Big Changes to Minneapolis Semi-Monthly Dopelunch on November 21

The Friday, November 21 Minneapolis DopeLunch location has been changed to MarketPlace.

RSVP in this thread by end of day today, pweeeze.

Okay, big change. Singular.

I don’t have Cingular. Can I still come?

Although I refuse to use one of them new fangled Cingular cell-yuu-lar things, may I attend? :wink:
(Now to think of excuses to give my boss…)

I’ll be there.

Yay! Hey Ethy, Diogenese came last time. I mention that because I know you wanted to meet him. Cool guy, of course. Aren’t all Dopers cool?

I’ll try but I’m not positive I can make it.

Where the heck did that E come from?

Sorry Diogenes.

Diogenese is the new hot language. Everyone’s speaking it.

I’ll be there, again.

peek a boo (maybe you’ll see me, I’m oncall again)

Sadly, nope, can’t make it - taking the car in for service that day, which means I’ll be late to work anyway, and I can’t take the extra time for a long lunch. Perhaps I should find me a job away from the Shakopee area.



Anyone wanna call my boss and see if I can get time off? :frowning:

I am filling in on someone elses job right now, I’m not allowed to get sick or take time off until 2004.

We’ll see.

Diogenese - Dianetics - more of Gazelle’s plot to get us to take the Scientology test to discover if we need help or can help others.

(Still can’t make it…also in Shakopee…but I’d drive up if I didn’t already have a hot date…ok, not hot date, just a lunch with a former coworker I haven’t seen for a few years.)

I don’t get out much… where is this “marketplace” of which you speak?

The Market BBQ is about one block South of the Hyatt Hotel on Nicollet.

rubes, whatchoo talkin’? Not the Market BBQ.

Ethilrist, you bonehead. It’s where we first met!

MarketPlace Cafe in downtown Minneapolis, located on the corner of 11th Street and Nicollet Mall (1070 Nicollet Mall).

You know what I just realized? We need to make this earlier.

At noon, that place will be super-crowded.

Will 11:00 AM work for everyone?

No fish? Hmmmm. Gazelle, it didn’t get relly busy until 12, so 11:30 or even 11:45 could work.

I may or may not attend, I’m heavily involved in yet another rousing game of “Fun With Numbers”. It’s the parent companies turn.