Milwaukee Dopers, can you help me?

So, I’m in college and like most college students I have next to no money. In attempting to aquire more money so that I can do important things like eat, pay rent, and have heat for the cold Wisconsin winter, I was forced to make a list of my job experience. The list was short:

  1. Farmwork – haymaking, cleaning out barnstalls, washing and drying cows, feeding calves.
  2. Babysitting – children ages 1 1/2 and up.
  3. Tutoring – While I was in high school, tutoring fellow students in algebra/geometry and helping them edit their English papers.

Hmm, thought I. Number One has little to no application in “the big city.” You’re also only a freshman, and you need sophomore standing to tutor at UW-Milwaukee. Umm. That leaves only item two: babysitting.

So, Dopers, here’s my question: Do any Milwaukee Dopers (especially the Bay View area) need a babysitter this holiday season? Or even a tutor for high school aged people? I’m 19, extremely responsible, and tell awesome bedtime stories. I don’t swear, drink, or use any drugs. I’m willing to do housework for a little bit more money. I have a high tolerance for children’s movies and television. I’m an English education major. I cook well for a 19-year-old. Animals like me. I grew up on a farm so I can handle any bodily fluids situation that comes up because I’ve seen it all come out of cow. I have a (lapsed, admittedly) CPR certification. I’m a diabetic, so I understand special diets and can empathize with kids who are the feeling the pinch.

If anybody’s interested at all, e-mail me at or with the word “babysitting” as the subject. (As always, remove the -AT- and replace it with @.) We’ll discuss contact info, money, and my availability via e-mail. If you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me or address them in this post.

And most importantly of all, I am willing to babysit on New Years Eve.


Well, I’m no longer a resident, but as a Doper who grew up in Milwaukee, and attended college there not that long ago… I can recommend a few things.

The UWM Post, when I was there, was generally in dire need of someone who could take the paper from its offices and schlep it around campus on a wheeled dolly to the various stands and paper boxes. For some reason none of the writers were willing/had the time to help; and the editors were getting damn sick of doing it themselves.

So they put an ad in one issue, and I applied.

Not bad work, really. Bit of a pain in winter… Hm… and given when fall semster ends, you might only get in one or two deliveries before they go on winter break… But for three or maybe four hours work per week, I got 30 bucks, and it was a definite help.

Also, try work study programs. The Union Bookstore. The Union foodcourt. Union security is often hiring. The fast food eateries on Humboldt, and farther south on North Avenue might work too. Have you tried the shopping district on Downer Ave?

At your age the lack of work experience isn’t all that big a deterrent, I should think. A lot of people usually have had one or two summer jobs in high school by your age, but not everybody does.

Pity you didn’t try a few weeks ago. Bayshore Mall might have been a good bet for seasonal help, and it’s an easy bus ride from campus. Unfortunately this late in the year, as I just found out, most malls have already acquired their seasonal staff and are not hiring long-term employees until after the new year. ::sigh::

Good luck!

That’s just it. I tried to get a workstudy job tutoring high school students, because the hours worked best with my schedule and I could work closer to where I live, so I wouldn’t have to be on the bus for an hour before I got there. (I live 8 miles from campus.) None of my calls were returned and stupid me, I didn’t say anything to the Volunteerism office, so when October rolled around, I found that my window for utilizing my work study had closed. I’ve been looking around for Help Wanted signs since then, but to no avail. Apparently nobody’s hiring. (Stupid economy.) Now I’m off to the community center to post my services as babysitter and tutor there. Tomorrow it will be campus and the bulletin board in the Union.

Thank you, though, Sethra for the suggestions. It’s fantastically nice that somebody would take the time to make suggestions, when they don’t even know me.


I’m no longer in Milwaukee (and know the campus area better than Bay View, but have you tried this?

Good luck, and remember they can’t turn off your heat during the winter in Wisconsin.


Yes, though I had forgotten about it, as I am an idiot sometimes . . . more frequently than I’d like really. Thank you.


Hope the links help, and there’s always coffeeshop type employment. (The horror.) Having recently become more aware of the student job center in Madison, (6 years in :smack: ) I’d say cut yourself some slack. Most people don’t know it exists in the first place.

And the best student job is ID checker at the gym. All kinds of homework time.

Although from the dairy state, I’ve gotta ask, Washing AND Drying cows? I suppose they don’t do it themselves, but bovine higene is a mystery to me.


I think I would like working in a coffeeshop, if it meant that I got discounts on my chai. I like my chai, and my chai likes me. :slight_smile:

I have it on good authority that the best job is the graveyard shift for tech services on the hotline, where the only people who call are 1) the extremely lonely and 2) the terminally stupid. They’re both entertaining at 2 AM, I’m told.

Oh, yeah. You have to wash AND dry the cows. Or their udders at least. First there’s pre-dip (iodine) and then you wash with warm water with anti-bacterial stuff in it. Then you dry. After that comes the milking and when they’re done being milked, there’s post dip. It cuts down on mastitis and other nastiness. I have touched more than two hundred different teats in my life. I feel accomplished. As for bovine hygiene, they really don’t have any.