Small Cafe Society suggestion

This is a suggestion for users, not mods; it proposes no new rule; if you don’t like it nobody’s gonna make you do it; etc.

Anyway, I enjoy reading and posting in threads about TV shows. Often I watch at a slower pace than others, though, and so I choose between waiting to read the thread until I’m done with the season, or risking spoilers.

So here’s my idea. If you’re posting in a thread about a show, AND if you realize that you’re the first one posting about a new episode, AND if you feel like it, what about just mentioning it’s a new episode?

The massive Order of the Stick thread does this with a giant link every time. The best way in a TV show might be a large link with the episode number and title:

Episode 7: The Periwinkle Catastrophe

But even without that, something like

would make it easier for folks to read along.

Just a thought…

I suggested something similar a couple of years ago (It didn’t take).

I just wish people would put in the post title what episode they’re posting about.

And for the more popular shows, I wish people would start a new thread for each episode.

It’s a good suggestion. I know I’ve been reading threads and suddenly come across a spoiler for an episode I haven’t seen. I try to announce in my threads when I do so.

I get why folks don’t start a new thread each time: for shows without a huge following, it’s probably easier to follow everything in one long thread than to skip between threads, and especially to link back to previous threads to maintain continuity. But a small note would be nice.