Minor question about "28 Weeks Later"

So I finally got around to seeing it last night. Very early in the film, just after Don (Robert Carlylye) is reunited with his kids in the ‘Green Zone’, there is a brief scene set in a cafeteria showing formerly quarantined survivors getting back to a normal life. One very quick 2-second shot shows a black woman with slightly dreaded hair. Was that Selena (Naomie Harris) from the first film? It was too quick a shot for me to tell, and ‘imdb.com’ doesn’t list her, but it could’ve been an uncredited cameo.

Actually, I kind of hope I’m wrong. Because with the way the story progresses, it’s likely that she didn’t survive. And the thought that she, Jim & Hannah didn’t survive after all is a bummer. As silly as it sounds, I liked those characters, more than any of the characters from the new film, and root for them to get to safety.

Although, in the end, it looks as if…

everybody in Europe is fucked royally thanks to those stupid kids.

It wasn’t Selena.

Okay, good. Then I can tell myself that she’s at some other quarantine camp somewhere in Scotland and safely twiddling her thumbs (and maybe shagging Jim) while all the carnage is taking place in London! :slight_smile:

after the events of the first movie I don’t see any of the surviving characters going back to England if it meant trusting their survival to a military organization. It didn’t work out so well the last time.

Actually, I was thinking along the lines that they wouldn’t be allowed to leave the British Isles. I took it for granted they would be quarantined on the island rather than risk spreading the infection to the mainland. (Something that might’ve been smart given what happens in the new flick.) They might have been forced to go to a relocation camp whether they wanted to or not.