Milwaukee Dopers? I've got a question.

I’m thinking it would be nice to take a day trip up to Milwaukee from Chicago. My main goal in doing so would be to check out some vintage/thrift stores. There’s plenty of that here, obviously, but I find that when I’m in smaller cities, I find much better selection and fantastic deals.

I’ve searched Google, and came up with a few results that are on the East Side. Other than that, I’m not sure what to do, so I’m asking here! I haven’t been up to Milwaukee in a couple of years, and I’m not that familiar with the city anyway.

Any suggestions, warnings, or other hints? Where to go, what neighborhoods would be cool to hang out around while I’m up there, etc?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The Cheeseheads are not speaking to you because you have referred to the Queen of Cities as a “smaller city”. Write on the blackboard 200 times “I love brats” and you will be forgiven. :smiley:

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<chalk in hand>

But…but…I did state that I was going thrifting in Milwaukee because I was sure I’d get better deals than here, right? Isn’t that a compliment? Doesn’t it count for SOMETHING?!

<tearfully begins writing>

The Calatrava art museum on the lake is cool. Nice history museum with an IMAX also. Uh, have you ever toured a brewery? Usinger’s on Old World 3rd Street has good sausages, Fritz, the president, is a neighbor of mine. Tell him I said hello.

What the hell are you looking for in Milwaukee, for God’s sake? I’m descended from a guy who ran a speakeasy in that town back during prohibition; I spent over a decade living there, and I don’t visit much!

PKBites, ya wanna give some input?