Fix up a doper with someone famous

There have been more than a few dating threads as of late, and I thought it would be kind of interesting to fix people up with someone famous. I guess there aren’t any rules. The Dopers don’t even have to be single (it’s just a game!!).

I’ll start with Twickster. I think she’d do well with Dave Barry. Dave Barry
I picture them to have a similar sense of humor (and I think she’d find him cute).


Believe it or not, I know Dave Barry (he started out at the West Chester PA newspaper, and was a friend of my sister’s). He has a bad habit of taking up with his next wife while still married to the previous one.

So – no thanks.

If anyone has George Clooney’s phone number, though … :wink:

Wow. Who knew? (evidently not his wife!!) I figured him for a big family man.

I heart George Clooney. I’d like to take care of him while his rib mends.