Minor Work Rant

I thought about putting this in the pit, but I don’t think I’m really pissed off enough for that. Just annoyed really. But I need to vent.

At work, I had this thing that I was responsible for. I screwed it up.

My boss called in our entire team to his office to yell at us about it. Said he wasn’t going to point fingers or name names, because we fail as a team and succeed as a team. And today we failed.

I kind of get what he’s going for. Trying to encourage teamwork, etc. Except that everyone on my team knows that it was my thing, and that I screwed it up. So in essence, what he really did was invite an audience to my chew-out.

Also, it makes me feel extra shitty that they got yelled at for something I did.

The exact same thing happened where I work not too long ago, only I wasn’t the screw-up (that time). It was excruciatingly embarrassing for us all to listen to the lecture, knowing all the time who it was aimed at. If it’s any comfort, we were all just thinking what a bitch the lecturer was. An eavesdropper actually reported the lecturer to Human Resources, and she was sent for some counseling as to how to more appropriately deal with her employees.

I bet most people on your team just thought your boss was a douche. Jeez, we all know what it’s like to screw up! I’m sorry it was your turn today.