Any Dopers in Madison, WI?


I’m headed up to Madison, Wisconsin in May. I’ll be in town Thursday and Friday night of the first week (2nd and 3rd).

Can anyone recommend a nice place to eat? Or toss one back? Or possibly meet up for a drink?


p.s. I will be dying for some sort of interaction because my day will be spent pondering regulations on technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material. Ack!!


Where is your work? I can tell you where the closer hotels are.

You can email me at, if you don’t want to post your schedule publicly.

Don’t know yet what my schedule will be, but WTF, I’m sure I can find time for a drink.

Weather permitting, the absolute best place to toss one back in Madison is the Memorial Union Terrace. Get a 46 oz glass of beer, grab a table, and enjoy!

I can’t wait to get back. Why am I in this gopher-loving state right now?

Ah yes, the Terrace, love it. :slight_smile: The only question is - can you buy beer there without a student/faculty ID or Union membership? I always get asked for that there. I attended the university and now go back at least once a year.

The square around the Capitol building has a few nice spots. There’s the Cafe Montmartre, just off the square - jazz, wine, nice atmosphere. Jenna’s (Genna’s?) is fun too - big beer selection, two levels plus sidewalk tables, nice jukebox.

Small world. I will be in Minneapolis tomorrow. Decided to make a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to the Mall of America.

The weather is JUST getting good enough for the Union Terrace. I think it hit 60 today.

Denise, even though I’m a student, I’m rarely asked for ID. But then, I know one of the bartenders, so I’m rarely asked for money, either (shh, it’s a secret).

It’s Genna’s, and yeah, it’s a cool place. Supposedly they have great Bloody Mary’s (I don’t deal with tomato juice, so I’m going off of my friends’ opinions there). The Great Dane is nearby and has great microbrews. Or you could visit Paul’s Club, if only to see the tree inside. And my favorite dive bar is The Caribou, on E. Johnson.

Too bad Dotty’s isn’t around anymore–they had great burgers. If you want a greasy-spoon breakfast, try Mickie’s Dairy Bar on Munroe St., near Camp Randall Stadium.

Me Me Me! Well, Easy & Denise pretty much hit a lot of the good sites. Depends on what you like and how much you want to spend though. I ate at Great Dane today, though I’m not a big lover of their beer. I like Angelic’s beer better(which I will be going to next friday)

You can get something at the Union, just tell the beertender you’re only here for the day, for a conference. Or ask the kid in front of you in line or behind to buy you a cup.

Bars, you can probably tell by looking at them what you’ll like.

Restaurants:State St area I’m guessing you’re staying:
From the Capitol to Campus:People seem to like “Marigold Kitchen” ($$), “Luigis”($$) , “Tornado Room” ($$), “L’Etoile”($$$), “Chautarra”($$), "Nadias($$$), Kabul ($$), Mediterranean Cafe(?) ($),

I may be able to go out for a brew or two that weekend too, email me if you’re inclined.

Here’s a loval messageboard, with fav restaurants:

Wow, great response! Thank you for the restaurant tips. I’ll be finding out more about my schedule during the next day or so. I will e-mail and let you know what it is so that we might grab a brew.

Thank you guys for the hints and links!


I’ll be staying at the Marriott in Middleton. It’s along John Q. Hammon Drive.

That too far for anyone to meet up for a drink?


Middleton is next to Far West Madison. Houlihans is across the street from Marriot. Middleton has Hubbard Ave Diner. West Madison has Biaggis, a good Italian place on Junction Rd.

All Madison residents should use this board:
It’s good stuff.

Middltn has Bavarian Inn, also.