Mindless Fantasy Baseball fun

Presenting the league for the ultimate homer:

The Pick A Team, Any Team league.

You pick one MLB, and draft exclusively from that team. No pressure, nothing on the line, zero experience necessary. I’ve ramped up the teams to 20, and the bench to 14 to enable as many people to be involved with as many players as possible.

If you have a spare fantasy slot that you have no interest of using, this is the league to waste it on!

Custom yahoo league: 210141
Password: pickit

I’m in. I’m not sure how you’re deciding the teams, first come first serve I guess. In that case I’m taking Oakland, just cause I want a diversion from the day-to-day Cubs and NL obsession.

I’m in, if I can have the Cardinals. If I can’t, I want the Braves.

I’m in. I’ll take the Blue Jays. Hopefully, Rickjay is too busy to notice this league.

Okay then, I’ll take the Cubbies!!!

Okay, so they Cubbies have been taken in that league, so I switched allegiance to the Twins. But you might want to lay down so rules in this thread to clarify who gets which team. I see some potential draft problems if your not wearing an iron fist, Munch.


Meek’s Mets are now entered.


I like challenges, so I’m taking the Snakes (Diamondbacks)

So far, we have 11 teams. Room for 9 more spots, folks. The only rule I’m putting down is that your team name clearly identify which MLB team you’re taking. That would mean that you can’t call your team “The Sox” or “New York”. Preferably, team names would be “City, Name”, but I’m not going to strip all elements of individuality out of this.

Someone on a baseball board that joined up suggested I strip off the LF/CF/RF distinctions, as the real manager will switch people around - and you might not be able to fill a full lineup each day, so I’ll do that.

Well, this should be interesting.

What happened with the Mets? Did they not pre-draft?

I wonder just how closely this league will reflect the actual strength of the teams?

For those in the know, the league went live at midnight last night. Meek’s Mets are currently locked down, as Meek seemed to have forgotten to predraft. Meek, you can pick up players, but you won’t be able to adjust your lineup until you’re all set. Again, ONLY METS for you.

For those who have players that were on Meek’s team, I’ve removed them and dumped them in the FA pool. They’re all on waivers, but waivers are useless in this league.

Munch, what’s the policy going to be on trades, etc.? When two teams make a trade, how long will we have to duplicate the trade? Is approval from the rest of the league necessary, like usual, or will it go through on its own?

I’m really interested to see how this works out, because I think it’s going to be an fun exercise in how fantasy baseball matches up with the real standings.

Good question. I would say they should “go through as quickly as possible”. Other than that, I guess we’ll have to play it by ear.

I do vanity searches :slight_smile:

Well, my favourite team’s taken. I might sign up later.

Hmmm, Munch, is it still too late to join this league?