Cafe Society, weekly TV show threads idea

Would it be a good idea to request posters to link to past episode discussion threads (like maybe 3 or so) in the OP of a thread that discusses a television show? (specifically ones that have a storyline that goes from week to week).

For example: in this Scrubs thread there is reference to recent episodes. I had to search for “scrubs” here to find the past thread and ended up with many other unrelated threads that I assume vaguley mention the show or just used the word somehow in discussion. And those were just recent threads that used the word “scrubs”.

What about other television shows? I’m sure there are other ones titled with more commonly used words… It must be near impossible to find past discussion threads on those shows.

Anyway… I figured it might be useful, but if its just too much work for a minor point its fine… Just a suggestion.

oh, and if this were to become practice all the OP would have to find is the last thread. They could then copy a couple of the other links in the first post of that thread to have the last two or three episode discussion thread links… They wouldn’t have to fish through all the threads that would come up in search to find them.

We don’t require it simply because we really want to try to keep rules to a minumum; however, y’all can require it of one another, polite little hints to be more consderate of others would not be amiss. (Emphasis on polite and little.)

That being said, also be sure to mark all spoilers before people open them and see them, as I’m sure quite a few people time-shift their viewing. You want to be considerate of those folks too.

Alrighty… Thanks for the clarification on it, TubaDiva.

We could add it to the “Etiquette” list, things that aren’t quite Rules but that involve being nice to other readers.

Since this really affects only Cafe Society, I’m going to suggest that you start a thread there getting multiple opinions. If folks like it, we’ll add it to the Forum Rules.