Mini-Me dead at 49

He lived a short life.

Finally, he stopped humping the laser.

That was low!

So sorry. Maybe he had no reason to live.

Sounds like suicide. :frowning:

I suspect alcoholism.

People with extreme forms of dwarfism, like his for instance, do have a shortened life expectancy, and sadly, suicide is not uncommon.


Hervé Villechaize and David Rappaport come to mind.

From in Bruges:

I knew he struggled. He was blasted on some celebrity reality show years ago. Peeing in the corner of the house and so forth.

I feel for him, it’s not easy out there for anyone.

“He wanted to make everyone smile, be happy, and laugh.”

There aren’t many great silent clowns of the Talkie Era. Harpo Marx, of course, and maybe Kevin Smith as Silent Bob. But his Mimi-Me was one of them.

I thought I’d heard the same about Michael Dunn. He died at 38, but Wikipedia says it was due to a respiratory condition owing to a distorted ribcage.

Too bad. I enjoyed Mini-Me … on the whole.

RIP. :frowning:

I roared with laughter all through the Austin Powers movies, in large part due to him. That was a big part of my childhood. I was 11 when the first one came out, and I have many childhood memories of seeing those movies with my friends, quoting them incessantly, and howling with laughter at the more ridiculous antics which often involved Mini-Me. That fucking scene with the shadow behind the curtain and the arm holding out the apple…we were on the floor with those gags. And the part where he sang “you and I” in Just The Two Of Us killed me also.

The guy definitely had great screen presence. I really doubt that just any “little guy” could have pulled it off, I think most of it was down to Troyer’s acting abilities.

Michael Dunn (actor) - Wikipedia)

I had never heard of him! He had quite a life - and was intellectually brilliant too. He proved to his teachers, etc. that people with physical disabilities are not necessarily mentally disabled.


Star Trek: Plato’s Stepchildren? Ship Of Fools? The Wild Wild West?

Doctor Loveless, I presume. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it was due to a short illness.

So true. You made me regret my cheap-shot short joke in post 2.

RIP, Verne.