Minor Al Capp character.

In Lil Abner, Al Capp very occasionally had a character who was another rich guy besides General Bullmoose. He was drawn as a charicature of Capp himself. Who was it? He may have actually NAMED him “Capp” but I’m not sure.

He doesn’t appear in the character lists I’ve found like this one:


The plot line I remember him from:

Bullmoose and this other character realize that they each have 49.5% of the world’s wealth, and decide that it’s un-American that one of them doesn’t have it all, so they enter into a bet that this other rich guy can’t come up with something that Bullmoose can’t sell. He turns up with a “shtoonk”, sort of an anti-“schmoo”, a nasty little animal that’s good for absolutely nothing, drawn as a hyperactive little furball with teeth. Bullmoose sells them all as “status symbols”, convincing everybody that they absolutely have to have one, and bankrupts the Capp character. Then, he walks into a fancy resturaunt, where they won’t let him in because he doesn’t have a shtoonk - he sold them all. He winds up having to give half his fortune back to the Capp character to buy his last remaining shtoonk, and they both are even again.

The character was “Bet-a-Million Bashby.” He was featured, along with most of the other Li’l Abner characters, in an article in Life Magazine, circa 1960. Bashby’s credo was “always bet on a sure thing and always bet with a fool.” He decides to make Abner himself his patsy.
According to the article, “Bashby bet a man could safely cross an empty street. Abner bet that he couldn’t. A manhole exploded as a sewer opened. Abner won.”
Obviously, Abner had the same credo as Bashby. :smiley:

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