Minor: threads about characters on a TV show that don't identify the show in the title

I find it annoying when people make threads in Cafe Society with titles that reference TV show characters, without mentioning the show in the title, as if the show is so well known that EVERYBODY must know who they are talking about.

Sorry for the flaming vitriol and harsh language of this pitting, I hope nobody was overly offended by my burning atomic rage at this problem.

There was probably a worthwhile Pit thread at the very bottom that this thread pushed off the front page. Now we’ll never know what it was.

Thanks a lot, jerk.

Some examples? I know there’s this thread, but what else is out there?

Yeah, I can support the outrage.

The two Sharona threads as well, which have been merged. Actually, I don’t recall if neither had the show in the title, but I know the one that spelled it “Shirona” didn’t, and neither does the new merged thread.

It’s not just threads about television shows. I’ve seen the same thing with threads about movies, books, graphic novels, etc. And then there are thread in which acronyms are used but not defined. And while I can Google the character names (or acronym) and figure out what’s being referred to, that shouldn’t be necessary.

And it’s also not necessary to use “harsh language” to qualify as a pit thread.

i don’t know. There seems to be a group of people that will report any thread that says it is a “minor” pitting. I’d suggest adding a bunch of names who have done this.

I’m always seeing threads in CS where either from the title or mouseover I have no idea what the topic of discussion is; most often it’s music threads, since I know almost nothing about popular music after the 80s, except for country. It doesn’t bother me, because I figure if I don’t know anything about the topic under discussion there’s no reason to read the thread.

Actually, i think they might mention just the names precisely because they realize that NOT everybody will know who they are talking about, and that people who DO know who they are talking about will join the conversation.

If i saw a thread title with two character names in it, and i had no idea who the characters were, i’d simply assume it was a show (or book, or whatever) that i didn’t watch, and move on.

I sort of understand your ire, but at the same time, if you don’t know who the people are, would you be likely to join a thread on the subject if the name of the show was referenced in the thread title? Take the example linked by elmwood: assuming you never watched The Office and had no idea who Jim and Pam were, why would knowing the title of the show make any difference to you?

What I hate is when people say SPOILER! but don’t bother to let you know what they’re spoiling. How can I know whether the spoiler affects me if you don’t tell me what the fuck you’re talking about?

There are shows that I watch occasionally, but don’t know the characters’ names. I might want to join a discussion about a show who’s characters I might not remember.

Also, shouldn’t a thread be labeled such that everybody knows what it’s about, and not just some subset of people?

I’ve found threads about shows I have been interested in ( but never seen ) and read them but if it just mentioned character names I’d have bypassed the thread. I’m not particularly bothered by this but I can understand where the OP is coming from.

You have to understand that Cafe Society and MPSIMS are closed communities. You can’t go there without special access cards. And even if you manage to get into the clubhouse, you can’t join the bridge game or the football pool unless you know the person in charge.

Once upon a time, an MPSIMS thread was moved to GD. Then moved back again because some posters complained that they don’t want to go to GD. In other words, they were afraid of the rest of the board. I don’t go there much anymore.

So if you’re not part of the in-crowd by now, you’re probably better off.

Yeah, who are these Gandalf and Bilbo people?:smiley: