Minor epiphanies

Fifteen minutes ago, for the very first time… I realized why they call it an asterisk. star-struck at the wonderful English language

Carry on.

I’ll bite, why?:confused:

Funny: “star-struck”.

Too much time on my hands…
Too much time on my hands…


I’m with you. Lately I was marvelling at the glory of the German words Nashorn and Nilpferd, for rhinoceros and hippopotamus, and then realised that our English (Greek) words signify the same things as the German does.

Then I realized that my old college advisor, whenever she talked about Goya’s “3d of May, 1808” always would accidentally call it “4th of May” becasue she went to Kent at the time of the shootings.

Sophie: Long time no talk. :slight_smile: As always, you’re whip-quick.

Booker: Several clues are in the OP. :slight_smile:

I had a similar epiphany when I realized the word “disease” is simply a compound: dis-ease.