675K of that gets excluded as it is a “family owned business”- that leaves some 1.25M. $650K of that is the basic exclusion- that leaves 600K, with estate taxes on that of some $182,000- which could be easily paid off thru a loan on the 4 million dollars in equity- maybe some $1500/mo. That is small peanuts on a business that has a net worth of 4 million. Or- sell off 200K (5%!)of the assets, leaving a 3.8 million dollar business.

Now- if Pa Fowler was a sharp cookie, and had two kids- he could have given each them a 10K share of the business for every year. Say- 20 years, thats another 400K excluded- so the estate would only pay “death taxes” on 200K- or maybe 50K in taxes (petty cash). If Pa Fowler was sharper- he could have left 60% of the business to his wife- and NO estate taxes. Or, he could have also paid a sharp estate tax attorney- and unless his estate was large indeed- no taxes.

Sorry, TC- but it won’t wash- the figures do not lie. Unless “Fowler Lumber” was worth HUGE megabucks- AND Pa Fowler was not sharp enuf to hire a good tax expert. And if the “small business” you are talking about had a net worth of some 20 million dollars- we have kinda stepped out of the “small” business category, now- haven’t we?

Now, I have said this soooo many times before that now I am gonna have to do it in all caps:


Nor are “family farms”. It ain’t happening- period. We have had some half dozen tax experts (and i am one of them) come on this board & explain this over & over. It is not opinion- it is mathematical fact. You can go down to the freaken IRS yourself- get the pubs- and figure out the math with a $5 calculator. You want my free-for-nothing guess what happened to “Fowler lumber”? It was up to it’s eyeballs in debt- Pa died without a will-it went into probate- and the Lawyers took some huge chunk- maybe a couple hundred thou- and they survivors could not keep a “barely about water” business afloat anymore. It happens all the time. But- in that case- not one thin dime in “Estate” taxes. OK?

Now- it sounds like your dad is doing the smart thing- and giving his kids some 10K a year- and that is what you are SUPPOSED to do.


Please then to consult our local Crissey Fowler Lumber company and tell them why they had to sell their shares to a larger company? It was all over the fucking local news. The reasons where all over Channel 5/30, I doubt they have the news story anymore, but they are . The family of Crissey Fowler Lumber had to sell because the couldn’t pay the god damned estate taxes a substantial lose. Get with it buddy, if a company can’t pay the taxes or the loses, they fucking sell the company.

Look, if you want to look further into the estate taxes and the fact that it fucks up smaller businesses then I am more than willing to get you in contact with the local news agency that reported as such and the family that has had to deal with such.

Look DITWD I don’t bring this shit up because it suit’s my fancy but if you want proof, then I will get it for you if I can. It was a big God Damned topic in our city. If I weren’t concerned about my own inheritance, I could give a shit, along with the fact I have had a mother die, in which Uncle Sam was more than mighty upon what I got rather than what I lost. Oh yeah, Mr. US Government wanted their own God damed share of my mother’s death. I paid taxes on property she owned, and all I got was a measly $70 check from 15-18, a total of $1680 bucks yet she worked more than 30 years and paid into the social security system. That’s only $1680 bucks my friend, you know and I know by looking at that with 30 years in the system she paid far more into that. FUCK THIS shit…God, if you want to get your panties in a wad DITWD then look at those that paid in the system and people who are beficiaries (sp) don’t get shit in return…my Dad regardless if he was wealthy or not should have been a recipient, okay me, of all that my mother put in the fucking system. My brother was over 18 so all the surplus that my mother put in goes to some white haired bitch I have no idea who she is…but I am my mother’s dauther.

Look DITWD, you are playing with fire when it comes to a woman that has had death at a very intimate level and the reason my father is doing things as he is doing them now, to help us kids avoid taxes in the future…if you wish to debate the issue further I consider you a fucked duck because I know why my dad is doing what he’s doing now…God Damned if one of you men were smart enough (sorry guys, I am directing this at DITWD) you’d latch on to me cuz you’d know you’d be set for life… and I am not fucking around…

I just get pissed when I KNOW that a family business had to be sold because of the fucking tax placed on the deceased…God this pisses me, pardon me God.

Ummm DITWD, I am worth far more than that, Daddy, if you want to call him that, gives us far more than the $10K that is standard but it’s within some IRS guidlines where we take fewer tax cuts. I can say I am worth at least $230,000 at this moment afer just a few years ( three maybe), possibly more not only with that investment but with what I own as well, I don’t keep up on it all like my brothers, they are better investors than me. Oh and I have 18 years more to go on just his basic investment within the family.

You can do $10K every year tax wise for free but this can’t apply to my father so we get a percentage every year and yes there are taxes involved, pay them every God Damned year. Which is why he is doing this the way he is doing it all but it’s an overall smaller tax rate than if he died now…so we are a part of a family partnership rather than when he dies (God I hope not). If he dies we stand to lose a god damned large sum…why because he was wealthy? Because he provided people with jobs? Why because he gave a lot people a place to start? I think that’s bullshit! He gave many a dream to start on and I know for a fact a few have followed through on that dream and are kicking ass in life, so should I have to suffer taking a considerable amount because my daddy died tomorrow? Because the government feels that my daddy made too much money? I find this a Republican and Democratic way to make a buck…but a Libertarian would see it as an opportunity to work with the person to work within the community and make it a better place.

Anyhow, fuck this idea of taxing a wealthy person because he or she has made money. What contribution has the weakest made? Can he or she honestly say that he or she has sat back and wished for the wealthy to live an long healthy life?

If the wealthy are expected to carry 80% of this nation financially then I expect they respect people like my father. As they say, 20% carry this nation financially, so if you want to be a true American then respect the 20% that are wealthy and pay taxes for the things you all seem to hold so dear. Without them we are fucked in the mud.

Why should Mr. Fowler have to be “sharp enuf” :rolleyes: to hire a good tax expert? This is another example of why the death tax is unfair, IMHO.

#1 with the tax code you can’t hardly live without knowing the God Damned things.

#2. With a Tax code that towers over most men, volumn wise I think we have come up with a conclusion as to why things need to change…not just for a Libertarian but for a human. Good God can anyone actually tell us how tall the tax code stands in volumns and why it is so? I know it’s been done, very recently but sheesh I am “Joe Schmoe” I don’t expect to know what the hell is up with it all…

It’s not always that easy, Danielinthewolvesden. My boss’s mom had to sell her husband’s business at a huge loss to pay the taxes. Sure, in a month or so, she might have been able to swing a loan (although with the head of the business dead, it wouldn’t necessarily be easy), but the IRS came after her within two weeks of his death demanding taxes based on their valuation of the company- there was no time to raise the money, even if she could. Also, there were few hard assets in this business.

My boss now takes out enough life insurance to cover the taxes in case he dies …

Hey there Techchick.

You know, I’m pretty damned romantic and caring.

5’9, 185[sub]athletic build[/sub], long brown hair[sub]I’m happy to cut to please of course[/sub], libertarian…

Of course you would have to act quick, I’m getting married in April.



My understanding is that a 20 million net worth company is considered a small business. You have to get up around 100 million and have hundreds of employees to even qualify as medium sized one.

What’s up man? I was expecting some real incendiary stuff from Milo that set you off.
I’m going to have to cast my vote with the “mountain out of a molehill” theory.

Hey, do you people mind? Go talk about the estate tax in GD! Can’t you see RTFirefly is trying to flex his intellect and flame dumb ol’ me?

I wasn’t aware that they had to “combine well.” I just thought they were two cool, interesting characters from one of my favorite books.

You’re right. I should have let you pick my user name. But I wasn’t then aware of your abilities to always be right and think for everyone else.

“Repeatedly resurrecting arguments that have long since been refuted” = “refusing to agree with about a half-dozen people who march in lock-step along their own partisan ideology.”

But I’m the partisan dittohead. Just me. Not you. Gotcha.

Show me where you’ve ever said a good thing about a Republican, little Firefly. Link it. Quote it.

I’ll show you, oh, four or five in the past 10 days from me re: Democrats.

Ready? Go.

RTFirefly: “They should have continued to count the votes! Why did they stop counting the votes?”

minty green: “Yeah!”

wring: “Really!”

Stoid: “HIGH FIVE!”

Milo: “Because the vote-counting was partisan, subjective, illegal and Unconstitutional.”

RT: “There goes that partisan idiot Milo again, repeatedly resurrecting arguments that have long since been refuted.”

Slandering my work performance, sight unseen, RT? Pretty fucking low. I may have underestimated just how self-important you are in your own head.

Want to have a dick-sizing contest? Email me all the statewide awards you’ve won from your peers for your work, and I’ll do the same. M’kay?

(I imagine you’ll run from this like a little shrinking violet, just as you did my suggestion that we get together and you call me an “ignorant turd” to my face, and we just see what happens. Weak-wristed Internet geek.)

Way to stare into those partisan blinders and fail to grasp the problem at all.

Middle class and lower-middle-class families are having to sell homes that have been in their families for generations, because rich people have decided they are in an area that they want. The price gets driven up, the valuations get driven up, the taxes get driven up, and they have to sell.

The fact that you have no problems with this, that your attitude is “shut up, take the money, and be rich” only goes to your assholery.

Who are the poor and middle-class people that you want to help, then? Aren’t these the people to whom you want to redistribute the rich’s wealth?

You’re a Democrat. I thought you cared about the little guy.

I’m only now recovering from that intellectual clobbering you gave me too, Master. :rolleyes:

My viewpoint expressed in that thread was far more middle-of-the-road and nonpartisan than that of many of your friends on The Left. As for my comments re: wring, it was a Pit thread, after all. I had never seen her say anything remotely critical about Clinton or any Democrat, and she claimed not to be one. She then responded and almost was critical of Clinton’s Marc Rich pardon. Asked-and-answered, as far as I’m concerned.

As for my “slam” being “so far off-base,” I invite her to do the same as I invite you: Point me to any comment that you’ve made here that is critical of a Democrat or complimentary of a Republican.

Uhh … yeah. That’s what I thought. You partisan ditto-heads, you.

RTF? When your ego and intelligence overwhelm the Chicago Reader offices like an out-of-control XFL blimp and you start running this place, then you can tell me where and how to post.

Now go masturbate in front of the mirror again. And don’t forget the Windex.

I see that I am not the only one who has been scarred for life:)

[sub]nice flame BTW[/sub]

I really gotta apologize for this. I still haven’t gotten the whole “rant” thing down yet. It seems my Pit threads always turn into GD’s. :frowning: My bad.


Yeah, Milo, your username does kind of suck. I think you should change it to ThatLoudmouthedRepublicanWhoWon’tJustGiveInAndJointheLiberalDaisy-ChainAtTheirWeeklyGDOrgies. :smiley:

And SuaSponte, yes, yes, you are a very bad boy.

RTF? Milo loves this stuff. You’re being an enabler with this thread.

Better to just give him a pat on the head and ignore him.