Do you take this Mini-Me...

Verne Troyer is engaged to marry a 6’2 yoga instructor. Coming as it does after the totally unexpected Gest/Minnelli split, it just proves the old saying “Whenever God closes a door, he opens a window someplace” to let us remember that celebrity love can go on.

I hope Mr. Troyer has a pre-nup as David Rappaport and Herve Villechaize both got taken to the cleaners by tall trophy wives. (OTOH, Billy Barty was married for many many years to the same wife, so hope for the best.)

Billy Barty’s wife wasn’t a babealicious supermodel-lookin’ chick.

David Rappaport got taken to the cleaners by a tall trophy wife? Do tell. I knew about Villechaize, but not Rappaport, and was kind of jolted when Rappaport committed suicide.

I’d just seen that episode of “L.A. Law” in which his character gives a rather dark speech about what it’s like to be a midget…

Wow, the first thing I thought of reading the title was Anal Scurvy’s thread about the woman shooting the little dildo across the room during sex.

I see Vern airborne in the near future.

Verne had to borrow the money for the engagement ring because he was a little short . . . . .

She’s gonna dump him for the ring bearer.