Mini-rant thread

I looked from 2 months back. And either you peeps aren’t bitching enough or I’m, blind as a bat. (if so then mods do what you want)
The rain has stopped where I live and it wasn’t supposed to.

The rain has stopped and I am perturbed. I wanted more rain. This blows.

One of my favorite things in this goddamned life is rain on the weekends.

It gives you permission to just stay inside in your jim-jams* and cuddle up with your family or drink hot chocolate or pet your cat/dog or read a book or watch stuff off your DVR or play with legos or play your vidja games all day.

I blame the Universe. You suck.

*That is a Doctor Who reference for all you people-who-don’t-already-call-your-pajamas-jim-jams.

You’re blind as a bat. :smiley:

Last month’s thread.

November’s thread.

So now we’re stuck with this lame-ass thread title for an entire month?

Hopefully not! :frowning:

I vote for “Cursing the Dawn of the Year of the Cock!”

Well, the actual year of the (burning) cock does not start for another four weeks. Meanwhile, halfway there is another Friday the 13th, which could have been bad but for the fact that it is the day after the full moon. Or maybe that would have been good. Friday the 13th is a day. Yawn. What is wrong with people?

The thread title is an absolute atrocity. Empires have fallen over less. Serves me right for not starting “Jingling January Jimmy-Rants” 12 seconds after midnight last night.

Here I am, in PA. The sun is coming in through the windows strongly enough that my heat shut off a while back as the inside temperature climbed towards 80F (it made it to 76F). Most annoyingly, it’s coming in at an angle that means I can’t see my screen well enough to play Skyrim. Pfui.

Someday, there’ll be curtains.

Wouldn’t have done you any good. Drunky Smurf started well before midnight (at least in the States).

We 'll have to bribe a mod, I guess. I have a bag of leftover mini candy canes I could toss into the pot.

I like the minimalist title.

Or I would if it hadn’t been started by a little blue guy with a substance abuse problem…

I was going to complain about a minor but slightly amusing mishap, but then I saw the thread’s title.

Now I’m not going to dignify this abomination of a mini-rant thread with my whining. Good day.

Three deaths in 24 hours. Jesus fucking Christ.
One person died in church. Knew her all my life. Heart attack. Bam.
Another dear woman who I adored, very elderly, went in her sleep.
My mom’s uncle, too, today. He managed to make it to 104, poor guy. She was very close to him, so she’s shattered.
Last night I was all “woe is me” about my life. And today… fuck. I just don’t know.

Oh, c’mon, if ever we needed “slightly amusing”…

Apparently so. Well at least I still have pants on. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice. For others.

Yeah, sorry aboot that.

You should have. It would have been great!

I’ve heard that Idle likes mint-cherry-cherry-mints.

Juxtaposition Sir. A beloved childrens show with ?

And a Dood Day to you Sir. [Fez] I said Dood Day! [/Fez]

Life, as glorious and amazing as it is, is still a dickhead. I am sorry for your loss.

Why is it so difficult to copy somebody’s name exactly as they spell it in their signature? Email signature, no handwriting issues.

Good news: I’ve already lost 8 pounds. Bad news: it’s because I was sick from the day after Christmas until January 1 (horrible wracking cough followed by a head cold). In fact, I’m still not past it completely, but at least have an appetite again. But now the wife has a less severe version of the same thing. The worst part was having to cancel our annual NYD biscuits and gravy breakfast. A crappy end to a crappy year, and not a great start for the new one.

Had to work today. Not a single other person I know (other than my co-workers, of course) had to go in.

And I’ve got a cold, which is worsening by the hour. The cold medicine helps, but I know the second it wears off. I can’t wait to go home and go to bed.

I lost my iPhone in a taxi overseas a few days ago and just had to pay full retail for a replacement, since it had been upgraded only 6 months ago and I didn’t have insurance. That was a big, unexpected expense to start off the year. Ouch.

Someone creative please, please start a new thread. :frowning:

We had new garage doors installed. It took me an hour to peel off and goo-gone the flourecent orange 8x10 “do not crush kids” stickers from the inside of the new doors.

So, the installer stopped to make sure we were happy with the job (and to collect his final third payment). While here, he re-applied the flourecent orange 8x10 “do not crush kids” stickers. :frowning: