"I haven't read the thread yet, but..."

This is an extremely minor/lame pitting. I don’t have anything personal against Starving Artist, he’s just the last person to do this that has raised my hackles.

But in this post, 58 comments into a conversation in ATMB, Starving Artist pipes up with:

We’re 58 posts in. You don’t think your points might have been mentioned? What the fuck? If you can’t be arsed to read our opinions and thoughts on the matter, why the hell do you think your ideas are so special to merit our consideration? 58 posts is both ample time for one of your several points to have been raised as well as short enough to give a quick 3-4 minute read. C’mon - we can do better.

I’ve done this before, sometimes certain points will be discussed for 5-10+ pages without bringing up really obvious points, so sotimes it’s easier to skip 10-20 extra posts and make you’re point.

I’ve also seen the thread in IMHO where someone asked for opinions on their sitcom scripts, I don’t think ANYONE responded having read all 3 written episodes… is that allowed?

It’s kinda like when you see a point in a post which is discredited in a 5 page city posted early on. Sure they could have read it, but it was easier to just make their point.

I don’t think this is a big problem and I agree with you calling this a minor/lame pitting.

Let me be this first to say that I haven’t read this thread yet :), but I don’t see the big problem.

If you really feel that the thread’s too long to read, but you must make your point, it would be polite to at least search the pages for keywords you’re planning to bring up. It takes less time than scanning the text and can prevent some needless repetition.

This is going to be a pretty weak pitting unless someone comes out strongly in favor of rudeness and ignorance. The only time when this might be acceptable is when admins/mods feel a need to respond to the “root” of an issue, but they should do so knowing that people are going to complain.

I’m pretty sure there’s a rule around here that states you cannot read an entire thread before posting.

Even worse are the ones who crap out something thats been discussed ad naseum, get called on it and get all defensive.

‘Well how could I have known?’

Read the thread, moron.

:slight_smile: I agree - it’s not a big problem. And it’s not anything more than a minor annoyance - but it’s the kind of thing that builds, and takes very little to remedy on the part of the poster. (To the extent that if SA had left off the “I haven’t read this thread yet…” part, it probably wouldn’t have even registered.) Still, it smacks of rudeness and inconsideration to me.

Let me be this first to say that I haven’t read this thread yet :), but I don’t see the big problem.

I see what you did there :smiley:

I never knew how **SERIOUS BUSINESS **messagboarding was until I tried to post without reading a multipage thread. Geezus Keerist.

Woe be to those of us that admit we don’t hang on every word of trainwrecks before posting our meaningless opinions.

That said, I can see how the situation described in the OP can be annoying.

Hey, what are you guys talking about?

Again, ha :). I’ve never understood the appeal of seeing a 7 page thread and wanting to both post in it and not read any of it. I’d feel like Donny from The Big Lebowski.

Not just message boards, we’ll also come after you for your email quoting style, instant messaging chops and, naturally, your grammar at any and all opportunities. Talking to other people without being hassled is a privilege, not a right.

I didn’t. What did he do?

You see, I love trainwrecks! All the funny posters come out to be funnyj, and that is great.

But, mostly, it is about the OP. Sometimes, you see something in the OP that you want to offer your opinion to, and it just doesn’t matter to you if you have meticulously perused every single page of a long ass thread. It’s just not that serious.

Probably because talking to other people clearly and intelligibly is a skill, not an inherent property of being online. People who put little effort into it are basically asking the reader to put more effort into deciphering their meaning.

I admit I’ve posted without reading really long multi-page threads sometimes. I do sometimes stop myself, however, with the thought “if I don’t want to read everyone else’s tedious opinions on this subject, maybe my own opinion is just adding to the tedium.”

I remember being involved in one thread that got pretty inflamatory by the end of page one. Early on in page two, misunderstandings were cleared up, and it became a pretty friendly thread. On page three, someone piped up with something really inflamatory. I said “Hey, did you even bother reading page two?” He responded with “There was a page two?”

It was pretty funny.

Damn it, did you even read this thread? :mad:

(Just kidding)

haha I thought his joke was funny, but you were hilarious! Can that be my sig line?!?!

This is the essence of my feelings on the subject, although I would have phrased it more like, “Just who the fuck do you think you are? You think your opinion is so important and your turns of phrase so brilliant that you simply must post, even though your thoughts have probably already been expressed ad nauseum and/or rendered completely irrelevant by the previous posts? Do you also interrupt strangers’ conversations and start bloviating about whatever the hell it is you think they’re talking about? You’re an arrogant asswipe.”

But I actually love seeing the phrase, “I haven’t read the thread yet, but…”, because then I can just skip that post.