Minneapolis DopeLunch the Third: Friday, October 24

Calling all Dopers in the greater Minnesota area!

Join me, lno, Elenfair, NurseCarmen, The Punkyova and other Minne- and Wis-Dopers for lunch!
Friday, October 24 at MarketPlace Cafe in downtown Minneapolis.
The restaurant is located on the corner of 11th Street and Nicollet Mall (1070 Nicollet Mall).

I shall reserve a table for our use!

Yikes. Nice formatting.

Bumping my ugly invitation.

Yup, I’ll be there. 11? 11:30? 12? An “offsite lunch meeting” that runs all afternoon?

Calendar is open…

I’ll second lno on asking for a time???

Sorry guys. 11:00 AM.

11? Isn’t that, like, breakfast, not lunch?

Can you eat that early, Nursie?

I can make it. On the positive sign, I won’t have to wait in line for my chicken pizza.

Dammit, dammit, dammit. I can’t make it.

Keep us posted for the next one.


/me is doubtful for this as well :frowning:

Argh! I have a deposition starting at 10:30! I think I’m doomed never to make it to one of these lunches! :mad:

We’ll miss you Snicks, rubesbaby and Q.N.!