Minor suggestion about "User X has been banned" threads

Could the mod who writes/creates the thread label the most recent warning? It’s always fun to see what straw broke the camel’s back.

When they provide a list of warnings, it’s usually in reverse chronological order. The final warning is thus usually the top of the list.

Is the mod who posts the “X has been banned” thread the one with the blood on their hands?

(We might want to stuff a little $$$ in their Xmas card next year)

Banning(other than spammers and maybe new trolls) is a group decision. One mod is designated the messenger.

Don’t they always shoot the messenger?

Have you looked in ATMB? :smiley:

and horses

No wonder the Pony Express didn’t last long.

Horse meat! Horse meat! Get yer fresh Horse meat here!!

It’s going fast!

Everyone needs something to beat, right?

Speaking of which, about moderator bias…

You don’t want to shoot the horse until after it’s been beaten dead. Otherwise it’s too hard to circle the wagons.

First you poison the horse, then you shoot it, then you throw it in a freezing river. After that, you go home and beat the monkey. Not sure where the messenger comes in.

No one ever beats the jackasses to death, it’s just the horses they beat.

OK, someone needs to call PETA about this thread.

But I have noticed the messenger is often the one who gave them their last Warning.

Myself, I always just spank my monkey.

Yes, so you can glory and laugh at someone else’s hard luck. :mad:

If the camel had a monkey on its back, maybe that is what broke it.

Well, yeah. :confused: