Fantasy Baseball is here!! Sign up for SMDB Fantasy Baseball!

It’s that time of the year, folks… spring training, Frank Thomas complaining about his salary…

I’ve created a Fantasy League for us over at Yahoo!. You will need a Yahoo ID to join (they’re free).

Once you have your Yahoo ID, go to and click on the Fantasy Baseball link. Choose “Join a Private League.” The league ID is 7586 and the password is Cecil.

We had a lot of fun last year and I’m looking forward to another great year (and hopefully winning!)

Zev Steinhardt

[sub]just doing this so that I can get responses by email[/sub]

The Potomac Pounders are in the house. Get used to the back of my jersey, since that’s all you’ll be seeing this season!

Why is it an auto-draft, though? :frowning:

It’s an autodraft because we’re not going to get together and draft ourselves. You have to “pre-rank” the players and then the computer will draft your teams automatically.

And, BTW, the “Pounders” are going to be chewed up and spit out by Zev’s Wolves! :slight_smile:

Zev Steinhardt

Go… Continental Drifters… as soon as I get over there to set up a team, that is!

If you’re out there BobT, cmkeller and UncleBeer, come on in!!

Zev Steinhardt

I’ll do it, too…

Hm, I should wander over to our XFL league and see how badly I’m getting my butt whupped! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I understand how this works. We did live drafts for the SDMB Football and Hockey leagues on Yahoo, and this is my third or fourth season doing fantasy baseball on Yahoo.

I hate pre-ranked drafts. Someone always gets stuck with someone out for the season, and the trash talk is best during the live draft.

I understand. It happened to me too last year. If we can all agree on a time, I’ll be more than happy to switch it to a live draft.

Welcome aboard, dantheman. Are you the Lay Miserables?

Zev Steinhardt

I’m in. This covers both leagues?

Naw, I’m the Machiavellians… :slight_smile: I’ll try to set up my team when I get home tonight - if not, anyone else is free to take my slot.

I’m Lay Mis. This’ll be my first combined league effort. This means I don’t have to know every utility infielder and long reliever in the league! I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

For now, yes. If enough people want only one league (and can agree on which), I’m open to changing it.

Zev Steinhardt

OK, I’m in.

The Blue Ridge Folks here.

The “Sleeping Giants” checking in. God, I love baseball season.

By the way, my votes are to switch to a live draft and keep it for both leagues.

Well since I just slipped into the lead in hockey I have the confidence to give baseball a go even though its not my best sport. Rocky Wolves checking in(god I suck at making up team names :frowning: )

vote for both leagues and live draft.

OK, we’ve got nine teams so far (including two sets of wolves) and are waiting for three more brave owners to take the plunge.

Zev Steinhardt

All right! I’m in.

I’m the Logan Square Bombers. You may remember me from last year, the Logan Square Reservoir Dogs. I’m the guy that was in first place from May until September, and then somehow managed to lose when Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson and El Duque fell apart down the stretch.

I have learned from my mistakes, though. Who would have thought that trading David Wells for Junior would have been such a crappy deal for me?

Can’t wait to get started. Look out, folks.

All right, I’ve signed up. Make way for the Accidental Tourists!

Now what do I do?

I’m in. McGraw’s Mirage.