SDMB Fantasy Baseball League

My teenage son requested that he and I compete in fantasy baseball this year, which is something neither of us have done before. I agreed, but figured we need to have more than two players to make it interesting. I don’t have many friends or coworkers interested in fantasy baseball, so I decided we would make it essentially a SDMB league. Now we are new to this, so we are just playing for fun. We might make a small bet between us, but the league is free.

I will give more info about the league below, but if you would like to join us, pm me a request and include the email address where I should send the invitation. We welcome anyone, but the league would be ideal for beginners in fantasy baseball. You don’t need to be a super serious competitor, but we do ask that you do participate and make sure you are fielding a legal team each week.
I have set the league up for 10 participants (and currently have 3), but will reduce it to 8 if necessary. My son requested that we do a head-to-head league and I wanted an option where we did not all have to be online at the same time to draft. So I have set the league up on which allows email drafts. The league is head-to-head points, which means that you earn points (or lose points) for the various things your batters and pitchers do and each week you face off against another player in the league. The last few weeks of the season are our “playoffs”.

So, pm me if you want to join, or even if you just have questions.

There’s a lot of fantasy baseball interest on this board, and I have a pretty long history with it. If I might give a little bit of advice to some fantasy baseball rookies (and please, take this in the helpful spirit that I’m intending):

  1. Do not do a non-live draft. Draft day is one of the best parts of a fantasy baseball league, and has a very strong correlation with season-long interest (i.e. people who don’t draft their own team tend to drop out as the season progresses, especially if they’re not competing for a top spot). Edit: Just noticed you’re doing an email draft - I think that’s fine.

  2. Do not play head-to-head, at least as your first league. H2H is a carryover from fantasy football, where the structure works extremely well. It tends to fall apart pretty easily in baseball. Baseball as a sport is a 183 day marathon. Football is a series of 16 sprints. Trying to fit one into the other doesn’t work well. There are some who love H2H, but by and large, they will all undoubtedly admit having been fantasy football players having made the switch - not vice versa - and that they’ve never done Roto.

  3. Stick with standard formats. The internet is filled with fantasy experts that you will, as newcomers, want to avail yourselves of throughout the season. If your league has much variation from the standard formats, all of their advice is completely worthless. Learning more about the game and the players and the stats is fun - but it’s WAY easier to do when every article you come across is actually relevant to your league. H2H Points is about as far from the norm as possible, even moreso if you’re going to tinker with the point values and categories even further.

Fantasy baseball is a blast, and that should be your goal. I’m just mentioning this to avoid a bunch of frustration down the line - which I’ve seen a lot of in the past.

Thank you Munch. As someone who does not really have experience with this, I will trust your judgement and change the league to more of a standard roto league. I figured we did not want to have anyone auto-draft, but also that it would be next to impossible to find a time for everyone to be online, so that is why I looked specifically for an email draft. Anyway, thanks for the advice. So anyone that is thinking about joining, please notice this will be a standard 5 x 5 rotisserie league instead of head-to-head points league.

We had one doper join us over the weekend, which gives us four so far. I am giving this a bump for the non-weekend crowd. I would love to have at least eight participants and like I said, anyone is welcome.

Woodrow Wilson: The First Fantasy Baseball Player

PM sent.

Between dopers, friends of dopers, and friends of friends, we are now up to 9 participants. I would love to have one more. So, if you are on the fence, jump off and join us.

I’ll join. What’s the link?

Send me a private message with the email address to send the invitation to.

Munch, which do you recommend? That lineups may be changed daily or limited to once a week?

Of course, anyone else can jump in with their opinion on this also.

For a new league I’d recommend weekly.

Yeah. I’m used to doing daily, but I think that’s one of the complaints from rookies. I’d be fine with weekly.

Thanks guys. Weekly was the default setting, so I will just leave that alone.

We have three people not signed up yet. I think my son and his friend are two of them. That leaves one doper not signed up yet. Please sign up as soon as possible. I will make sure my son gets signed up soon.

Looks like just one person is left to sign up. Let’s get this party started! I’m really interested in the draft-by-email process.

Oh, one thing I noticed. One of the settings is “do not retroactively apply official stat changes”. They recommend you do so - that’s because official stats will occasionally be changed by MLB’s front office (usually things like turning errors into hits, and vice versa).

I am unable to find a setting for that on my commissioner’s setting page. I think maybe it is automatically done for roto leagues (even though the it still shows the option) which use cumulative stats. I think the option is there for head-to-head so that you can prevent someone’s win from being changed to a loss after a few days.
As far as the draft, I am both looking forward to it and nervous about it. There is no time limit put on picks by the site, but I am able to go in and pick for someone. If after about a week, it looks like we are going way to slow, I may start using this power. Apparently during an email draft (or what they also call a slow draft) you may trade players and draft picks.

Given we have a month until the season starts I wouldn’t worry about the draft being to slow at first. If we get into the second half of March and we still have 8 rounds to go… then you should worry :wink:

Not quite a month. The first game is in Australia on Mar. 22.

Mince, did you get my invite? I thought it was my son’s friend who had not signed up, but he had. The player we are missing is a doper.

I’m in as NoPepperGames.